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In Cold Blood: What Truman Capote did not want you to know

In Cold Blood: What Truman Capote did not want you to know

How a gay writer became famous covering up the homosexuality of a gay couple who killed an evangelical family

50 years after the hideous slaughter of the Clutter family, Brazilian writer Julio Severo questions Truman Capote and his book

By Julio Severo

“Homophobia” crimes are, spurred by gay activists, fast becoming an incessant and omnipresent propaganda in the liberal media. Such propaganda is leading most people to see homosexuals as eternal innocent victims and the rest of society as potential oppressors. Crimes committed by homosexuals? This is a new thing!

No, this is not a new thing. Fifty years ago, a heinous slaughter happened in Holcomb, Kansas. On November 16, 1959, The New York Times published the following account of the crime:

Holcomb, Kan., Nov. 15 [1959] (UPI) — A wealthy wheat farmer, his wife and their two young children were found shot to death today in their home. They had been killed by shotgun blasts at close range after being bound and gagged... There were no signs of a struggle, and nothing had been stolen. The telephone lines had been cut. [1]

Methodist Herbert Clutter and his family were brutally bound, gagged and murdered in their home. That crime inspired a 1966 book and movie that became famous: In Cold Blood.

I read the book for the first time 30 years ago and I was impressed and intrigued by how a hard-working, benevolent and modest Methodist family was tragically murdered by two ex-cons. The book’s author, Truman Capote (1924-1984), led readers through the bizarre details of the slaughter, but his work left some important questions unanswered.

I read the book several times and for years I asked myself the questions, “What happened? How could such a fine family be cruelly slaughtered? There is something strange in this account”. Nevertheless, I trusted in the author and I believed in his version of the facts. Only many years later did I come to personally investigate Capote and his book.

According to Capote, the objective of the two criminals was only robbery, and the peace-loving family would be willing to deliver everything. Why were not the two men content only to rob? Why did they murder in cold blood Herbert Clutter, his wife and their innocent teenage son and daughter who already were bound and completely defenseless? What accounts for such a malicious and irrational crime?

The cold omission

The investigative journalism used in In Cold Blood was considered a pioneering and monumental work. But today it is known that Truman Capote was not completely truthful. His journalism committed monumental omissions.

J. J. Maloney, an investigative journalist and author of the website www.crimemagazine.com, provided convincing evidence that murderers Smith and Hickock had begun a homosexual relationship in prison, and that at the Clutter house Smith had “exploded” when he found Hickcock intent on raping the bound Nancy Clutter. At this point, Smith challenged Hickock to kill the family. This fact, according to Maloney, was concealed because Capote had ulterior motives. For him, Capote reported the crime dishonestly. [2]

The two criminals were homosexual lovers and the murder of the innocent evangelical family took place because one of the criminals wanted to rape the bound 16-year-old Nancy Clutter. The homosexual partner, jealous that he was exchanged for a beautiful blond girl, quarrels with his lover. That was an important fact that the investigative journalism of Capote completely omitted.

This quarrel involving homosexual jealousy resulted in a high cost: Herbert Clutter, his wife and teenage children, all gagged, were viciously shot and stabbed to death.

Why did the renowned journalist Capote cover up the homosexual motivation for the murders?

Cold fabrications

Even though In Cold Blood is announced as a factual “True Crime” account, numerous critics have challenged the veracity of the book, arguing that Capote changed facts to suit his story, added scenes which never occurred, re-created dialogue and left out the homosexuality of the criminals.

Author Phillip K. Tompkins who traveled to Kansas and interviewed people connected to the crime wrote in Esquire magazine in 1966 that there were significant discrepancies in scenes related by Capote. One witness even denied the veracity of an important scene Capote wrote about. [3]

Are the fabrications and omissions in Capote’s book the result of journalistic incompetence or were there really ulterior motives for covering up the truth?

A troubled homosexual writing of troubled homosexuals…

Like the criminals he wrote about, Capote also had his homosexual partners… His two main boyfriends, united to him in non-exclusive relationships, were Newton Arvin (from 1946 to 1949) and Jack Dunphy (from 1949 to Capote’s death). He was openly homosexual at a time when it was socially acceptable among artists, but rarely talked about.

He professed to have had numerous liaisons with men thought to be heterosexual, including, he claimed, actor Errol Flynn. He traveled in eclectic circles, hobnobbing with authors, critics, business tycoons, philanthropists, Hollywood and theatrical celebrities, royalty, and members of high society, both in the U.S. and abroad.

