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Brazil without Homophobia

Brazil without Homophobia: What the Lula administration is doing to impose the homosexual agenda on Brazil

Julio Severo

There is no doubt that the genuine progress brings honor to a nation. But that progress can only be properly recognized and promoted by a government that is morally capable, able to discern what is evil and good. A morally corrupt government confuses evil with good and retrocession with progress. For instance, information in the official website of PT (Partido dos Trabalhadores — Workers’ Party, from Lula) declares:

A great progress, for instance, comes from the Lula Administration. For the first time in the Federative Republic of Brazil a president issues a letter supporting the homosexual movement, during the gay parade of Brasília. Another great example was the launching of the program Brazil without Homophobia, coordinated by the Special Secretariat of Human Rights [of the Presidency of Republic], but with the participation of several federal departments, among them Justice, Health, Education and the secretariats of the Woman’s Rights and of the Racial Equality. Homophobia is a behavior of aversion and hate toward homosexuals, in many cases the decisive factor of homicide.[1]

Therefore it can be seen that the Lula administration confused its moral retrocession with “progress”. Using as an excuse the subject of prejudice, the Brazilian government officially launched in 2005 Brazil without Homophobia, an avant-garde program allegedly to fight violence and discrimination against homosexuals. It supports overtly the most radical pretensions from the gay lobby groups and considers as decisive factor of homicide cases all aversion to homosexuality.

Thus, in the State’s interpretation, a viewpoint contrary to the homosexual acts should be seen as a contributor to the violence against homosexuals. The government made it clear that, in partnership with the homosexual movement, it will advance the program throughout Brazil, implementing it through political actions in the education, health, legal and social areas that will favor the interests of the gay militants.[2]

Now all the federal departments will be in the service of the State’s pro-homosexuality intentions. To grant visibility and appreciation to homosexuality, the Ministry of the Culture created the Work Group for Promotion of the GLTB (gay, lesbian, transgendered and bisexual) Citizenship aimed at encouraging artistic productions promoting the no-discrimination culture against homosexuality, that is, the government will favor, encourage and support TV and radio programs and other means that present homosexuality always in a positive way and that emphasize all opposition to that behavior as hate crime. “The secretariat has the mission of preserving the identity and to value diversity so that we may strengthen the self-esteem of those discriminated groups”, explains Flávia Galiza, expert from the Ministry of Culture responsible for the work group.[3]

In its turn, the Ministry of Education is increasingly training teachers to develop sexuality and homosexuality issues in a way that students may be conditioned to lose their aversion to what is abnormal. Through special school activities, children are being indoctrinated systematically in the Gospel of Sodomy.[4] There are even text books to encourage homosexuality. “In Brazil, there are for the time being a few titles, but publishers have already showed their interest in this market. Educators too. One of the first books to address the subject is Boy Loves Boy (publisher: Armazém das Idéias), by Marilene Godinho, which tells a boy’s history who found that he was in love with another boy. This book is part of the literature package distributed by the Ministry of Education in the public schools”.[5]

It is evident that the Lula administration is completely active to meet the gay militants’ demands. Lula himself declared, in his public support to the homosexual movement, that “any way of loving is worthwhile.” His administration has made the point to fund many gay “pride” parades throughout Brazil. The aim is to defeat the resistance of the population through “educational” propagandas.

Those propagandas have been used for a number of years on TV, where the capitulation to the movement homosexual has been practically total and where many programs use strategies of distortion of reality, presenting to the public a false world where gays and lesbians are glad, happy, fulfilled and, usually, more intelligent and sensitive individuals than the normal men and women. The dark side is properly hidden, so that nobody may see that their behavior is linked to an indisputable reality of suffering, where gays live oppressed by serious mental, emotional and social dysfunctions.

There is an immense effort to show that those natural consequences don’t have any connection with the abnormality of their sexual acts. That effort also tries, with the assistance of fraudulent researches and studies, to prove “scientifically” that the abnormal is, in the truth imposed by them, as normal as what is really normal. In fact, the document Brazil without Homophobia, published by the Lula administration to support its national program with the same title, says: “In the same way that heterosexuality (attraction for a person of the opposite sex) does not have any explanation, so homosexuality does not too. It depends on each person’s sexual orientation”. That is, the Lula administration thinks and wants all the Brazilian citizens to think that homosexuality is as normal as the natural sexuality. The goal is to invent a Pro-Sodomy Brazil.

The Brazilian government has shown itself more and more committed to the manipulation of truth in the homosexual issue, and the liberal media habitually exchanges impartiality for submission to the pro-homosexuality efforts promoted by the Lula administration, mixing up those who do not understand the political plays in the back stages. Thus, what was controversial becomes natural, with the kind complicity from many TV programs, which penetrate homes through entertainment that takes advantage of the immaturity and the ingenuousness of children and adolescents, conditioning them not only to agree, but to experience and embrace the homosexual behavior.

He who tries to disagree with that brainwashing propaganda disguised of entertainment runs the risk to be viciously accused of committing the unforgivable sin of homophobia, a term invented and interpreted to classify as abnormal the people who feel disgust of the sexual acts of those living in homosexuality. Homophobia may also be a mother’s attitude questioning a pro-homosexuality class in her child’s school. In fact, homophobia is a word invented to have any meaning that the State and gay activists decide in their war against those who do not accept their promotion of the gay behavior.

