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Hitler’s Strident Anti-Marxism

Hitler’s Strident Anti-Marxism

Anti-Semitism and the Nazi Fight against Soviet Marxism

By Julio Severo
How could mostly Christian Germany be duped into the Nazi ideology? Rev. Erwin W. Lutzer, in his book “Hitler’s Cross: How the Cross of Christ was used to promote the Nazi agenda” (Moody Publishers), explains how German Christians embraced Adolf Hitler as a savior against Marxism:
“Many churchmen were duped. Father Falkan, a Catholic parish priest, said, ‘I must admit that I was glad to see the Nazis come to power, because at that time I felt that Hitler as a Catholic was a Godfearing individual who could battle communism for the Church … the anti-Semitism of the Nazis, as well as their anti-Marxism, appealed to the church.’”  
Actually, the anti-Marxism of the Nazis appealed not only to Catholics, but also to Lutherans, industrialists and conservatives in Germany. For them, Hitler was just using a socialist cloak (National Socialism) to combat an ideology very popular among the German working classes: communism.

Hitler’s Fight against Soviet Marxism

Soviet communism was threatening Germany and Hitler was able to unify conservative and Christian (Catholic and Protestant) Germans under the banner of total fight against Soviet Marxism. Hitler’s condemnation of Marxism was explicit. He said,
Ugly face of Marxism.
The destructive work of Marxism, its poisoning propaganda, dupes people.
Marxism should be destroyed
Democracy, as practiced in Western Europe today, is the forerunner of Marxism. In fact, the latter would not be conceivable without the former. Democracy is the breeding-ground in which the bacilli of the Marxist world pest can grow and spread.
I expressed for the first time the conviction that the question of the future of the German nation is the question of the destruction of Marxism.
A pestilence, such as Marxism.
Marxism will march with democracy until, by roundabout means, it succeeds in winning for its criminal aims the support of the sane national spiritual world which it is determined to eradicate.
the future of the German nation can be secured is the problem of how Marxism can be exterminated. I considered the disastrous policy of the Triple Alliance as one of the consequences resulting from the disintegrating effects of the Marxist teaching; for the alarming feature was that this teaching was invisibly corrupting the foundations of a healthy political and economic outlook… Sometimes they tried to cure the disease by doctoring the symptoms, which were taken as the cause. But since nobody recognized, or wanted to recognize, the real cause of the disease this way of combating Marxism was no more effective than the application of some quacks ointment.
These astoundingly anti-Marxist ideas, espoused by Adolf Hitler in his autobiography “Mein Kampf” (published in 1926), would conquer any modern anti-Marxist audience.
If, as socialist author George Orwell said, “During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act,” then Hitler did a revolutionary act by saying the truth about Marxism. In fact, he revolutionized his generation with his anti-Marxism. And any other individual in our times courageous enough to say the truth about Marxism would be doing a revolutionary act.
With his strident and inflammatory anti-Marxist speech, Hitler led Germany into an incredibly anti-Marxist euphoria that ultimately gave him the total political power through democratic means. What especially propelled into power was the ideal environment: Germany was undergoing a heavy economic crisis.
Richard J. Evans, in his book “The Coming of the Third Reich” (Penguin Group, 2003), commented, “Small businesses and workshops were particularly badly hit. In their incomprehension of the wider forces that were destroying their livelihood, those most severely affected found it easy to believe the claims of Catholic and conservative journalists that Jewish financiers were to blame.”
Yet, in his political campaigns to get elected, Hitler did not focus on the Jews. His focus was Soviet Marxism. “In a speech delivered to hundreds of businessmen in 1932, Hitler blamed Marxism for Germany’s problems but didn’t even mention the Jews. Evans’ comment is apt here: ‘Antisemitism, so prominent in Nazi propaganda in the 1920s, took a back seat, and had little influence in winning the Nazis support in the elections of the early 1930s.’” (Joseph Keysor “Hitler, the Holocaust, and the Bible: A Scriptural Analysis of Anti-Semitism, National Socialism, and the Churches in Nazi Germany,” Athanatos Publishing Group.)
Eventually, his speech against Soviet Marxism assured him victory.
In his book “Hitler, God, & the Bible” (WND Books, 2012), Ray Comfort said, “If Hitler was anything, he was a master of propaganda. In order for the Nazi Party to rise, he campaigned for the end of Marxism…”
According to Comfort, he unified German churches in this mission.