The homosexuality of Capote was not something new. His 1948 “fiction” book Other Voices, Other Rooms introduced the character Joel, a young man who, through a meeting with a decadent adult transvestite, discovers and learns to accept his own homosexuality. Later Capote himself confessed that Joel was an unconscious, altogether intuitive attempt of being autobiographical: He had written about what was going on sexually in own his life.

Other Voices, Other Rooms was written before In Cold Blood, and it skillfully shows the ability of Capote to maneuver homosexuality and characters involved in it.

Capote led a troubled existence, since the beginning of his life. When he was four, his parents, always fighting, got divorced. His mother, who was an alcoholic and got involved in several affairs, had no time for him. Eventually, she committed suicide.

In the late 1970s, Capote was in and out of rehab clinics, for drugs, depression and heavy drinking, and news of his various breakdowns frequently reached the public. In 1978, talk show host Stanley Siegal did a live on-air interview with Capote, who, in an extraordinarily intoxicated state, confessed that he might kill himself.

After his 1948 discreetly homosexual biographical Other Voices, Other Rooms, he launched, in 1955, a work only for children: Children on Their Birthdays.

Cold cover-up: Why did In Cold Blood leave homosexuality out?

Homosexual liaisons, drugs, depression, heavy drinking, a work for children, the cover-up of the gay factor in the horrible murder of an evangelical family by a homosexual couple. What is wrong with this picture?

Is it any wonder that In Cold Blood Capote was careful not to mention terms like homosexual, homosexuality or sodomy? Nevertheless, his career peaked with this book, making him famous and rich.

The difference between In Cold Blood and his other books is that in the others Capote used his style that, according to the homosexual website www.GLBTQ.com, had codes for homosexual interpretations that were easily seen.

Yet, he did not let In Cold Blood have any code or suspicion of homosexuality in the criminals. This is, homosexuality, which was so common in his other books, was strangely missing in his account of an innocent Methodist family murdered by two homosexual men.

Capote ultimately spent six years working on In Cold Blood. A large part of the story involves the dynamic psychological relationship of the two felons that culminated in this senseless crime. He held long personal interviews with both Smith and Hickock. Smith especially fascinated Capote, being portrayed in the book as the more sensitive and guilt-ridden of the two killers. Rumors of a romantic and even sexual relationship between Smith and Capote still linger to this day.

Homosexuals and novels: the foreseeable result

Capote is considered the creator of the non-fiction novel and a pioneer in the New Journalism, because of In Cold Blood. The difference between him and his Brazilian homosexual counterpart Aguinaldo Silva, a writer of fiction novels, is the way both address the homosexual issue in their works.

While Silva in his fiction novels presents evangelicals in scenes of violence and aggression against homosexuals, in his novel Capote covered up homosexual aggression in a horrendous case of violence against an evangelical family — a case that is not fiction. Only in his fiction novels Capote let his characters out of the closet

I read In Cold Blood with no suspicion of homosexual motivation for the crime. How could I know that the homosexual passion of the author was guiding and determining the account of a crime against an evangelical family? For me, In Cold Blood was everything and anything, except a homosexual crime.

The same shrewdness of Capote that skillfully introduced homosexuality in his novels and books just as skillfully covered it up in In Cold Blood. He maneuvered it conveniently, because his journalism was at service of his passion.

Homosexual passion, which skillfully maneuvers the gay agenda in the media, has a very high social cost: The innocent eventually are victimized, and fabrications are used to cover up homosexual crimes.

Liberal journalism and homosexualist opportunism: what is fiction and reality on the homosexual debate

There are so many fabrications that you would have a hard time separating fiction from reality.

There are so many lies that society is becoming blind to the truth of homosexuality behind many violent crimes and believing the fiction that innocent evangelical families, ministers and priests are responsible for crimes against homosexuals

Modern journalism, manipulated by homofascist influence, not only covers up the homosexual authorship of crimes, but also strives to impose on Christians the authorship of crimes against homosexuals — crimes that often involve risky social behavior, poor moral choices or immature emotional reactions such as jealousy among gay partners.

Ministers, priests and other Christian leaders answer the false charges cowering in a corner and repeating incessantly and sheepishly, “We are not killers of homosexuals! We love homosexuals!” Rather than boldly proclaiming God’s warning of the consequences of sinful behavior, many Christian leaders now fear to say anything which might “offend” the homosexual thought police.