The evangelical churches, for instance, never practice violence against homosexuals. There are no cases of homosexuals attacked or murdered at churches and by churches. Yet, there are proven cases of evangelicals attacked by gay militants. But what does matter? Since the Brazilian government placed gays in the privileged class of the oppressed, their defense is priority, even when they are the aggressors. After all, perhaps they think, the oppressed are entitled to react violently against the “homophobic” people. Thus the “poor gay victims” eventually become oppressors.

Gay militants are not interested if an evangelical or church makes an effort to try to show the difference between loving homosexuals (sinners) and hating homosexuality (sin). The anti-homophobic ideology just doesn’t tolerate such differences. Or you are for or against homosexuality. The Lula administration and the liberal media make clear that they won’t spare those disagreeing with the politics granting privileges to homosexuality.

For gay activists, to preach the biblical truth on homosexuality is the same thing as to teach hate and prejudice. They are not willing to accept anything antagonizing with their ideology. The only biblical message that they accept to hear is the reinterpretation of the Bible made by theologians favorable to the homosexual behavior. The only kind of preaching tolerated is the pro-sodomy preaching. The only good preachers are those preaching peace and love, without any commitment. Everything else is rejected. For them, the Christian who doesn’t know how to preach what they want to hear should at the least keep their mouth closed.

Anybody having a minimum of perception already is able to visualize in the horizon a serious form of DICTATORSHIP — oppressing and vile —, implemented with extreme inequality, intolerance and deception.

The case of ABRACEH and its president, Dr. Rozangela Justino, draw our attention. Dr. Justino, who is an evangelical psychologist, founded ABRACEH, a NGO to help men and women who want voluntarily to leave homosexuality. For her attitude of showing compassion to homosexuals in need, she has been suffering threats and intimidations, even from the Federal Council of Psychology in Brazil, which declared: “Psychologists shall not collaborate with events and services proposing treatment and cures of homosexualities”.

In addition to ABRACEH, several other organizations that understand homosexuality as a dysfunction and support the right of homosexuals who want a lifestyle change have been targeted for persecution by the Gaystapo, while many Christians are just keep observing without knowing what to do.

Seized by the fear of the abusive and unequal use of the law — that has also been manipulated by the enormous GLTB lobby —, there is hardly, among Christians, attorneys who dare to defend the cause of those who are right in their Christian stand.

Therefore, it is necessary for God’s people to wake up. It is necessary for professionals, psychologists, physicians, biologists, attorneys, judges, magistrates, educators, ministers, therapists, etc., to stand up as one against that appallingly unequal, dishonest, unjust, oppressing and intolerant dictatorship furiously moving forward on the society.

What Brazil needs is not privileges to homosexuality, but a program Brazil without Sodomy and a National Day of Hope for Those Wanting to Leave Homosexuality. Homosexuality is not reason for pride, but shame. Homosexuality is not a disease, but it brings in its trail many diseases and havoc for families, individuals and society.

We cannot try to pull out from people their natural aversion to the sin of rape, murder, homosexuality, pedophilia, etc. These are necessary aversions against behaviors that God doesn’t approve. These are natural aversions that keep us far away from what is evil. In fact, in the Bible God refers this way to the homosexual sin: “You shall not lie with a male as with a woman. It is an abomination”. (Leviticus 18:22 NKJV)

If God says that homosexuality is an abomination, are authorities correct to pursue and accuse of homophobia those disliking such behavior? Will Christians have to agree with what the Word of God says, or with what the social trends of Sodom are imposing in Brazil? While there is sin in the world, there will be homosexuality, pederasty and other perversions. While there is sin in the world, there will be lies, deceiving propagandas and distortions of reality, and it is always possible that in certain times in History human beings may, in their moral corruption, create laws that classify the abnormal as normal and vice versa. Such was what happened in Nazi Germany and in the Soviet Union. But that doesn’t mean that Christians are forced to conform to and accept all abnormal practices in this world.

The Lula administration, with its propaganda-like program Brazil without Homophobia (that under its camouflage is nothing else than Pro-Sodomy Brazil) is in war not only against nature, but also against the Ruler of the Universe. The only way for the Lula administration to fulfill its project of building a Brazil without aversion to sodomy is by totally censuring the Book from Him who has declared that homosexuality is an abomination. Such censorship will deprive the homosexuals themselves from the right to know the truth that He who has condemned homosexuality is the same and only Person who offers hope and real deliverance to those who want sincerely to abandon that lifestyle harmful to the society and to themselves.

However, the world will still be a different place, where there won’t be anymore governments imposing deception and injustices on captive populations. When that time arrives, the world will have a new kind of Government, perfect and fair, and it will really be a place without “homophobia”, without sodomy and without homosexuality. Outside of that new world will be “the perverts and those who practice magic, the immoral and the murderers, those who worship idols and those who are liars both in words and deeds”. (Revelation 22:15 GNB)

Some ideas and expressions in this article are, directly or indirectly, collaboration from Dr. Ricardo Marques.

Julio Severo is author of the book O Movimento Homossexual (The Homosexual Movement), published by the Brazilian branch of the Bethany House Publishers. He is also a member of Abraceh.

Source: Last Days Watchman



[2] Brasil Sem Homofobia. Copyright 2004 Ministério da Saúde, Conselho Nacional de Combate à Discriminação e Secretaria Especial dos Direitos Humanos, pág. 7.


[4] Sodomy means the homosexual perversion committed by the city of Sodom in the Bible.