Hitler’s Fight against Jewish Marxism

Yet, there was a problem. His truth and revolution included demonization of the Jews. Demonization of Marxism and demonization of the Jews went hand in hand. His motivation was anti-Semitism. He rejected Marxism because it had been created by a Jew. He rejected Marxism because it was being led prominently by Russian Jews. Even though he had not a focus on Jews in his 1932 campaign to get elected, Hitler said in his autobiography in 1926,
My eyes were opened to two perils, the names of which I scarcely knew hitherto and had no notion whatsoever of their terrible significance for the existence of the German people. These two perils were Marxism and Judaism.
In Russian Bolshevism we must see the attempt undertaken by the Jews in the twentieth century to achieve world domination.
Karl Marx, author of Das Kapital, was the son of Protestant parents, converts from Judaism. Like many others who later on identified themselves with Socialism, known previously in its Utopian forms in France, he was educated in the neo-Hegelian philosophy. At the time this markedly evolutionistic doctrine ran foul of Lutheran Christianity in a conventional and fundamentalistic form. There appeared to be no chance for reconciliation between philosophy and religion.
Therefore Marxism itself is nothing but the transmission, carried out by the Jew Karl Marx, of a long existing attitude and conception, conditioned by a view of life, to the form of a definite political creed: international Marxism. Without the basis of such a general, previously existing poisoning, the astounding political success of this doctrine would never have been possible. Karl Marx was really the only one among millions who, in the swamp of a gradually decomposing world, recognized, with the keen eye of the prophet, the most essential poison elements, took them out, in order to render them, like a magician of the black arts, into a concentrated solution for the quicker destruction of the independent existence of the free nations of this earth. But all this in the service of his race.
The Jewish doctrine of Marxism rejects the aristocratic principle in nature.
What gave Marxism its astounding power over the broad masses is in no way the formal work of Jewish labor of thinking, put down in writing, but rather the colossal oratorical wave of propaganda that took possession of the masses in the course of the years… This work has actually not been written for the great masses, but exclusively for the intellectual leaders of that Jewish machine of world conquest.
In their book “Beyond Totalitarianism: Stalinism and Nazism Compared” (Cambridge University Press 2009), Michael Geyer and Sheila Fitzpatrick revealed the Nazi fight against the Soviet Union was a racial fight. They said,
Hitler’s intent to conduct the war against the Soviet Union as a political-ideological and racial-ideological war of destruction… the readiness to conduct an anti-Bolshevik crusade implied an agreement to pursue the war as a racial war against “Jewish Bolshevism.”
At the same time, the authors admit, “Bolshevik Commissars… were often Jewish.”

Jewish Prominence

After Hitler’s election, the anti-Semitism seen in “Mein Kampf” was resurrected with vengeance, and Hitler returned to underscore the Jews as a so important threat as Soviet Marxism, making to appear that the Jews had an exclusively wicked prominence in everything. But this is a gross and malicious lie. Since God blessed Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and their descendants, the Jews have a prominence and excellence in everything they are involved in. Were Jews involved in the birth of the United States? Yes. The result? Excellent! Were the Jews involved in the birth of the Soviet Union? Yes. The result? Ugly.
If the Jews had prominence exclusively in wicked events, their detractors would have reason to condemn them. But this is not so. As everybody else, Jews are involved in wicked and good events. And because they have a special blessing from God, whatever they touch, good or evil, becomes much better or much worse. So, the right way to channel God’s blessing, especially economic blessings, granted to Jews is an union with true Christians. Such union and good channel happened in the birth of the United States. The wrong way to channel the Jewish blessings is to let atheists to use them to advance their cause. Dr. Bernard Nathanson, the most prominent abortionist in the world, was an atheist of Jewish extraction. He had overseen over 60,000 abortions in the U.S. His case could easily be used by anti-Semites to declare that all Jews are wicked. Yet, eventually Nathanson questioned his abortion business and left it. Besides, the only Savior of the humankind, Jesus Christ, is a Jew. He is such massive good Jewish example that easily surpasses any Jewish bad examples, especially Karl Marx.
Those who hate the Jews should remember that Jesus is not a Brazilian, an American, a Russian or Arabian. He is a Jew! Those who hate the Jews per se hate Jesus too.
Because of God’s covenant with the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the Jews always have a big potential for extreme good or evil. Yet, no wicked Jew will surpass, in prominence, the supreme Good Jew, Jesus.
While Hitler’s motivation to attack Soviet Marxism was his hatred to the Jews, the Jews’ motivation to help found the Soviet Union was not hatred of Russians. The old czarist government was as anti-Semitic as the Catholic Inquisition or even the Nazi system. The Russian Jews, aided by American capitalists, helped to found the Soviet system to save the Jews from persecution and death from the czarist government.

