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Biased Study by Feminist Theologian Has Viralized After Being Spread by the Largest Evangelical Websites in Brazil

Biased Study by Feminist Theologian Has Viralized After Being Spread by the Largest Evangelical Websites in Brazil

Published by the largest Presbyterian university in Brazil, study by feminist theologian who left the church years ago made headlines in GospelPrime, GospelMais e Guiame, the largest evangelical websites in Brazil

By Julio Severo
In an interview last week for the Brazilian website UOL titled “‘When the church does not discuss gender, it denies human rights,’ says evangelical feminist,” Valéria Cristina Vilhena, who introduces herself as having connections to the Mackenzie Presbyterian University, said that she sees with a great distress and as deep retrocession the evangelical caucus in the Brazilian Congress taking a stand against homosexual “marriage,” abortion and gender ideology.
She said, “When the evangelical caucus preaches in their pulpits that it is in the Congress to represent God’s will or to protect the only family model, it is actually putting as a model homophobia, racism, sexism and violence inflicted because of those issues, which are also gender issues.
She complains that evangelical women “are in the spaces of service, but not of church leadership.” She also complains that “the theology being taught is the theology of wives’ submission to their husbands.”
In 2015, she founded the group Evangelicals for Gender Equality. Even though her group operates to bring gender issues into churches, Vilhena said to UOL, “I was brought up in a church where was a sin to have a haircut, to depilate, to use make-up, pants. I saw myself as a feminist since early within the church… Today I attend no church.
Even though she has disliked the Pentecostal environment of her childhood, she does not seem to be bothered by the environment in the Mackenzie Presbyterian University in São Paulo, Brazil, or in the São Paulo Methodist University, where she studied. That Methodist institution is one of the most liberal in Brazil, and warmly welcomes Liberation Theology, feminism and homosexuality.
In November 2016, Vilhena saw her study making headlines, with no credit to her name, in major Brazilian evangelical websites, spread even by prominent evangelical leaders. The study addressed the subject that “40% women who suffer domestic violence are evangelical.”
When the Mackenzie Presbyterian University published her study, prominent Brazilian evangelical websites GospelPrime, GospelMais and Guiame spread the study by crediting only the Presbyterian university. Many conservative evangelical leaders massively spread it without questioning it, trusting completely in the largest Calvinist institution in Brazil.
GospelPrime headline on November 10, 2016: “About 40% female victims of domestic violence are Christian.” The report begins, “A study by the Mackenzie Presbyterian University…
GospelMais headline on November 10, 2016: “40% women who suffer domestic violence are evangelical, a new study says.” The report says, “The find is the result of a study by the Mackenzie Presbyterian University…
Guiame headline on November 9, 2016: “About 40% female victims of domestic violence are Christian, says study.” The report says, “A study by the Mackenzie Presbyterian University indicated…
Vilhena said to UOL, “What I wrote in the study is that about 40% women assisted by Sofia House, which was my study field, declared themselves evangelical. Then, it is a study sampling. This viralized.
Actually it viralized, in the interest of the anti-Christian feminist agenda, thanks to the massive promotion by the largest Calvinist institution in Brazil and GospelPrime, GospelMais and Guiame.
Her study was totally based in the sampling of one institution: Sofia House. In contrast, when she studied another Brazilian institution, Eliane de Grammont House, the result was equally strange. Vilhena said to UOL, “The difference is that most women in Eliane de Grammont House, according to professionals, declared themselves Seicho-No-Ie.
By her study, then most Brazilian victims of domestic violence are evangelicals and Seicho-No-Ie adherents, even though Brazil is the largest Catholic nation in the world. Also, there are many Brazilians que follow pro-abortion Socialism and witchcraft. But, apparently, evangelicals and Seicho-No-Ie adherents, who have no significant demographic representation in Brazil, are the champions of domestic violence.
How explain her study? The first explanation is her militancy. She has had involvement with Catholics for a Free Choice, which invited Vilhena as a special speaker for the feminist congress “Religious Influence in the Dismantlement of Women’s Politics,” to be held next November.
Catholics for a Free Choice is not a truly Catholic group and it is not backed by the Vatican. It is a pro-abortion, pro-sodomy and feminist group that uses the label “Catholic” to deceive Catholics.
Dismantlement is Vilhena’s mission. She does not speak as an evangelical and she does not advocate evangelical values. In 2015, the São Paulo City Council held the event “Evangelicals Debate the Gender Issue in the City School Curriculum,” which addressed the introduction of the gender ideology (the gay agenda) in São Paulo City’s school curriculum.
The panelists were: Cristiano Valério, homosexual minister of the Metropolitan Community Church; José Barbosa, pro-sodomy theologian who created the Brazilian movement “Jesus Heals Homophobia”; and Valéria Vilhena, feminist theologian. All these names are committed to the homosexual agenda, and as the mission of Catholics for a Free Choice is to sabotage true Catholics, the mission of those false evangelicals is to sabotage true evangelicals.
Sabotage is already happening. The Azusa Magazine of Pentecostal Studies published an article by David Mesquiati de Oliveira, where he said, “As declared by Valéria Vilhena, the influence of a male chauvinist patriarchal and oppressing culture against women was not superseded and, in some cases, the Christian institutions themselves reproduce such institutional system.
