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Torture and death in the Obama administration? Only for the innocent

Torture and death in the Obama administration? Only for the innocent

The messiah has become Herod. Obama signs presidential order to export abortion throughout the world

Julio Severo

The worldwide left is happy and commemorating. In the second day after his inauguration, Obama signed a presidential order banning torture for terrorists. Torture for dangerous and inhuman criminals? Never again!

The worldwide left is jumping of joy. Abortion promoters received an important and multi-million dollar gift. Obama signed, just three days after his inauguration, a presidential order to allow the exportation of abortion throughout the world.

In abortion procedures, which are legal in the US for the nine months of any pregnancy, unborn babies are ripped by surgical tools, smashed or even poisoned with salt solutions, which give them the agony of a slow burning until their last minute of life. Torture never again? Not for unborn babies. At least, not in the obamian administration, which has already taken measures to export and fund this torture to the innocent in the whole world.

In the obamic administration, compassion only for terrorists

The left, which is horrified by the capital punishment for hard-core killers, but loves it for unborn babies, welcomed the Obama decision. Now, terrorists are safe from tortures in interrogations. So that they may receive the same mercy from Obama, who now thinks he has in his hands the life and death-decision power, unborn babies will need to conquer the classification of terrorists. Without this, they will have no chance.

President Lula and liberals fighting for the legalization of abortion in Brazil are glad. After all, the international impact of the Obama decision will inevitably include Brazil.

His presidential decision, which orders the channeling and funding of millions of dollars from the US government for groups involved in the promotion and execution of abortions, will hit directly American tax-payers, who will be forced to support that colossal investment in the blood-shedding of the innocent. The whole world will suffer the consequences, where in the name of the “freedom to choose” the socialist obamic administration is imposing globally its pro-abortion will.

This propensity to spend tax money on abortion was not typical of every American president. Ronald Reagan, who was the first US president to write a book against abortion, established the Mexico City Policy, which banned US government funding for groups involved in abortion in other countries. In the past he was a member of the Obama party, leaving it after seeing that its politics were contrary to the family needs. Differently from Obama, who is known by his pro-abortion views, Reagan was better known for openly defending family values and for his anti-abortion views.

In spite of some 37.8 million viewers in 2009 — with the American and international media spectacularly at his feet —, the Obama inauguration was not the largest. In audience, his inauguration lost for the Reagan’s, which — even without the messianic coverage Obama received from media — drew about 41.8 viewers in 1981.

Why was the American public more interested in Reagan than Obama? If Obama stopped supporting abortion, certainly he would receive much more support from the American people.

On January 16, 77 members of the US Congress requested Obama not to reverse the Mexico City Policy. Representatives Doug Lamborn and Joe Pitts said, “In these difficult economic times, the American people would not want us funding groups that are trying to export abortion around the world”. Nevertheless the grave economic crisis and the request from the representatives, Obama signed the multi-million dollar funding. In spite of so many most urgent needs of the world population, he gave preference to abortion.

An ancient “change”

Obama, who won the election using the slogan “Change”, proves that, without Jesus, change is impossible. For decades his party has had an obsessive abortion agenda. With the Obama victory, the only “change” is that abortion will now be promoted more aggressively in other nations.

Obama is resuming the legacy of Bill Clinton, another abortion-proponent president. How a government official defending child killing may have an honest life? He cannot. Therefore, it is no surprise that the Clinton administration had been marked by many scandals, including known sex cases of Clinton with several women.

He, who was a “champion” of the “women’s right to interrupt their pregnancies”, was accused even of rape. He had then his reasons to support abortion.

Yet, there was a voice to rebuke him. In 1994, 83-year old Mother Theresa of Calcutta, a guest in a presidential prayer breakfast, opened her mouth while ministers and other religious leaders remained silent. She rebuked Clinton openly for the abortion sin. Needless to say, she was never invited again to such prayer meetings — where what reigned was flattery. But the message was delivered. No one remembers the messages and prayers from the other Christian leaders, but her testimony has been recorded in history.

Ministers invited by Clinton abstained from rebuking him so that his conversion dreamed by them might not be damaged. After all, we are supposed to pray for authorities. So they prayed their prayers — and he did never get converted. But a humble woman left his testimony and mark, which were more valuable than the soft, beautiful and empty words from an army of ministers.

Today, evangelical celebrities sit with Obama, to celebrate the victory of the first Afro-American president. But to celebrate a man following the pro-abortion and pro-sodomy lineage of Clinton? Is there something to celebrate?