Homosexual militants seem to demand of Christians an apology for the “crime” of disagreeing with their chosen lifestyle, but do they give an accounting for what happened on In Cold Blood and other violent episodes perpetrated by homosexuals? Of course they do not. They hide the truth — including the fact, recorded in my Portuguese book O Movimento Homossexual, that the greatest serial killers in the US were homosexual — and then aggressively raise “homophobia” charges against Christians.

Shrewd gays are always ready to manipulate almost anything in the media. Were homosexuals murdered? Label it “homophobic” crimes, and demand special laws, rights, etc. Was a Christian family murdered by gays? Cover up the homosexual factor and let some shrewd homosexual writer earn a lot of money and fame with it!

Was Hitler a homosexual? Label anti-sodomy Christians as Fascists! According to German historian Lothar Machtan, Hitler and many Nazi leaders were gay. But this is no problem. Because of the “example” of Hitler, who murdered some of his fellow gays to cover up homosexuality in himself and in the Nazi Party, modern gays shrewdly demand special protection and more and more rights, and if some Christian protests, they call him a bigoted Nazi.

Even George Orwell, in his famous 1984, could not foresee so much paranoid inversion!

The reality of “homophobic” crimes in Brazil

In Brazil, if you walk through a prostitution or drug district at 2 am, you run the risk of losing your life. If you are not a homosexual, the violence against you is recorded as usual violence, but if you are a homosexual, the violence against you will likely be labeled as a “homophobic” crime. By sheer coincidence, Brazilian transvestites love to walk through prostitution and drug districts at 2 am! Is it any wonder that most of the murders of homosexuals in Brazil recorded as “homophobic” crimes are of transvestites?

Herbert Clutter had no such high risk behavior and he and his family were not visiting a prostitution and drug district at 2 am. Yet, a gay couple went to him. Today, if the high risk couple had been a victim of Clutter, the “homophobic” label would be imposed on Clutter, and the crime would be used for an aggressive advancement of the gay agenda.

But, even when the whole Clutter family is the victim, shrewd gays manage to take advantage. Capote made a lot of money with the Clutter slaughter, and I wonder how many other slaughters of innocent families, where the authors are gay, are producing money and fame to greedy individuals.

Of course, all murderers are not gay, and all gays are not murderers. But it is impossible to deny the fact that homosexuality is a high risk behavior and one of the factors behind many horrendous crimes. The Clutter family is only a very small sample.

Even after undeniable homosexual crimes, are Christians forced to remain in a defensive position?

Shoving Christians to the uncomfortable, tiring and unpleasing defensive position under the load of countless harsh and fictional “anti-homophobia” accusations, homosexual strategists call so much attention to misleading journalistic propaganda that few people note the criminal consequences of homosexual behavior. That strategy gives them ample opportunity to promote the gay agenda in society.

Modern-day homosexual journalists know how to use criminal coverage to favor the gay agenda. Fictional “homophobic” crimes have become a springboard for the conquest of many social privileges, fame and money. Capote, in his time, did not have such opportunity and inspiration. But even with no anti-“homophobia” strategy available, he made the most of a crime involving homosexuals and committed against an innocent Christian family to get fame and money for himself.

If it had been written in our time, perhaps In Cold Blood could show the two homosexual criminals coming out of the closet and it could suggest that the cause for the slaughter was some “homophobic” reaction from the bound and gagged evangelical family.

Be that it may be, Truman Capote was able to make much money and fame with the tragedy of an evangelical family. He deserves a gay Oscar for his incalculable services for the journalistic protection of homosexuality.

Where is the truth?

Is In Cold Blood representative of the manipulation of all homosexual journalists? No. There is a minority of homosexual authors and journalists who are honest and balanced in their writing and disagree with manipulation and lies. Similarly, even though there are also many heterosexual authors and journalists who are manipulative and deceitful in their use of the media, they are not representative of all their heterosexual peers. There is a small number of heterosexual authors and journalists who hate lies.

However, the sad truth is that at the present time Christian heterosexuals are being cast more and more in a distorted and dishonest light in an apparent attempt to make them responsible for many crimes against homosexuals. And many crimes perpetrated by homosexuals are spun in such a way as to hide that fact from public opinion.

Homosexuality, truth and honesty

In Brazil Congressman Clodovil Hernandes (1937-2009), an open homosexual, had never given any support to homosexual rights. In fact, he was a public enemy of Marta Suplicy, the pro-abortion, socialist, feminist, US-educated congresswoman who introduced in the House of Representatives of Brazil a pioneering same-sex partnership bill in 1985.