Oliveira is introduced as an Assemblies of God minister in Vitória, Brazil, and member of RELEP (Red Latinoamericana de Estudios Pentecostales [Latin American Network of Pentecostal Studies]) and FPLyC (Foro Pentecostal Latinoamericano y Caribeño [Pentecostal Latin American and Caribbean Forum]). He is a master of divinity by the Higher School of Theology in Brazil, one of the most liberal Lutheran institutions in the world and which has the only homossexualist theologian in Brazil. Oliveira is the author of the book “Missão, cultura e transformação” (Mission, Culture and Transformation), published by Sinodal, a Brazilian liberal Lutheran publishing house that publishes books advocating Marxism, feminism and gender ideology.
Oliveira is a Pentecostal activist citing a feminist activist, from the Mackenzie Presbyterian University, who attends no church.
Vilhena is an activist against Christian values and, with her study, she tried to portray evangelical churches as producers or facilitators of domestic violence in need of feminist or state intervention.
How explain that GospelPrime, GospelMais and Guiame, the most prominent evangelical websites in Brazil, have greatly spread her biased study without questioning her motivation, but crediting exclusively the Mackenzie Presbyterian University, institution where Vilhena has connections? Without perceiving, they, specially the Presbyterian university, helped promote a perverted propaganda that exploited the problem of domestic violence in the interest of the feminist sham.
Mackenzie Presbyterian University has been involved also in other scandals for hiring pro-abortion, Marxist and homosexualist professors.
How explain Vilhena’s sampling showing that evangelicals are almost 50% of victims of domestic violence? Of course, it is biased.
For some years, I was a leader of a church. Most attendees were new converts or people in need of conversion. There were women who were attending the services because they had domestic problems. If a poll asked in this point if they were evangelicals, they would answer positively. They had not a long evangelical history. Most them had husbands who were not Christian and they sought a church because of several problems: husband’s alcoholism, domestic violence, unemployment, drug problems in their children, etc.
In 2006, I knew an evangelical NGO in Rio de Janeiro that gave room to a women’s organization that made a community work of awareness against domestic violence. Women in the poor community who suffered such violence came to the group to be “counseled” and much of this work was made in the facility of the evangelical NGO.
I made a small investigation, and I found that the women’s group not only received state grants in its feminist objectives, but also it appeared in a list of many other feminist groups that, on March 18, demanded in the State Legislature the legalization of abortion as a fundamental women’s right.
I talked then to the director of the evangelical NGO and I explained that the facility of her organization was being used for feminist recruitment and indoctrination of poor women, who were seduced by the appeal of solution for “domestic violence,” a work that ultimately strengthened the state power and interventionism in families and also strengthened feminist strategists’ pro-abortion objectives.
The evangelical NGO’s director thanked me and eliminated the room for the women’s group. She had never imagined that a group supposedly fighting domestic violence had much more sinister motivations and ambitions. This case helped her not to trust in facades
So cases of domestic violence (which the Bible does not approve) eventually become an excuse and maneuver recourse for feminists and the State to intervene to destroy the role of a husband as head of his family and demand the right of women to abort their unborn children. The husband who slaps his wife becomes a criminal, but the woman who cowardly kills her children through abortion has committed no crime: she is just exercising a legal right! The woman goes from “oppressed” to oppressor and murderer of her own children.
Valéria Cristina Vilhena says that she attends no church, but she uses a facade of “theologian” to advance her feminism among Brazilian evangelicals. Yet, the incompatibility between feminism and the Gospel is vast.
Last December, a 23 year old woman was raped and murdered at a bar in São Paulo, Brazil. She spent the night in a nightclub with friends and at dawn, she went with a young man to a bar, where both used drugs and where she was raped and murdered. The Brazilian press identified her as an “evangelical feminist.”
She was the mother of two small children, but she was hanging about in nightclubs and bars.
Even though nightclubs and bars are a perfect environment for the depraved life of feminists, they are not an environment for mothers, much less evangelicals.
Undoubtedly, the death of that young woman is regrettable, but if she occupied herself with her mission as a mother, she would not spend the night in a nightclub or use drugs in a bar. If she occupied herself with the Gospel, which should be the mission of every evangelical, she would not waste her life in feminism, which rapes and exploits the women’s cause and even the Gospel in the interest of charlatans’ depraved agenda.
GospelPrime, GospelMais, Guiame and Brazilian conservative evangelical leaders should watch and pray, so that they may not fall into temptations of academic studies from the Mackenzie Presbyterian University and other institutions that have an evangelical name, but do not honor the Gospel. One of those studies came directly from Valéria Cristina Vilhena, who wants to advance feminism in the Brazilian evangelical churches.
While Vilhena wants to transmit the idea that the evangelical culture provokes or facilitates domestic violence, the fact is that women with domestic violence problems seek evangelical churches because the government or feminist answer always brings more problems.
Meanwhile, evangelical young women deceived by feminism search for satisfaction in nightclubs and die drugged in bars.
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