Henry Ford: Jews, The World’s Foremost Problem

Hitler’s criticism of Marxism and, simultaneously, of Jews was in no way a pioneering work. Six years before the publication of “Mein Kampf” in Germany, auto magnate Henry Ford Sr. launched in the United States his anti-Semitic book “The International Jew: The World’s Foremost Problem,” published in 1920. “The International Jew” was published in a variety of languages and disseminated widely in the United States and abroad. The first Brazilian edition was published by publisher Globo in 1933. This American book, very popular today on the Internet, was much more stridently anti-Jew than “Mein Kampf” was. In it Ford said,
Werner Sombart, in his “Jew and Modern Capitalism” says, “If the conditions in America continue to develop along the same lines as in the last generation, if the immigration statistics and the proportion of births among all the nationalities remain the same, our imagination may picture the United States of fifty or a hundred years hence as a land inhabited only by Slavs [Russians], Negroes and Jews, wherein the Jews will naturally occupy the position of economic leadership.” Sombart is a pro-Jewish writer.
The question is, If the Jew is in control, how did it happen? This is a free country. The Jew comprises only about three per cent of the population; to every Jew there are 97 Gentiles; to the 3,000,000 Jews in the United States there are 97,000,000 Gentiles. If the Jew is in control, is it because of his superior ability, or is it because of the inferiority and don't-care attitude of the Gentiles?
The true capitalists of the world are Jews, who are capitalists for capital’s sake.
The Jews created capitalism, we are told. But capitalism has proved itself ill-behaved. So now, the Jewish creators are going to destroy their creation. They have done so in Russia. And now, will the American people be good and let their Jewish benefactors do the same in America?
But the Jews have not destroyed capitalism in Russia. When Lenin and Trotsky make their farewell bow and retire under the protective influence of the Jewish capitalists of the world, it will be seen that only Gentile or Russian capital has been destroyed, and that Jewish capital has been enthroned.
The conclusion, when all the facts are considered, is irresistible, that the Bolshevik revolution was a carefully groomed investment on the part of International Jewish Finance.
In the chapter 15, entitled “Is the Jewish ‘Kahal’ the Modern ‘Soviet’?” of his book, Ford says:
The Soviet is not a Russian but a Jewish institution. Nor is it the invention of Russian Jews of the present time, a new political device which has been set up as a vehicle of the ideas of Lenin and Trotsky; it is of ancient Jewish origin, a device which the Jews themselves invented to maintain their distinctive racial and national life after the conquest of Palestine by the Romans. Modern Bolshevism, which is now known to be merely the outer cloak of a long-planned coup to establish the domination of a race, immediately set up the Soviet form of government because the Jews of all countries who contributed to Russian Bolshevism had long been schooled in the nature and structure of the Soviet.
There is also a whole chapter, 19, entitled “The All-Jewish Mark on ‘Red Russia.’”
In the chapter 20, entitled “Jewish Testimony in Favor of Bolshevism,” Ford says:
It is very well known that “what Jewish idealism and Jewish discontent have so powerfully contributed to accomplish in Russia” is also being attempted in the United States.
“Jewish idealism and Jewish discontent” are not directed against capital. Capital is enlisted in their service. The only governmental order the Jewish effort is directed against is Gentile governmental order; and the only “capital” it attacks is Gentile capital.
Capitalist Ford’s thoughts were astoundingly similar to socialist nationalist Hitler’s. Later Ford publicly apologized for its anti-Semitic book and Hitler dismissed his own biography as nonsense.
Yet, “Mein Kampf” and especially “The International Jew” have been a particularly powerful tool today for anti-Semitic individuals trying to validate their hostile beliefs. While both books once reached thousands, their reach is now even greater on the Internet. Today, they can touch a whole new generation, connected to anti-Jew hatred via the internet. Both books have been favorite among Muslims.
Nearly 70 years before these books, the founder of Marxism expressed the same hateful ideas, as shown by Rev. Richard Wurmbrand, a Romanian Lutheran minister of Jewish extraction based in America, in his booklet “Marx and Satan.” Rev. Wurmbrand said,
Though a Jew, Marx wrote a pernicious anti-Jewish book called The Jewish Question. In 1856, he wrote in The New York Tribune an article entitled “The Russian Loan,” in which we read: “We know that behind every tyrant stands a Jew, as a Jesuit stands behind every Pope. As the army of the Jesuits kills every free thought, so the desire of the oppressed would have chances of success, the usefulness of wars incited by capitalists would cease, if it were not for the Jews who steal the treasures of mankind. It is no wonder that 1856 years ago Jesus chased the usurers from the Jerusalem temple. They were like the contemporary usurers who stand behind tyrants and tyrannies. The majority of them are Jewish. The fact that the Jews have become so strong as to endanger the life of the world causes us to disclose their organization, their purpose, that its stench might awaken the workers of the world to fight and eliminate such a canker.”
Marx did not express his idea in Soviet Union or Nazi Germany, which did not exist in the 1850s. He did it in the heart of the American press, New York, in the most capitalist nation in the world.
Marx was a man involved in occultism who embraced a fight against capitalism, a fight that eventually brought disasters and genocides to humankind. The works and legacy of an occultist are spiritual confusion, deception and death.

