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Brazilian Supreme Court Upholds Deadly Embryonic Stem Cell Research in Close Vote

Brazilian Supreme Court Upholds Deadly Embryonic Stem Cell Research in Close Vote

Pro-Lifers Fear that Precedent will be Used to Legalize Abortion

By Matthew Cullinan Hoffman

BRASILIA, May 30, 2008 ( -- In a razor-close vote of 6-5, Brazil's Supreme Court yesterday upheld the constitutionality of embryonic stem cell research which destroys human life at its earliest stages.

The decision was made in response to a motion filed against article 5 of the nation's "Biosecurity" Law, which permits the controversial research. Opponents contended that destroying a human embryo was in violation of the Constitution's acknowledgement of the "inviolability of the right to life".

Although they were repeatedly informed that frozen embryos are viable indefinitely, several justices who voted in favor of the law reportedly based their decision on the claim that frozen embryos are not viable after several years.

"Embryos, once frozen, may have unlimited potential for viability, as long as they remain at the extremely low temperatures of liquid nitrogen storage," notes the Pacific Fertility Center on its website (

Although President Luiz Lula's then Attorney General, Cláudio Fonteles, filed the motion against the law in 2005, the Lula administration has since expressed support for the law through the nation's pro-abortion Health Minister José Gomes Temporão, who openly favors embryonic stem cell research.

The decision, made by justices who had been largely appointed by Lula and his liberal predecessor, was not unexpected. However the closeness of the decision, which split the court almost evenly, was reflective of a growing pro-life sentiment in the nation. Although some dissenting justices were willing to allow the research with restrictions, others were only willing to allow it to the extent that it did not kill the embryo.

According to a recent poll, opposition to decriminalizing abortion in Brazil has increased over the last year, surging from 62% to 68%. In recent weeks the Social Security and Family Committee in the National Congress voted unanimously to reject an abortion decriminalization bill that was favored by the Lula regime and had been in process for 17 years.

In the days preceding the decision, pro-lifers in Brazil issued an international call requesting that emails be sent to the eleven justices of the Supreme Court, urging them to strike down the law. Protests were also held outside of the Court building.

"As it is a human life, which embryology and biology assures us is true, the human embryo has the right to the protection of the government," said the National Conference of Brazilian Bishops in response to the ruling.

"Whether it is in vitro or in the maternal womb does not diminish or increase that right. It is lamentable that the Supreme Court has not confirmed that right, allowing the harvesting of embryonic human lives."

The decision was also denounced by Magaly Llaguno and Adolfo Castañeda of Human Life International, who echoed formed abortionist Bernard Nathanson in calling embryonic stem cell research, "scientific cannibalism" and who said the ruling was "a death sentence on countless innocent human beings".

Embryonic stem cell research is touted as a potential cure for diseases, although it has never yielded a single approved treatment in the United States. Conversely, adult stem cell therapies, which do not destroy human life, have yielded over 70 treatments to date.

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Brazilian Supreme Court May Approve Constitutionality of Embryonic Stem Cell Research

Brazilian Supreme Court May Approve Constitutionality of Embryonic Stem Cell Research

Pro-Lifers Asked to Email Justices to Urge them to Vote to Protect the Rights of the Unborn

By Matthew Cullinan Hoffman

BRASILIA, May 27, 2008 ( - The Brazilian Supreme Court is scheduled to begin voting again on the constitutionality of a law allowing embryonic stem cell research.

The vote, which commenced on March 5th of this year, was delayed when Justice Carlos Alberto Menezes Direito made a motion for a "vista", which allows a review of the facts before a vote is cast. Menezes Direito is believed to be pro-life.

Despite the deadly nature of embryonic stem cell research, which destroys human life at its earliest stage, most of the justices are believed to be inclined to allow it. On March 5th the vote stood at 2-0 in favor of the law.

However, the Constitution of Brazil states that "All are equal before the law, without any distinction whatsoever, guaranteeing Brazilians and alien residents in the country the inviolable right to life, liberty, equality, security and priority."

Despite seemingly difficult odds, Brazilian pro-life organizations are making a serious effort to persuade the justices to strike down the law and protect the unborn. It is feared that if the law is upheld, abortion may ultimately be ruled "constitutional" based on the precedent.

