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Facebook and Twitter have been accused by Muslims in U.K. of allowing ‘Islamophobia’ from users

Facebook and Twitter have been accused by Muslims in U.K. of allowing ‘Islamophobia’ from users

Anti-Islamic posts have been reported as ‘racist’

By Julio Severo
Are you shocked and horrified by watching beheadings, tortures and slaughters of Christians by ISIS and other Islamic groups? You are not alone. Islamic groups in the Western nations, especially in U.K., are also ‘shocked’ and ‘horrified’ — by anti-Muslim comments by users shocked and horrified by Islamic violence!
According to the DailyMail, Muslim groups in U.K. have been recording online anti-Islamic speech and reporting it to Twitter and Facebook.
They have reportedly brought many anti-Muslim messages to the attention of the social-media companies.
Fiyaz Mughal, director of Faith Matters, which runs a helpline called Tell MAMA, for victims of anti-Muslim ‘violence,’ said he was disappointed the sites were not taking a stronger stance.
He said, “It is morally unacceptable that social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, which are vast profit-making companies, socially engineer what is right and wrong to say in our society when they leave up inflammatory, highly socially divisive and openly bigoted views.”
Mughal said that Tell MAMA regularly receives reports of anti-Muslim rhetoric and ‘hate’ from Muslim Facebook and Twitter users.
For Muslims, any anti-Muslim comment is ‘violence.’
In a statement Facebook said, “We take hate speech seriously and remove any content reported to us that directly attacks others based on their race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation…”
Facebook said that it is working with Faith Matters to find a solution against anti-Muslim posts from its users.
The DailyMail report used the grossest examples of anti-Islamic views to justify censorship. But even when there is no gross anti-Islamic rhetoric, Facebook has censored. Some Christian Facebook users who have posted YouTube videos of Christians being beheaded by Muslims, just to draw attention to their horrible plight, have had their accounts blocked for several days. Their “anti-Muslim” posts, which included no dirty words or anti-Islamic violence, have been removed.
In the U.K., the pro-Islamic madness is out of control. There has been a wave of Islamic rapes of British ethnic girls and young women, but the English people, who were courageous to protect their land from Nazi enemies decades ago, today hand over their daughters to Islamic rapists. They are more fearful of being accused of ‘racism’ than seeing their daughters unprotected from Islamic rapists.
If Obama, Bush and Clinton are right in their frequent messages and propaganda that Islam is a “religion of peace,” so the many YouTube videos from ISIS beheading Christians are not what we see. They could be Christians beheading Muslims! In this case, Muslims in U.K. are right to report anti-Muslim speech.
In this case, Facebook and Twitter would be right to remove any speech against the propaganda of Islam as a “religion of peace.”
Yet, the reality does not follow the messages of Obama, Bush, Clinton and Islamic propagandists in the West.
Islam is the leading cause of oppression, persecution and martyrdom of Christians around the world. However, these poor people are supposed to die without complaining in Muslim lands. And we in Western lands have no right to complain about Muslims bringing suffering to them.
Anti-Christian censorship is rampant in Muslim lands, and the West wants to follow suit.
By the way, if Muslims in the West have their way, sooner or later this article will be labeled ‘racist’ or anti-Muslim ‘hate.’
With information of the DailyMail.
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