In a recent interview, made by Veja magazine a few days before his death, the reporter asked Clodovil, “Why have you never introduced any bill defending homosexual rights?”

Clodovil, who was not a Christian, replied, “God forbid! Which rights? The right to make gay parades? I have no pride to have sex with men”.

Like Capote, Clodovil was an homosexual, but differently from Capote, he never covered up the truth about his homosexuality.

Truth is not a game and it is not a prisoner of anyone. Those who choose to manipulate it or hide it eventually become accomplices and prisoners of lies. Convenient or not, important truth should never be covered up, but be always accessible to the public. Even though it is avoided by many in the media, those who strive to serve and honor the truth, whether they are journalists or not, whether they are authors or not, make a great service to humankind and are worthy of honor.

Truth is important. Clodovil, who in the past was a known host of TV programs, was honest and truthful about his own flaws and the reality of his lifestyle. He died recently as one of the most admired Brazilians and as the most respected Brazilian homosexual.

Honesty and truth, whether in a homosexual or heterosexual, whether in a journalist or not, draw admiration and respect.

See also this article in Portuguese: A Sangue Frio: O que Truman Capote não queria que você soubesse

Source: http://lastdayswatchman.blogspot.com

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[2] http://www.crimemagazine.com/CrimeBooks/incold.htm

[3] http://www.authorsden.com/visit/viewArticle.asp?id=4155


Anonymous said...

Fantastic post. One can remember that the movie based on the book led to an Oscar for the main actor. Capote was portrayed as a valiant reporter.
Keep up the good work !

Anonymous said...

Also Read... The Pink Swastika: Homosexuality In The Nazi Party

Anonymous said...

Below is a link to another Truman capote incident.
Capote was fascinated with jailed homosexuals and their stories.
Smith and Hickock are actually mentioned in this "interview". Pay attention to the interviewee (Beausoleil) and his association with the very famous elite Hollywood homosexual Kenneth Anger (Anger was an associate of Jean Cocteau)
Charles Manson was also affiliated with elite homosexuals via his association with Scientology(Tom Cruise and John Travolta) The Scientology links with Jack Parsons and Alleister Crowley.


Anonymous said...

Thank you. For years I thought that was a good book. It is now a good read with flaws.

Anonymous said...

that was a good book but it weird how they were gays

Scott Amundsen said...

So how is it that no one hushed up the Leopold/Loeb case? Your post has more holes in it than a Swiss cheese and makes brazen and arrogant assumptions about gay people that are not only untrue, but you couch all this stuff in "Christian" terms...

And just to clarify a couple of things, Capote called IN COLD BLOOD a "true-crime novel;" he never made any secret of the fact that parts of the story were fictionalized. And contrary to what one of your commentators said, the lead actors in the film version did not even get NOMINATED for Oscars, much less win.

Lies in the name of God are still lies.

Julio Severo said...

Scott, if I had written against commies, they would have been offended and they would have come here to complain. If I had written against Nazis, they would have been offended and they would have come here to complain. But I have written about a crime story with holes reeking sodomy. So what it’s up? Have you (and presumably your homosexual partner) ever been offended by stinky holes before?

Anonymous said...

I just read this blog, and I'm amazed that it took you this long to get the homosexual connection. I read the entire book on one blazing hot Sunday afternoon on July 20,1969, when I was in the MAC Terminal at Travis AFB, awaiting a flight to South East Asia. I was an unsophisticated 20 year old at the time, but I thought even then that the gay undertone of the novel was obvious - not to mention the relationship between the perpetrators. Homosexuality is rampant among institutionalized individuals, particularly those who have been institutionalized at a young age, as both Hickock and Smith had been. By the way, I stumbled upon this blog because I was attempting to google the name of the actress who played Hickock's Mexican prostitute in the 1967 film version. If anyone knows her name I would appreciate them posting it here. Thanks

Unknown said...

Strange article. I was just googling Truman Capote.
Most killers are men. And overwhelmingly they are heterosexual. Read "the Gift of Fear" by FBI profiler Gavin Debecker. He is far more qualified that this editorial's author, or I to make these statements.

Julio Severo said...

Yes, you are correct, Mr. Caim, most killers are men. By the way, if you have not noted, homosexuals are mostly men who practice homosexuality…