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Julio Severo away from Brazil

Julio Severo away from Brazil

Open letter to the friends of Blog Julio Severo

Dear Friends

I have arrived at a new place, being now away from Brazil and away from friends. It was not an easy decision. In fact, it was the only alternative.

Because of a 2006 complaint from the Associação da Parada do Orgulho Gay de São Paulo (Gay Pride Parade Association of São Paulo), federal prosecutors have been looking for my location. The complaint is “homophobia”.

Actually, there is no anti-“homophobia” law in Brazil. Even so, federal prosecutors have recently summoned one of my friends to reveal my location. My friend tried, with the assistance of a Jewish attorney, to say that he is not the responsible for the contents of my blog.

However, federal prosecutors did not accept his defense, and kept pressing him with the only objective to get information my location.

Therefore, before this nonsense, I was forced to leave Brazil with my family: a pregnant wife and two little children. We are right now in a completely strange place for us. What choice did we have?

Beside the complaint from the Associação da Parada do Orgulho Gay, other homosexual groups and individuals also filed charges in the office of federal prosecutors against my blog because of “homophobia”.

Leaving Brazil, we hope to relieve the pressures from officials on innocent friends.

I wanted to record here publicly the names of everyone that helped to make possible this hard move to another country, but I do not dare to do it, conscious that federal prosecutors did not spare even an innocent friend of mine. I will only reveal that the great Brazilian philosopher Olavo de Carvalho collaborated a lot. If federal prosecutors want to prosecute him, his location is in the US.

If they want to continue with their absurd actions against me for “homophobia”, I warn that I am no longer in Brazil. Leave my friends alone.

Yet, I give another warning. I will not be silent. The voice God gave me will continue being used to warn Brazil, whether I am in India, Kenya, Nicaragua or any other nation in the world.

To serve God and speak truth involves a high cost. I pray that God may give each one of the readers of my blog the courage to pay this cost.

I invite you also to help so that my voice will not be silent. From this place of exile, in a completely strange place for us, I want to keep warning Brazil. I left Brazil physically, but not in spirit.

If you are able to collaborate with me and my family, please pray and also send your contributions, because this is a time of need for us. If God touches your heart to be a regular collaborator, accept God’s challenge.

You can make your contribution through PayPal in this link: http://www.lastdayswatchman.blogspot.com

We arrived at the airport and we had the grateful surprise to see a minister that travelled by plane from another city only to welcome us. God touched him to welcome us. Only he was there, but this was a great blessing, because we know nothing here!

Today, while we were taking our breakfast, a TV set was on, and the first TV show we watched in this language was addressing sexual options and gay “marriage”. In this same night, I had a dream where I saw the gay agenda obsession coming to take this country where we are. This was my first dream in this country.

Yet, we are pilgrims of God, and our citizenship is from the Kingdom of God. We are under the authority of the King of the Universe.

One day Brazilian president Lula, whose administration today summons the innocent for “crime” of “homophobia”, will be forced to be before the Highest Judge, where his condemnation is certain.

May Lula not laugh of my situation, because his time and the time of his master are coming near.

I need your support and cooperation in this time.

Julio Severo

Portuguese version of this message: Julio Severo fora do Brasil

Source: http://www.lastdayswatchman.blogspot.com

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Sunday, March 29, 2009

A president Hell asked for

A president Hell asked for

By Julio Severo

It is not hard to know what a devil wishes. When in his Nazi obsession Hitler began to persecute Jews, the signs were clear. When Hitler began to meddle in the freedom of faithful Christians and persecute them, the signs were clear.

Similarly, when in his communist obsession Stalin began to slaughter Ukrainians, who perished by millions, the signs were clear. When Stalin began to destroy the freedom of Christians, the signs were clear.

It would be a horrendous crime not to condemn Hitler and Nazi or Stalin and communism. It would also, in any place, a crime not to condemn genocidal dictators.

It would be worse a president that, declaring that he is a human-rights defender, does not condemn individuals of this generation who have the characteristics and ideas of Hitler and Stalin.  

The UN Human Rights Council approved on 26 March 2009 a resolution condemning sharply the serious violations of human rights in North Korea. What did Brazil, which was present in the voting, do?