The Catholic news agency ACI Prensa reports that 200 federal deputies (representatives) and 20 senators have signed a petition to the court contending that the basis for the vote given by one of the justices is false. Justice Carlos Ayres Britto justified his vote based on the notion that embryos frozen for more than three years are not viable. However, there is no known limit to the viability of frozen embryos.

Brazilian and Hispanic pro-life organizations have issued a call to pro-lifers to contact the justices and urge them to vote in favor of human life. Emails may be written in English or Portuguese (knowledge of English is common among educated Latin Americans).

Email Addresses of the Justices of the Brazilian Supreme Court (can be copied and pasted into email "To" box:,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Individual Email Addresses:












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Brazilian Homosexual Leader Posts Home Addresses of Pro-Family Activists

Brazilian Homosexual Leader Posts Home Addresses of Pro-Family Activists

By Matthew Cullinan Hoffman

BRAZIL, May 20, 2008 ( - The most eminent leader of Brazil's militant homosexual movement, Luiz Mott, is lashing out at pro-family activists by posting their home addresses and filing charges against them for "defamation".

Among those targeted are "Jael Savelli", the pseudonym of a Brazilian woman who authors the blog "Pedophilia No!" Last year, Savelli exposed Luiz Mott's advocacy of pedophilia and pederasty in a famous entry entitled "Luiz Mott: Pedophilia Now!"

Pro-Family activist and author Julio Severo is also targeted in Mott's screed, although the address posted for Severo is not correct. In numerous blog posts and a book entitled, “The Homosexual Movement”, Severo has incurred Mott's ire by denouncing homosexual behavior as immoral in accordance with the Bible. He has recently appeared on national television blasting the regime of President Luiz Lula da Silva for its promotion of the homosexual agenda worldwide.

"Bahia State prosecutors required the site 'Media without a Mask', which published my divulge information about my identity and my address," Savelli told

Mott has now posted her address after it somehow fell into his hands, and Savelli is concerned for her safety. “The homosexual movement is extremely well-coordinated and strong in my city and it wouldn’t be prudent for me to ignore the real possibility of some sort of attack against me or against my family,” she said.

Savelli's blog entry on Mott cited an article written by Mott, "My Ideal Boy", which implies a preference for pederasty. In the article, Mott states openly that, “in my case, to tell the truth, if I could choose freely, what I would like for myself would not be a man but a boy, an 'adolescent' of the type that the nobles of ancient Greece said was the thing most handsome and pleasurable to be loved and [expletive]."

In addition, in an essay posted on his website, Mott writes that "in my opinion, the taboo and repression of sexual relations between adults and youth is supported by two prejudices, that sex has a particular legal age to begin and that every relationship between someone older and younger always implies violence and oppression. Studies prove that even in the uterus a baby already has an erection..." (see previous coverage at

Mott’s new attack, which appears on his website at, essentially claims that because he hasn’t actually been convicted of the crime of pedophilia, it is defamation to observe that his writings blatantly defend the practice.

In addition to Saveli and Severo, several other prominent pro-family activists are targeted in the post, including Eliezer de Mello Silveira, a lawyer for the Christian Apologetics Research Center, Rosangela Justino, a psychologist who does reparative therapy for homosexuals who wish to change their orientation, and Olavo de Carvalho, a Brazilian philosopher now living in the United States who edits the internet magazine Midia Sem Mascara (Media without a Mask), and who republished Saveli’s exposé of Mott. In addition to Jael Savelli’s address, Mello Silveira’s was posted as well.

Severo, like Savelli, is apparently being investigated by Brazilian police in response to Mott’s criminal complaints, which Mott says he filed in late 2007 and in January 2008. According to the IP log for visitors to his blog, they have accessed his site almost 50 times in recent days.

Mott’s post and the investigations by Brazilian authorities are the latest episode in a series of legal and personal attacks that have been made against pro-family activists in Brazil by the country’s powerful homosexual movement, which enjoys open government support and financing.

Mott, who is known in Brazil as the "Dean" of the nation's homosexual movement, participated in the creation of the Brazilian government's "Brazil without Homophobia" program, which seeks to promote social approval of homosexuality and “non-discrimination”. Socialist President Luiz Lula’s administration has also awarded Mott with the Medal of the “Order of Cultural Merit”.