Confusion: Was Hitler a Left-Winger or Right-Winger?

Two apparently contradictory issues in Hitler’s fight against Soviet Marxism were that 1) his Nazi movement was the National Socialist German Workers’ Party, and 2) Nazi Germany was socialist because of its treaty lasting a few months in 1939 with the Soviet Union, the largest socialist power in the world in that time.
As a man profoundly involved in esoteric and occultist practices, Hitler was a master of trickery and shrewdly created a movement, with socialist appeal, to draw the German people away from Soviet Marxism. English libertarian Tim Stanley explains better his trickery and strategy:
So how do we explain why Hitler often called himself a socialist? It’s a matter of fashion: in the 1920s and 1930s, socialism was the wave of the future and had a massive effect upon the political discourse. Lots of people used the terminology of Marxism without necessarily signing up to it or even understanding it. And plenty of governments spoke of the need to raise living standards, help the poor or even manage the economy — but we wouldn’t call them Marxist. America had its New Deal; Sweden its Social Democracy. The Japanese militarised their entire country, but did so to expand the domain of an emperor that they thought was a living god, which is hardly classic commie behaviour. In Britain, Stanley Baldwin’s government spent millions on a house building programme and set up the state-owned BBC. But Stanley was no Stalin.
That Hitler wasn’t a socialist became apparent within weeks of becoming Chancellor of Germany when he started arresting socialists and communists.
Marxism is defined by class war, and socialism is accomplished with the total victory of the Proletariat over the ruling classes. By contrast, Hitler offered an alliance between labour and capital in the form of corporatism – with the express purpose of preventing class war. Marxists regarded this as one of the stages of capitalist development and few at the time legitimately interpreted the Third Reich to be a socialist society. The radical George Bernard Shaw, for example, certainly expressed sympathy for Hitler when he came to power but later described the dictator’s socialism as fraudulent – as a way of buying off the inevitable revolution. He wore, in Shaw’s opinion, “the latest mask of capitalism.”
Given that the dictator enjoyed the support of a bourgeoisie that accepted that sacrifices had to be made to defend their profits against socialism, we might define the Third Reich as capitalism embracing aspects of socialist economics in order to defend the interests of capitalists. Shaw was right.
Tim Stanley says that, for Hitler, defeating the “Jewish” communist movement was the only thing that ever really mattered.
Hitler’s occultist trickery is evident in the confusion that people face when trying to describe him today. For instance, whenever atheists insist that he was an example of Catholic and Christian chauvinism they forget his intense hatred of Christianity. Whenever Christians try to portray him as an atheist, they forget how happy he was to borrow Christian language or to work with Catholic and Lutheran collaborators. Whenever right-wingers try to portray him as a socialist, they forget his connections with industrialists and intense hatred of Soviet Marxism. And whenever left-wingers try to portray him as a right-winger, they forget how he socialized the German economy in the latter part of the 1930s, although not for the sake of building socialism, but to prepare Germany for war.
Marxism’ main characteristic is by far atheism. The most atheist nation in the world, for example, was Soviet Union. In contrast, Hitler was never an atheist. Nominally, he was Catholic, even though in essence he was an esotericist.
In comparison to Stalin, an atheist, Hitler was so “religious” that Mussolini had, according to a report in The Telegraph, asked the pope to excommunicate him from the Catholic Church, out of envy, because he did not like to see Hitler, a Catholic German, closer to the pope than he, who was an Italian.
Just as many in his days, including Roosevelt, Hitler’s socialism was neither original nor atheist, but his anti-Marxism was esoteric. There were also other examples of esoteric anti-Marxism, even though they were lesser. The Traditionalist School, founded by the Islamic esotericist René Guénon, fused anti-Marxism conservatism with New Age ideas. Some anti-Marxist esotericists today are Trevor Loudon and Olavo de Carvalho.
Regardless you choose to see Hitler as a left-winger or right-winger, he was an occultist. A man involved in occultism will use any cause available, whether it is a leftist or rightist cause, to advance his covert objectives. In Hitler’s case, his main banner was the fight against the Jews and Soviet Marxism. Whatever cause or fight he embraced, against Marxism or against capitalism, would eventually end in disaster, because he was an occultist. The works and legacy of an occultist are spiritual confusion, deception and death.
As an evidence that Nazi Germany was exclusively socialist, many point to the 1939 Soviet-Nazi Pact, which lasted just a few months. Yet, if such short-lived union to the Soviet Union is an evidence that Nazi Germany was socialist, what would the same critics say about the U.S.-Soviet alliance, which lasted from 1941 to 1945 during the World War 2, for much more time than the short Soviet-Nazi alliance did?
The most important distinction was that while Nazi Germany slaughtered millions of Jews in Europe, the Soviet Union had Jews in its political and military leadership, including in the Red Army.
Though Henry Ford apologized for The International Jew, he later accepted the Grand Cross of the German Eagle from Hitler’s Nazi government in July, 1938. One of the most prominent American capitalists being awarded by a “socialist” government? As an anti-Marxist and anti-Jew capitalist, Ford was just being awarded by an anti-Marxist and anti-Jew government. He never received such award from the Soviet Union, which was Marxist and not anti-Jew, at least not while Hitler was living.