Brazil, under Lula, who defends human rights even of those that commit homosexual acts, decided to abstain. After all, why to condemn North Korea?

Of course, innocent Christians are tortured and killed there. Disarmed North Korean citizens who do not have a communist stand are slaughtered by the ferocious communist dictatorship in their country. Even so, Brazil of Lula prefers not to condemn one of the most murderous dictatorships in the modern world.

What could you expect from Lula? He has never condemned the Cuban communist dictatorship too. On the contrary, he has always praised it. Doubtless, he has a weakness: he cannot condemn ideology friends.

North Korea is lucky not to be Israel, because if it were, the Lula administration would not make any abstention. Traditionally, the Lula administration has always voted against Israel in the UN Security Council. If Lula does not worry even about Israel, why would he act differently with North Korean Christians, who suffer martyrdom by thousands?

In fact, even in Brazil Christians do not care about the suffering of Christians in North Korea. If they did, they would react against the Lula follies. But where is their reaction?

To be omissive before the North Korean dictatorship and its crimes is like to be omissive before Stalin and his communist crimes or before Hitler and his Nazi crimes. But the follies of Lula and his socialist administration are not limited only to its omission toward the suffering of North Koreans.

Iranian dictator Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has the same wish as Hitler: to exterminate Jews and destroy Israel. Before this would-be Hitler, what does Lula “the defender of human rights” wish? According to the Iranian news agency FARS, Lula is waiting the visit of Ahmadinejad!

Lula has declared, “We are anxiously waiting for the important and historical visit of the Iranian president to Brazil”.

Are they just wanting to have a coffee together?

I must to confess that I have a weakness: I would not be able to drink a coffee with a Hitler, Stalin or Ahmadinejad! But I would accept the challenge, just to tell them that Jesus Christ died on the Cross to save them and deliver them from their follies. That is an important message that even Lula needs to hear.

I doubt very much that Lula is wishing his meeting with the anti-Israel Iranian dictator to preach the Gospel. The only “gospel” Lula and his administration promote is abortion and homosexuality. Do Ahmadinejad and Iran have some interest in that “gospel”?

Iran is one of the only nations in the world where homosexuals are officially executed. But Lula will not importune the Iranian by inconvenient reminders about the Iranian capital punishment for homosexuals. “Homophobia”? That word, which will be properly suppressed from the Lula talks with the Iranian, is applied only to Brazilians who dare to express any view against homosexuality or the gay agenda. Far from Lula to offend or bother Ahmadinejad with Western terms unknown in Iran!

Therefore, it is not a love for homosexuality that draws both men. In fact, it is a mystery that the Muslim Ahmadinejad, who does not like homosexuality and homosexuals, gets so well along with the “chaotic” Lula, who loves the gay agenda the way a hyena likes to laugh.

Perhaps the only visible affinity between them is socialism, the anti-Israel feelings and the friendship with the lunatic Hugo Chavez.

Iran of Ahmadinejad, Hugo Chavez, communist North Korea, Fidel Castro and other dictators are betting that Lula will really win for Brazil a permanent post in the UN Security Council. UN, which is jumping of joy with the pro-homosexuality Obama, is going to celebrate when Brazil is definitively in the UN Security Council. With his federal program “Brazil without Homophobia”, Lula is an inspiration to Obama and UN.

While Lula wants anxiously to see the Iranian and the Iranian wants anxiously to make an ethnic cleaning of Jews in Israel, I want anxiously to see them delivered and away from government while they are possessed by their follies.

Differently from Lula, who in his first trip to the Middle East years ago had no wish to visit Israel, I want anxiously to make this visit and show to the Israeli people that, in spite of all farce, cynicism and anti-Israeli prejudice from the Lula administration, I support Israel.

I record here my protest and wrath against the Lula administration and its attitudes before the North Korean dictatorship and Ahmadinejad:

“Lula, you have no moral, spiritual and political competence to lead a nation. You have completely failed in the calling God gave you to be a servant of God. Probably, because of your drinking problem, you cannot even drive. Your presidency is bringing many curses to Brazil. Therefore, if you really have some minimum respect for God and Brazil, leave the presidency immediately”.