Mott has made thinly veiled threats against pro-family activist Julio Severo in the past, speaking of condemning him to "perpetual imprisonment in Sodom and Gomorrah". Other homosexuals have posted more explicit and obscene threats against Severo. He remains in hiding from homosexual groups as well as their government allies, which he says operate with impunity in Brazil and prosecute Christians for objecting to homosexuality, even though the government has failed to pass its proposed “homophobia law”.

“Lula and his socialist allies have been involved in serious scandals and they are under serious charges, but he has been virtually untouchable by the Brazilian courts. Even with appropriate laws against what he has done, he has managed to get off all charges,” Severo told

“There is no anti-homophobia law against our right to defend Bible principles on homosexuality, but the same justice system that has let corrupt politicians escape undeservedly can condemn me cowardly.”

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Friday, May 16, 2008

On the Pro-Life Victory in Brazil: “I Have Never Seen This Happen in the National Congress!”

On the Pro-Life Victory in Brazil: “I Have Never Seen This Happen in the National Congress!”

Editor's note: The following are Professor Hermes Rodrigues Nery's observations of a pivotal moment in the international struggle to protect the right to life. On May 7, an abortion decriminalization bill that had been in process in the Brazilian National Congress for almost 17 years and was supported by the socialist regime of Luiz Lula was rejected in committee in a unanimous vote of 33-0.

By Professor Hermes Rodrigues Nery

Translated, Adapted, and Redacted by Matthew Cullinan Hoffman

BRAZILIA, May, 15, 2008 ( - "It was a victory and more. I have never seen this happen in the National Congress", exclaimed Professor Humberto Viera, President of the National Pro-Life and Pro-Family Association, after Deputy Jofran Frejat announced the result of the historic session of the Social Security and Family Committee of the National Congress, which brought to a vote Bill 1135/91. This bill, which seeks to decriminalize abortion in Brazil has been in process for almost 17 years in the Brazilian congress.

Bill 1135/91 was rejected by the overwhelming majority of the deputies present in the committee, with the result of 33-0, due to the fact that the small contingent of abortionists, lead by Deputy Cida Diogo, withdrew ranting and raving, and shouting insults.

The feminists were yelling at the top of their lungs, "The government is secular, the government is secular!", to which Deputy Nazareno Fonteles responded that the government is secular but not atheist, and that the Brazilian people have a sense of God.

The feminists were driven to hysterics by deputies Henrique Afonso and Luiz Bassuma, who together with deputies Miguel Martini, Leandro Sampaio, Dr. Talmir Rodrigues, José Linhares, and João Campos, lead the pro-life contingent that assembled in the meeting room of the committee, in which the rest of the deputies were one by one positioning themselves in favor of life.

One José Genoíno, infuriated, sullen, and arrogant, was thundering in his defense of the feminists, affirming that, "the legislator is not elected for moral groups, but for liberty and democracy". The abortionist shock troops did everything to buy time, insisting on the extension of the session, making use of every protocol to undermine the pro-life deputies. This irritated the rest of the deputies, some of which were still undecided and who ended up voting for Deputy Jorge Tadeu Mudallen's report in reaction the excesses of Cida Diogo.

"This isn't worth it, that woman is going too far, I'm going to vote against her," bellowed one of them at two o'clock in the afternoon, when the abortionist deputy decided to pull a, "congratulations to you" for Deputy Íris de Araújo, whose anniversary was that day.

After the beginning of the session, at 9:30, Jamie Ferreira Lopes affirmed, "we have 16 votes guaranteed." But little by little, as the abortionists continued their performances, the undecided deputies were being convinced to distinguish the wheat from the weeds.

The deputies spoke to one another, exchanged glances, gesticulated, nodded, and came to an agreement. The 33 votes were consolidated during the long, seemingly interminable hours.

Cornered, the abortionists portrayed themselves as victims of a coup, and complained that the pro-life deputies were being tough on them, mainly after Deputy Rolando Caiado took his turn speaking, and pulverized them mercilessly.

Cida Diogo was increasingly disturbed, especially with the balanced and firm way the proceedings were conducted by the committee president, who explained the rules several times to the recalcitrant deputy, showing that he was well prepared and in good spirits for a difficult session. The president simply maintained the rules of the institution, so as not to lose control of the situation in the midst of the rhetoric of the abortionists, who wanted to catch him with a slip of protocol with which they could later use to request that the session be annulled. But Frejat was tireless in affirming, "I have to follow the rules."