The Ahab lineage

Obama also follows the lineage of King Ahab, who promoted the worship of god Baal. Not that he is a Baal worshipper, but its worship involved child sacrifices and homosexual prostitution. Is any similarity with the Obama administration (or the Lula administration) a mere coincidence?

The new Ahabs, in the US and Brazil, want the worldwide promotion of child-killing and homosexual prostitution. They talk about change, but nothing has changed, after thousands of years since the original Ahab. The difference is that Brazil has a poor Ahab and the US has a rich Ahab, who can provoke greater damage to the nations.

In the recent past, socialists preached incessantly against “American imperialism”. Now that the pro-abortion imperialism of Ahab has come, they choose silence. Ahab — oops, “Change” — has come to Washington.

The world needs change. The world wants change. But all that the world is able to get are Ahabs, who promise “freedom to choose”, but produce child-killing and homosexual prostitution.

“While they promise them liberty, they themselves are slaves of corruption; for by whom a person is overcome, by him also he is brought into bondage.” (2 Peter 2:19 NKJV)

Clinton is a proof of it. In my book O Movimento Homossexual, published ten years ago by the Brazilian branch of the Bethany House Publishers, I denounced him and his promotion of sodomy and abortion, because his decisions affected not only the US, but the whole world too, including Brazil.

While evangelical leaders in the prayer meetings of Clinton remained silent, he worked in his sodomy and abortion agenda.

While evangelical leaders celebrate the first Afro-American, Obama works in his sodomy and abortion agenda.

With Clinton or Obama, Mother Theresa of Calcutta would neither remain silent nor celebrate. She died in 1997, but where are today the true Christians to — instead of celebrating or remaining silent — cry before God and resume courageous testimonies before Ahabs?

She did her part before Clinton. Let us do ours before Obama.

Portuguese version of this article: Tortura e morte no governo de Obama? Só para os inocentes


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Babylonian prayers in the launching of the Obamian administration

Babylonian prayers in the launching of the Obamian administration

Feminist minister, gay minister and minister against gay “marriage” are invited for leading religious prayer ceremonies for the consecration of Barack Obama

Julio Severo

The “inclusion” propaganda, quite present during the electoral campaign of Obama, now conquers an opportunity in the traditional religious ceremonies for his inauguration. American presidents, all Protestants — except for one Catholic —, sought to surround themselves with prayers, even if symbolic. Yet, for the first time, an elected president wants to surround himself with prayers made by clerics with behaviors and values incompatible with the Bible which they affirm to believe in.

During the inauguration oath, January 20, Obama invited to pray for him Rev. Rick Warren, to represent conservatives. Not that Warren is strictly conservative, but only because he does not support homosexual “marriage” and abortion he is automatically left in the conservative category in the liberal eyes. In fact, they shoot the “conservative” label on any least view disagreeing abortion or sodomy. Even if Warren were only against abortion, even so liberals would shout out labels against him.

Inclusion: a door for feminism, sodomy and other aberrations

In order to not give the impression that the presence of Warren represents the ideological stands of his administration, Obama made the point to select the liberal minister Sharon E. Watkins to deliver the sermon in the National Prayer Service in the National Cathedral in the day following the presidential inauguration. This service is traditionally attended by the president and vice president; members of the Supreme Court, Congress and the diplomatic corps; and a host of clergy members and dignitaries.

Watkins, who considers herself progressive and is a member of the leftist Protestant Sojourners, is the first woman to lead a mainline Protestant denomination. Now she will be the first woman to lead a presidential prayer ceremony, where her sermon will focus on unity, inclusivity and tolerance. Also at the National Cathedral a prayer will be offered by Ingrid Mattson, the first woman president of the Islamic Society of North America.

Another official guest to pray for Obama is Rev. Joseph Lowery, who worked with Rev. Martin Luther King. Even though Lowery is revered as a civil rights leader, over the last 35 years he has been more notable for his inflammatory rhetoric and embrace of conspiracy and radical causes, such as supporting terrorist Muslim Yasir Arafat and communist guerillas.

To deliver the invocation for him, Obama also chose Bishop Gene Robinson, who entered a legal partnership with another man. Because of his attitude of not repenting of sodomy and assuming openly a homosexual relationship with another man, the Robinson case became the principal division point in the worldwide Anglican Communion. He endorsed Obama in August 2007, and has since then remained a spiritual adviser to Obama. He will be the first homosexual to lead an official presidential prayer ceremony. The event will be 18, two days before the prayer ceremony by Warren.