As to the Brazilian people, it is necessary to repent from the serious sin of supporting corrupt politicians in exchange of social bribes: Bolsa família (family fund) for the poor and facilitated concessions of TV and radio stations and other privileges for the rich. How will a people who like bribes have rulers with different tastes?

While I have freedom of speech available, I am going to express my views, before the Lula administration accomplishes its wish to control and censure the Internet to shut up those who use it as the only free medium to tell what Lula and Brazil need to hear.

Portuguese version of this article: O presidente que o inferno pediu

Source: http://www.lastdayswatchman.blogspot.com

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Gays, persecution and lies: the eternal soap opera

Gays, persecution and lies: the eternal soap opera

By alleging “persecution” in the pro-sodomy Brazil, Brazilian gay requests asylum in the pro-sodomy US

By Julio Severo

Aguinaldo Silva, a writer of soap operas for the Brazilian TV Globo Network, invented in his soap opera “Duas Caras” scenarios where evangelicals are violent, irrational and dangerous against gays. And homosexuals are portrayed as innocent little angels…

Faced with this kind of scenarios, any nation would be supposed to grant asylum to the “victims”. The big problem is that the real victims of the soap operas of Aguinaldo Silva — and of TV Globo — are evangelicals, who suffer prejudiced characterizations.

Aguinaldo Silva has a justification for his dirty work. He has always been a leftist and gay militant. Such is the work of liberals against Christians and their values: to defame them, smear them, abuse them and, in the final stage, achieve the level of torture and martyrdom.

TV Globo has the homosexual obsession of the Lula administration in Brazil. While the Lula administration has an official program entitled “Brazil Without Homophobia” — which indoctrinates the Brazilian population to love sodomy above God and the Bible —, the non-official politics of Globo is “Globo Without Homophobia” and “Globo Without God”, equally indoctrinating, through soap operas and other shows, the Brazilian population to love sodomy above God and the Bible.

What if it were the contrary? What if Globo had a non-official politics “Globo Without Gays”? Would gay militants set forth the same politeness evangelicals show when Globo soap operas portray evangelicals as pugnacious Neanderthals whose only wish is beat and kill a lot of homosexuals?

Would not they do furious manifestations, demanding the closing of Globo and the end of all state assistance to it?

As to the Christians generally and evangelicals particularly, Globo knows that it can trample on them at will, because the maximum reaction of the evangelical population is to manifest some light and fleeting protest and later forget the case. In response, Globo yawns.

Differently from Christians, no homosexual activist ignores any minimum “insult” to his chosen lifestyle.

However, away from soap operas reality is harsh with evangelicals. Since they arrived at Brazil, they faced hostilities, prejudices and — yes — martyrdom. All of this for the Gospel’s sake.

In the whole world, 200,000 Christians are yearly executed: evangelicals, Catholics, etc. They are killed for the Gospel’s sake.

Never in the human history 200,000 homosexuals were killed yearly, for the sodomy’s sake. After all, is anal sex worthy to die for?

Literally, millions of other Christians live today under the threat and direct daily violence from totalitarian communist or Muslim governments.

Does the United Nations discuss the wretched situation of those silent victims? Even in soap operas those persecuted Christians are not remembered.

While the Globo soap operas are busy with scenarios of fake “victims” to assist the pro-homosexuality agenda of the Lula administration and of the UN itself, the actual victims suffer tortures and murders.

The most recent Globo “soap opera” is the news article from G1 entitled: ‘Estamos sendo injustiçados’, diz gay brasileiro que pede asilo nos EUA (‘We are suffering injustice’, says Brazilian gay requesting asylum in the US).

If Brazilians know how to use inventive lies to get an American visa, what about gays? What could a Brazilian gay allege to conquer asylum in the US?

Brazilian gay Genesio Januario Oliveira Junior accuses Brazil of “persecution” of gays — and Brazil has today the most pro-homosexuality administration in the Brazilian and world history. He requests asylum in the right time and right place, because Barack Obama has the same pro-homosexuality obsession Lula does.

If the Brazilian gay grumbles about persecution in Brazil, why to leave for the US? In the issue of political and legal support to homosexuality, Brazil is today years ahead of the US.