Unable to defeat him, since he had the rules at hand, the abortionist comandante Cida Diogo began to use demagoguery, saying that the pro-abortion deputies were being restricted in their freedom of speech, comparing the situation to Brazil's former dictatorship.

President Jofran Frejat explained to them, with the calmness of someone telling a story to a child, that he couldn’t go back, having placed an issue in discussion and before that to a vote, and being approved unanimously by the committee, since the committee has sovereignty in accordance with the rules.

Deputy Dr. Rosinha, who had written a long discourse by hand and was unable to speak because the request for a vote had been approved, began to pout and pace, while the feminists whispered in his ear. The anger of the abortionists increased when support among the deputies grew for Mudallen's report, never leaving their chairs during the entire session, and increased when the alternates began to arrive, enthusiastic about voting in favor of life.

It was then that Dr. Rosinha, in fit that skirted the edges of decorum, stated to the President of the Session that he would be leaving because he was the victim of a strange conspiracy and although he would want to know exactly what was happening, he would not agree to participate in the voting.

At that point his fellow deputies Darcíso Pierondi -- Dr. Pinotti and Genoíno had already left -- and Cida Diogo, decided to accompany Dr. Rosinha, accusing everyone of being "pedophiles and rapists" at which Jorge Tadeu Mudallen's eyes widened in horror, seeing to what depths of gratuitous offense they were capable of, rejecting the rules of democracy that they constantly defended.

When the feminists had left like restless souls, the atmosphere in the room gradually became calm. . . Finally at 2:13 pm the historic vote began. One by one they were giving their "yes" to life. All of them, absolutely all of them, were voting in favor of the approval of the Mudallen Report, until, at the end, President Jofran Frejat, in a chorus with the rest of the deputies who were saying "I vote yes for life," gave his vote for life, which, after so many years, brought an end to Bill 1135/91, archiving it in the Committee.

The session having ended, there were congratulations and tears from many of the pro-life leaders in a climate of the "embrace of peace", as in the Eucharistic celebration. Jaime Ferreira Lopes, Coordinator of Brazil Without Abortion, began to sing, while many began to make calls on their cell phones to spread the news: "33 - the age of Christ!" I called Bishop Carmo João Rhoden of the Diocese of Taubaté, who received the news like a present during this month of festivals for the 100th anniversary of our diocese...It was a unique moment: 33 to zero, without precedent in history, and which the press the next day, would simply ignore, registering the fact in footnotes or remaining entirely silent about the matter...

Professor Hermes Rodrigues Nery is the Coordinator of the Diocesan Commission in Defense of Life and the Movement for Legislation and Life of the Diocese of Tabuaté, Brazil.

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Smashing Defeat for Pro-Abortion Forces in Brazil

Smashing Defeat for Pro-Abortion Forces in Brazil

Legislative committee defeats abortion decriminalization in unanimous vote

By Matthew Cullinan Hoffman

BRASILIA, May 8, 2008 ( - In a stunning victory for the pro-life movement in Latin America, the Social Security and Family Committee of Brazil's Chamber of Deputies (the lower legislative house) unanimously rejected an abortion decriminalization law that pro-abortion forces have fought for since 1991.

The two pro-abortion deputies on the committee left in protest without voting, leaving the remaining deputies to reject the legislation 33-0.

The committee members embraced each other in tears while pro-abortion forces in the audience yelled epithets at them and against the Catholic Church, which this year initiated an intense campaign to protect the right to life.

The campaign, along with major efforts by Evangelical Protestants, has resulted in a dramatic increase in pro-life sentiment in Brazil. A recent poll found that 68% of Brazilians now oppose further decriminalization of abortion, up from 63% last year.

The legislation, which is known as Bill 1135/91, will next be considered by the Chamber of Deputies' Constitution and Justice Committee, which is also expected to reject it. The text eliminates criminal penalties for abortion. Other bills to decriminalize abortion are also making their way through the National Congress.