Inferior and Unintelligent Race: Jews and Russians?

Adolf Hitler and Ford used the fact that Karl Marx was a Jew and that many advocates of Marxism in the Soviet Union were Jews as a fair pretext to demonize the Jews. With Ford and Hitler, demonization of Marxism and demonization of the Jews went hand in hand.
Today, in the demonization of Marxism, the Jew has been replaced by the Russian. Demonization of Marxism and demonization of Russians have gone hand in hand in many conservative circles, which seem to see Karl Marx as a Russian and, similarly, the advocates of Marxism as Russians. In fact, they seem to see Russians per se as personifications of evil and Marxism, just as Hitler and Ford saw the Jews per se as personifications of evil and Marxism.
If previously there were infinite conspiracy theories about the Jews, now there are infinite conspiracy theories about Russians. These theories are interesting, because at the same time that traditionally Hitler and many others portrayed Russians as inferior and unintelligent Slavs incapable of high political and military projects, their propaganda presented Slavic or Russian conspiracies as phenomenally menacing. By the way, Jews were similarly seen as inferior and menacing.
Nazis were tremendously contradictory in their portrayal of Russians. For them, Russians were inferior, despicable (just because of their association with Jewish Marxists) and incompetent in military and political exploits. But they were, incredibly, an extraordinary and cosmic threat (again, just because of their association with Jewish Marxists)!
This Nazi propaganda has survived even after the Soviet Union fell in 1990. Today, pro-homosexuality Europe, often under pressure of an equally pro-homosexuality U.S., keeps portraying Russians as inferior, despicable and a threat, even though Russia is the only power protecting its society against the aggressive gay agenda. At the same time, Europe, with the U.S. blessing, has been receiving millions of illegal Muslim immigrants, whose beliefs do not merely reject the gay agenda, but kill homosexuals. They are especially fond of killing Christians. These immigrants and their Islamic fanaticism are a real threat and the European civilization is in serious danger of extinction because of them. Even so, Russians are portrayed as a bigger threat, even though the Russian opposition, different of the Islamic opposition, to the gay agenda does not involve murder of homosexuals.
Politically correct multiculturalism in Europe and the U.S. heartily embraces Muslims and their murderous ideology erroneously called “religion of peace,” but it does not tolerate Russians, who are mostly Orthodox Christians.
For the European and the U.S. multiculturalism, Orthodox Christian Russians are inferior to Muslims. Not different from the Nazi “multiculturalism,” which fully embraced alliances with Muslims while treating Russians as inferior.
In his booklet “Marx and Satan,” Rev. Richard Wurmbrand explains that the founder of Marxism had the same Nazi ideas about Slavs or Russians. He said,
Marx wrote in his new year’s roundup of 1848 about “the Slavic riffraff,” which included Russians, Czechs, and Croats. These “retrograde” races had nothing left for them by fate except “the immediate task of perishing in the revolutionary world storm.”
“The coming world war will cause not only reactionary classes and dynasties, but entire reactionary peoples, to disappear from the face of the earth. And that will be progress.”
“Their very name will vanish.”
Hitler and Marx shared at least three preferences: both were occultists and despised Jews and Russians.