The irony is that the US, where the “persecuted” gay wants to go, was founded by actually persecuted evangelical Christians. They founded the US as a nation where people might have freedom to worship God.

Yet, no one could imagine that such freedom would be in the future distorted to favor the worship of sodomy. And no one has ever imagined that one day sodomy itself would be used as a justification to defame, smear and abuse Christians. From refuge for persecuted Christians, the US is becoming a refuge for homosexuality and a dangerous place for Christians.

While millions of Christians around the world suffer for Jesus’ sake, the US of Obama and especially Brazil of Lula fight so that everybody may have privileged access to sodomy in all possible ways, with mandatory pro-homosexuality indoctrination on Christians and on everyone not seeing the “beauty” and “normalcy” of anal relation.

Between “persecuted” gays fabricated by soap operas and soap operas news and between persecuted Christians in real life, the Obamas and Lulas prefer to sit on a comfortable couch to watch soap operas.

With pro-sodomy politics in Brazil and in the US, is any wonder that a Brazilian gay would eventually use the “persecution” soap opera to get asylum in the US?

Truly besieged by such pro-sodomy fever, a Christian in the US and especially in Brazil may easily be accused of “homophobia”, for merely declaring what God declares in the Bible about homosexuality.

The difference is that he does not have the right to use soap operas to request asylum. But he has real life as testimony: for the sodomy’s sake, the US of Obama and Brazil of Lula (and next is UN) decided that those who love God and the Bible above sodomy do not have the right to live a life without persecution.

Together with their privileged right to oppress Christians, gay activists have also the right to present themselves as “victims” in need of asylum. Welcome to the age of the oppressing victims”!

Portuguese version of this article: Gays, perseguição e mentiras: a novela de sempre

Source: http://www.lastdayswatchman.blogspot.com

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

An evangelical Brazil?

An evangelical Brazil?

Perspective from an evangelical Brazilian on the possibility of a mostly evangelical Brazil on the future

By Julio Severo
I saw the evangelical future of Brazil. No, I did not have any supernatural vision. I merely saw an actual regional scenario rightly pointing to a national reality.
Many evangelicals think that the chaotic Brazilian picture would change if the majority of the Brazilian population were evangelical. Would more Brazilian evangelicals mean more integrity, honesty and justice in Brazil?

São Gonçalo: mirror of the evangelical future of Brazil?

I knew São Gonçalo, in Rio de Janeiro, a county that, according to Pr. Fernando Rezende, has the largest concentration of evangelical ministers and churches per square kilometer in the whole Latin America.
As most Brazil, São Gonçalo reflects very well evangelical diversity, with temples and denominations from the most traditional to the most modern. Walking across São Gonçalo, you feel the evangelical presence on every side.
However, does São Gonçalo have fame for evangelical characteristics? It is a county with high rates of murders, violence, crimes, prostitution, etc. It is a place known by its abandonment, filth, garbage, etc. And, not by coincidence, the first Brazilian case of homosexual civil union to receive approval in the Superior Justice Court came from… São Gonçalo!
Where the Gospel of Jesus Christ enters, the effect is shining: darkness retreats. But does darkness have receded in São Gonçalo?
There is not only a large concentration of ministers and churches in São Gonçalo, but major political posts there, including mayor, belong to evangelicals. Even so, gay activists occupy major roles in the city hall. Where is the Gospel change?
Of course, there are men and women there who are faithful to God and call upon God for justice. But the question is: Why are so many ministers involved in dishonest schemes in São Gonçalo? Why are so many schemes connected to evangelical political officials? Where are the São Gonçalo prophets to cry against the evangelical alliances with the darkness of the political corruption?

Evangelicals and politics: what is happening?

