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Siding with the “religion of peace”: Obama, Bush, Brzezinski…

Siding with the “religion of peace”: Obama, Bush, Brzezinski…

By Julio Severo
Barack Obama, in his biography “The Audacity of Hope,” says about Muslims, “I will stand with them should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”
So if the Western world begins to reject the U.S. presidential propaganda portraying Islam as a “religion of peace” and begins to treat this religion as a cowardly ideology slaughtering innocents, Obama commits himself to side with the oppressors.
Remember: by far Islam is the ideology most martyrizing Christians around the world each year.
It would be so good if the U.S. had a president who said, “I will stand with Christians now that the U.S. and Western fad is to flatter Islam.”
Of course, if some other nation dares to side with Christians and goes against the Islamic ideology, it will face Obama and U.S. sanctions.
There is no hope in the two major U.S. parties. The U.S. president who began the deceptive propaganda of Islam a “religion of peace” was not Obama. It was Bush. The U.S. policy, in the two parties, shamelessly licks Islamic boots.
So did everything begin with Bush? No. Everything began decades ago, more strongly during the Jimmy Carter administration, who was a liberal precursor of Obama. For Brazil, Carter is remembered as the man who protected Leonel Brizola and other communists from the military. It was also under Carter that the U.S. government began to collect papers against the military rule in Brazil. Some of these papers were delivered to the Brazilian administration of socialist Dilma Rousseff months ago to help the infamous ‘Truth’ National Committee.
Another significant fact is that Carter had a strategic adviser who helped the U.S. in geopolitical and military issues. His name is Zbigniew Brzezinski. His strategy was to use Islamic terrorism against the Soviet Union.
As far as the moral aspect is concerned, Islamic terrorism is wicked and so was the Soviet Union. Both deserved to be annihilated. Brzezinski’s strategy was to use one to annihilate the other.
Check here the video where Brzezinski flatters Islamic terrorists:

So Brzezinski helped in the birth and funding of al-Qaida, which was created to be a terror for the Soviet Union, but it got completely out of control and eventually became a terror to the whole world. Brzezinski’s old ally, Osama bin Laden, later used all his experience as a former CIA agent to torment the world with his al-Qaida. It is a perfect example of schemes backfiring. Not much different of ISIS, which, according to WND, also was born with U.S. assistance.
Deservedly, the Soviet Union fell, but Brzezinski’s strategic policies (anti-Russia, U.S.-Islamic alliance) keep guiding the U.S.
In his 1997 book “The Grand Chessboard,” Brzezinski contends that the U.S. have a worldwide hegemony in the main domains. He says,
“America stands supreme in the four decisive domains of global power: militarily… economically… technologically… and culturally.”
The only area, according to Brzezinski, that is not under total U.S. control is the Eurasian region, an area of interest for the U.S. (which has no border there), for Turkey (which occupies a small part of it) and for Russia (which occupies a major part of that region).
About Russia’s Islamic neighbors, Brzezinski foresees “something worse” than “the painful precedents of Chechnya” may happen. “The Grand Chessboard” says, “For the Russians, the specter of a potential conflict with the Islamic states along Russia's entire southern flank (which, adding in Turkey, Iran, and Pakistan, account for more than 300 million people) has to be a source of serious concern.” Of course, as evidenced by Brzezinski’s anti-Russian pro-Islam history, if Islam is a big threat to Russia, nothing more strategic than the U.S. helping in the fulfillment of Brzezinski’s “foresight” by expanding the radical Islamic influence in those regions.
His book talks sparingly about worries over communist threat, but it address abundantly Russia as an enemy to be conquered. Brzezinski’s main worry is to extend U.S. hegemony to Eurasia.
Partially, because of those hegemonic ambitions the U.S. keeps its alliance and flattery to Islam.
Guided by nationalism and ignoring ideological differences, the two major parties follow their tradition of supporting Islam. So the U.S. helped to create al-Qaida. The Soviet Union ended, but both parties have had a hard time to quit old habits.
With them, the U.S. has been faithful to its Islamic allies, especially Saudi Arabia, which is the main funder of the international Islamic terrorism. Not to mention Turkey, which has become a major threat by striving after an Islamic expansion in Latin America. Turkey is the only Muslim nation in the NATO, the U.S. military alliance.
For the sake of the anti-Russian pro-Islam strategy, all is allowed, including appointing Muslims to high-rank positions. Two years ago, Obama appointed a Muslim as CIA director. Even in the Department of Homeland Security, radical Muslims hold significant posts.
By following this strategy, the U.S.’s supreme message today is, “Islam is a religion of peace.” This deception has been embraced around the world, because the nation promoting this propaganda has, according to Brzezinski, the cultural and technological hegemony and supremacy.
The Soviet Union ended, but Brzezinski’s anti-Russia pro-Islam strategy remains. He and his followers will not be satisfied while the U.S. does not extend its supremacy to Eurasia, whatever it takes. And the cost of that hegemonic ambition will come through Islam.
Mohammed’s ‘pacifists’ can kill millions of innocents and the only message you are going to hear from the U.S. mass media is: Islam is a “religion of peace.”
Who is paying the cost of this deception? Abundant reports published by American specialists point that U.S. military interventions have been benefitting Islamic persecution of Christians. About 150 millions Christians are persecuted by Islam.
Approximately 100,000 Christians are martyrized each years. The big martyrizer is Islam. Even so, just because the U.S. has anti-Russia ambitions and wants to extend its hegemony to Eurasia, you have to swallow down the deceptive propaganda that Islam is a “religion of peace.”
Deception helps to kill, especially when it comes from a nation founded by persecuted evangelicals to help persecuted Christians. To help Islam in the worldwide persecution of Christians is a total departure from the original mission that the evangelical Founders had given to America.
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