Nazi Genocide of Russian POWs

Hitler’s hatred of Soviet Marxism and of the Jewish role in it was evident in the way Nazis treated Soviet POWs, perhaps especially because the Red Army had approximately 500,000 military Jews, among soldiers and high rank officials. Crystal Rayle, in “Captives of Hell: The Treatment of Soviet Prisoners of War Captured by the Nazi Army 1941-1942” (Greensboro Historical Review , issue 1, May 2008, published by the University of North Carolina, Greensboro) said,
Russian prisoners of war captured by the Nazi Wehrmacht during the Second World War survived some of the most inhumane forms of treatment imaginable. Nazi propaganda heavily influenced the belief that the Soviets were conspiring against Germany on the side of European Jewry, resulting in the capture and subsequent genocide of millions of Soviet POWs.
Historians tend to agree that the Germans treated Soviet POWs more ruthlessly than other POWs, including the notion that they were deliberately annihilated.
Aside from the Jews, the Soviet POWs were the second largest group of victims whose lives were claimed by the Nazi regime.
The Soviet POWs, even though they are the second greatest victims of World War II, tend to be regarded as the “other” victims. Although nothing can compare to the experiences of the six million Jews who lost their lives during the Holocaust, Soviet POWs deserve a stronger presence in the history of Genocide. The Nazis considered the Soviets, unlike other groups, political and racial enemies of the Reich. Soldiers sent off to defend the Soviet Union were persecuted because of their racial inferiority as a Slavic people as well as their political associations with Bolshevism [Soviet Marxism].
[Soviet] POWs became the earliest test subjects for the use of the poisonous gas Zyklon B [used later against the Jews].
Hitler’s reasoning for the hatred of Bolshevism and Communism arose out of his idea that Bolshevism was a product of the Jews.
Hitler demonized the Soviet people by describing them as having a Slav-tartar body with a Jewish head. Hitler believed that Marxism was a product of Jews.
According to Rayle, Hitler hated Russians because in his mind Jews and Soviet Marxists were basically connected.
Considering that Hitler — who was an ally of Islamic Palestinians and so tolerant of Islam, but not of Jews — has been defeated decades ago and that the Soviet Union has fallen many years ago, how to explain that America and Europe are so tolerant of Islam, which threatens to extinguish the American and European civilization, and so intolerant of Russia, whose Orthodox Christianity could be an ally against Islam, the greatest murder machine in the history?
If we want to destroy this machine, we should not do what Hitler did: to be an enemy of the Jews and to be a friend of their Islamic enemies.
Compared to Marxism, Islam is a significantly bigger threat. As shown by Hitler’s example, a strident fight against Soviet Marxism can be a cover for a big evil.
This is a survival war.
If America and Europe want to survive the Islamic and Marxist onslaught, they should not do as Hitler did. Instead, they should enlist and embrace the collaboration of Jews and Russians.
All of them should get rid of any Hitlerian and Islamic feelings, views and policies contrary to Jews and especially Israel.
And they should be careful about a strident fight against Marxism, which was the perfect cloak used by Hitler to fight the Jews. His spell of confusion is powerful even today.
Union with Jews (especially full recognition of the Promised Land as the God-given gift to them and of Jerusalem as its legitimate capital) can save America, Europe and Russia from an Islamic hellish future.
With information from Jewish Virtual Library, Mein Kampf, The International Jewish and Telegraph. 
Portuguese version of this article: O antimarxismo estridente de Hitler
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