Some evangelical Christian could ask the question: “Julio, how could you apply the São Gonçalo example to an evangelical Brazil in the future?”
My answer: “Is São Gonçalo evangelically different from the rest of Brazil?”
There are many — especially spiritual — common factors to be considered, but I will focus only on the political aspect.
Every evangelical Christian, whether a leader or not, has political power. In São Gonçalo, ordinary evangelicals, with no post of political and religious leadership, have used their political power to keep in power individuals without the Kingdom of God vision and integrity. In fact, who decides the political course of São Gonçalo are the ordinary evangelicals, because they have the voting power.
Is not throughout Brazil this way too? Evangelicals comprise significant part of the voters, but are the electoral results showing an increase of influence of the Kingdom of God values? Is the evangelical vote putting into the government men who, instead of an obsession to promote abortion and homosexuality, have the goal to lead the State to fulfill its responsibility to punish the wicked and grant security to the good citizens?
There is abundant corruption in the São Gonçalo politics. Why are not evangelicals in politics there different of non-evangelicals? Notable exception was Dr. Geremias Fontes, who was mayor of São Gonçalo from 1959 to 1962. Later, he became the governor of Rio de Janeiro, leaving as an example a political and administrative integrity not seen in the modern politicians of São Gonçalo. He was the most honest politician I knew in Brazil.
Why are not the strong presence of evangelicals in the current São Gonçalo politics and the strong presence of evangelical ministers and churches in the São Gonçalo society changing the picture of corruption, crimes, murders and prostitution there?
The evangelical population of São Gonçalo uses their voting power in the elections. Why do not spiritual changes come?
Evangelicals and even ministers enter the politics of São Gançalo with good intentions. Why do they eventually get spiritually weakened and corrupt?
How would a future evangelical Brazil be different of that reality?

Where is the different Brazil?

The Brazilian evangelical population uses their voting power in the elections. Where are the national political changes pleasing to God?
Evangelicals and even ministers enter the Brazilian politics with good intentions. Why do they eventually get spiritually weakened and corrupt?
Is the increase of the evangelical presence in the politics changing the chaotic Brazilian picture? On the contrary, even with substantial evangelical presence, socialist president Lula, with all his obsessive political devotion to abortion and sodomy, got elected by many evangelical votes, with the support or the silence of the most evangelical leaders.
Therefore, does Brazil need an evangelical future? A large national growth of evangelicals could transform Brazil in the São Gonçalo Federative Republic.
What Brazil needs are followers of Jesus Christ having the courage to live and take seriously the Kingdom of God values in the political sphere.

Evangelicals and the thief State

The evangelical Christian in the politics swallows the ideological visions imposed on him from every side and he does not see anything abnormal in the state accumulation of wealth at the cost of stealing taxation. Decades ago, Brazil had a tax load on the citizens of 10%. Today, this load increased to an unbearable and unimaginable load of about 40%!
That is, most taxes today are products of state robbery, through unjust laws. How would a follower of Jesus be a good administrator of public resources acquired through state robbery?
The Brazilian state, unjustly enriched by criminal taxation, alleges that its sky-rocketing tax levy is intended to help the poor and to invest in health-care, education, etc. Would the follower of Jesus accept such excuse?
What would you say of an evangelical Christian that invested 4 million dollars in children’s hospitals and schools? Doubtless, it is a good and praiseworthy action. But what would you say if the origin of those 4 million were products of robbery, where a robber robbed a bank and later gave away everything to the evangelical Christian, who by his turn gave away everything to charity?
The investment was right, but the money was dirty, because it was product of robbery. To administer product of robbery does not bring blessing to those administering it. Then is this why most evangelical politicians in Brazil are not being blessed and besides eventually fall in scandals?

Robbing “to help” the poor?

How can an evangelical (or Catholic) Christian be a good administrator of product of robbery?
Much harshness is unfairly laid on God because of his commands, but He never ordered the State to rob citizens. The State does it by its own accord.
In the Bible, God tells people to share with the poor. God never suggested that the State has the power and authority to rob from some to give to others.
In God’s plan, the sharing of belongings should be motivated exclusively by the love to the neighbor, not by tyranny and abuses of state taxes. When the State uses its force in that area, the consequence is hate and murders in a large scale.
The socialist system, which says that it wants only to make income distribution among people, has provoked more than 100 million murders.
The socialist system is a total insult to the teachings of Jesus, who preaches love and actions motivated by love.
Therefore, to achieve a level where people may feel love for the neighbor, society needs the Gospel. When the subject is love, the State is ineffective and useless. The Gospel promotes love between citizens, without robbing from some to supposedly give to others. But when the State, with the allegation to help the poor, robs through taxation, hate advances.
By coincidence, no ideology has promoted more hate and murders than socialism. How then can so many evangelicals embrace a cursed ideology that shed so much Christian blood during the history of mankind?
How are Brazilian evangelicals able, following the direction of that ideology, to enter the politics, wanting to be upright men being at the same time “good” administers of products of robbery through unjust taxation?
Many evangelicals followed such course and the consequences are patent, but the follower of Jesus acts in a different way. He enters the political system with the changeless and unshakeable Kingdom of God values and changes the system. He does not enter the system to be merely a part of the machinery.