The vote represented a smashing defeat for pro-abortion forces in Brazil, and in particular for President Luiz Lula's Minister of Health, José Gomes Temporão. Temporão has sought to divert attention from the issue of the human rights of the fetus by recasting the debate as an issue of "public health" due to the dangers he alleges are associated with illegal abortions.

Apparently sensing his inevitable defeat, Temporão did not testify before the committee and instead sent representatives. He used diplomatic language to denounce the ruling, claiming that the current legal approach to abortion was unrealistic and would result in "failure".

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GCM Watch interviews Julio Severo

GCM Watch interviews Julio Severo

GCM Watch Note: Julio Severo is a Brazilian Christian leader who has endured persecution from the homosexual movement there (both christian and political) for speaking out against the aggression and suppression tactics in his native country. After exchanging emails with Julio, we felt it important to make you aware of this situation in Brazil. In case you didnt know, Brazil is one of the top vacation destinations for homosexuals worldwide. The government, seduced by the money homosexuals bring in for the lewd carnivals (think Mardi Gras on steriods) have begun to side with activists against anyone like Julio for speaking out. We ask that you do a couple of things: (1)please pray for our brother and his family and (2) please list his blog Last Days Watchman on your blogroll to show soladarity and (3) drop him a line or two of encouragement []. He is on the front lines there as many of us are here, proclaiming the Word of the Lord despite opposition.

Gay Christian Movement Watch: What’s going on in Brazil that alarms you regarding the homosexual movement?

Julio Severo: I am concerned because the federal government has given extensive, official financial support to the homosexual movement. The First National Conference of Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals, Transvestites and Transsexuals, to take place May 8-11, 2008, received its official convocation by the socialist president of Brazil, Lula. He has also established a federal program called “Brazil Without Homophobia” to destroy all opposition to homosexuality in the Brazilian society. These initiatives are groundbreaking in Brazil. Besides, the Lula administration was the first country in the world to introduce in the UN Human Rights Commission a resolution establishing homosexuality as an inalienable human right. Again, this was a groundbreaking move by Lula.

GCMW: Is this a real threat to the Christian church or are you just overreacting?

JS: I think that some sins are a special threat to all people, and homosexuality, especially when promoted by an aggressive agenda, is very harmful to the society and to the homosexual themselves. Overreaction? Before a strident and militant advance of the gay politics, in Brazil we are under increasingly wicked pressures to shut up because of the Christian underreaction. There are anti-homophobia bills in the Brazilian Congress that, if approved, will effectively gag Christian views on homosexuality.

GCMW: What happened to you specifically?

JS: Some gay activists wanted to get me before the approval of the anti-homophobia bills. They were able to shut down my blog for some days in July 2007, but after many Christians contacted Google, this American company explained that it had closed my blog because of complaints by homosexuals saying I preach violence and hate. Christian lawyers who are readers of my articles explained that they have never found any hate in my texts.

GCMW: Have you heard anything from other Christian ministers?

JS: I have received messages from ministers worried about what happened to me.

GCMW: What would you say to Christians in America who may think this would never occur here?

JS: They should be worried, because what militant homosexuals are doing in Brazil they learnt from their American counterparts. Brazilian gay leaders got and get their training in America. For a long time America funded the homosexual movement in Brazil, which is successfully now getting federal, state and city financial support for their events and activities. If they are successful in Brazil, their American ideological sponsors will be encouraged by such victories.

GCMW: Are you still under a threat?

JS: In November 2007, the biggest gay group in Brazil, ABGLT (Brazilian Association of Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals, and Transgender People), lodged a criminal complaint against me before federal prosecutors, for the same reasons they wanted my blog closed down.

GCMW: Is the gay political movement partnered with the gay christian movement in Brazil as far as you know?

JS: Yes, they work together!

GCMW: As a Christian leader, why do you think homosexuals find true Christian witness a threat?

JS: Well, I think the answer is spiritual, because true Christians have the true Gospel to share, and this Gospel has a door of hope for all sinners, including homosexuals. If every homosexual welcomes the true Gospel, Jesus will enter their lives and homosexuality will end, by the power of Christ’s blood. When Christ lives, homosexuality is unnecessary. Christ’s joy surpasses all momentary gay pleasure. Just ask former gays who know Jesus today… That is why militant gays, under demonic oppression, fight the Christian witness: they want to see no one freed from homosexuality.

Source: GCM Watch