The follower of Jesus always makes a difference

The follower of Jesus enters the political system and, seeing the 40% of state robbery in taxation, fights to bring justice in the form and quantity that the State collects and administers public resources. The follower of Jesus will lead the State to fulfill only the calling God gave it: to punish the criminals and praise the good citizens.
Those opposed to God say that it is cruelty to give a tenth from the income to God every month, but even among God’s people no one questions when the Brazilian State taxes by force 40 per cent of the income from every worker!
The Bible says that God granted to the State the authority to carry the sword — meaning the authority to use the capital punishment on dangerous criminals. The Brazilian State carries the sword — which is the power to make lethal threat to criminals — not to exterminate criminality and criminals, but to threaten good citizens with abusive taxation.
The State became divine by charging from citizens a mandatory “tenth” four times bigger than the tenth that is delivered to the only and true God.
It is impossible to do God’s will in the politics without faithfulness to God’s Kingdom. Are not the evangelical politicians of São Gonçalo proof of that reality? In fact, many evangelical politicians across Brazil are evidence of that fact. It is impossible to be a God’s servant in the politics being a “good” administrator of product of robbery.
However, are the evangelical politicians the only culprits for the lack of major positive change in Brazil? Evangelical voters in Brazil probably are the biggest culprits, because they use their voting power most the time in a wrong way. How many pro-abortion and pro-homosexuality politicians governing Brazil today were not elected by many evangelicals?
The follower of Jesus, when faced by the options of only corrupted politicians in the election time, chooses no candidate. But the evangelical, or Catholic, voter chooses “him who is less bad” — because the same State that imposes criminal taxation also systematically indoctrinates him that it is a “democratic must” to vote, whoever may be the candidate.
The follower of Jesus gives no heed to the thief State and totalitarian ideologies. He gives attention to the voice of the Holy Spirit.
Whether as a politician or as an ordinary voter, the follower of Jesus is realistic, and he understands that he is dealing with a State that, instead of fulfilling its basic function to punish actual crimes, is a committer of crimes and robberies itself.
Whether as a politician or as an ordinary voter, the follower of Jesus surrenders himself in the hands of the supreme Politician to bring political changes in Brazil. He is not simply an administrator of a thief State, but he will be servant of the Kingdom of God in the Brazilian politics, willing to follow every command from the King.
By seeing São Gonçalo, I saw the evangelical Brazil in the future! Now I see that Brazil, more than ever, needs an increase of men and women faithful to the Kingdom of God. These men and women will be used by God to transform Brazil.
Portuguese version of this article: Um Brasil evangélico?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Brazil Says 99% of Citizens “Homophobic”

Brazil Says 99% of Citizens “Homophobic”

A research group affiliated with the nation’s ruling socialist government has discovered rampant “homophobia” in Brazil. To  the statement “God made men and women with different sexes so that they could fulfill their role and have  children,” 92% agreed. Moreover, 58% said “homosexuality is a sin against God,” 41% think “homosexuality is an illness that should be treated,” and 64% objected to homosexuals kissing and hugging in public. Extrapolating, the survey concluded that 99% of Brazilians are “homophobic.”According to the newspaper O Globo, the survey will be used to support a law which would make it illegal to criticize homosexuality. The Lula government (the most radically pro-gay in Latin America) will launch a National Plan for the Promotion of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and  Transgendered Citizens in May. “What is surprising is how a population that is 99% against homosexuality can tolerate accepting passively that its 100% pro-homosexuality government is lifting homosexual acts to the level of inviolable sacredness,” says Brazilian pro-family activist Julio Severo on his blogspot, “Last Days Watchman.”

Click here for Severo’s blogspot

Source: World Congress of Families News, March issue, page 4.

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