Matt Barber notes, “It’s a shame that President-elect Obama apparently has so little regard for his Christian constituents that he would give such a high place of honor to a self-styled man of God whose only claim to fame is that he abandoned his wife and children to enter, ‘loudly and proudly,’ a sexually deviant lifestyle expressly condemned by the very Bible he’s ironically called ‘holy and sacred.’”

However, gay militants have different views. The radical homosexual group Integrity USA, which pushes the gay agenda within the Episcopal Church, declared, “While there are many miles to go before we are done with racism, sexism and homophobia in this country, we look forward to Barack Obama’s inauguration, to Sharon Watkins’ sermon and to Gene Robinson’s prayers as signs of great progress and profound hope.” Integrity USA has also remarked that Watkins and Robinson are an indication that we are entering an historic era of diversity and inclusion.

Even Rick Warren made interesting remarks. The Washington Post said,

Warren issued a statement praising Obama for selecting Robinson, saying the president-elect “has again demonstrated his genuine commitment to bringing all Americans of goodwill together in search of common ground. I applaud his desire to be the president of every citizen.”

In the prayer ceremonies for his presidential consecration, Obama wants presidentially to consecrate “inclusion” — meaning that everyone should be included in everything. If men can be soldiers and generals, feminists and homosexuals also can. If men can be ministers, feminists and homosexuals also can. If women can be day-care center workers and nannies, men and homosexual also can. Besides, it will be strengthened the feminist ideal that, whether in a day care center or in a police car, men and women can work side by side without being married to one another — but not without falling into sexual temptations.

Zero tolerance for inclusion within the Obamian administration

Yet, to build a society mirroring his inclusivity ideology, Obama was very careful so that his administration was composed only by pro-abortion, pro-sodomy and pro-feminism militants. Only liberals are able to spread the best throughout society the forced inclusion of everyone into everything.

The inclusivity of Obama involves symbolically everyone only in the propaganda. Outside the propaganda, there will be no inclusion. Conservative politicians against abortion or sodomy were not selected to fill Cabinet posts in his administration, even though most of the Christian constituents of Obama voted against homosexual “marriage” in California.

Why would Obama respect his constituents by allowing inclusivity in his administration? Those that believe that abortion and sodomy are incompatible for a humane and healthy society could upset the Obamian agenda. So outside the symbolic prayer ceremonies, there will be no room in the Obama administration for politicians not accepting the leftist sanctity of abortion and sodomy.

We do not know what effect the symbolic prayer ceremonies by those chosen by Obama — a feminist minister, a gay minister and a minister against gay “marriage” and abortion — will have, but it is evident that the Obama administration is beginning marked by a religious salad that eventually honors just the leftist ideology of inclusivity. It is the Babylonian spirit at last leaving its apocalyptic closet to influence nations with dark cultural trends.

Yet, away from the propaganda, from mere religious symbolisms and from politically-correct extremisms, three Christians took on themselves the commitment to pray in the backstage, even though they were not chosen by Obama.

In the midst of Babylonian prayers, sincere prayers outside of the liberal media coverage

According to the online version of the Charisma magazine, Rep. Paul Broun, joined together by pro-family leaders Rev. Rob Schenck and Rev. Patrick J. Mahoney, began the initiative to pray and anoint with oil the doorway Obama will walk through on Jan. 20 on his way to the inaugural platform

Schenck read from Proverbs 21:1, which says God directs the hearts of kings, and from 1 Timothy 2:1-4, which admonishes Christians to pray for those in authority. He then rubbed oil imported from Jerusalem on the doorpost of the arched walkway to consecrate it “to the use of God and His Word.”

“Oil symbolizes consecration, or setting something apart for God’s use,” Schenck said in a statement. “George Washington used oil during the dedication of the U.S. Capitol. We used oil today to set apart the walkway and doors that will be the literal right of passage for Barack Obama as he ascends to the highest office in our land.”

Broun, a Baptist layman who was widely criticized during the election for calling Obama a Marxist and likening him to Adolf Hitler, said he hopes Obama as president will heed God’s direction.

“It’s important for us to pray for this place, but it’s also important for us to pray for the people who are involved so that God, as He stirs our hearts, that we can hear very clearly and that we can heed God’s directions and can follow those directions,” Broun said. “Because that’s what’s going to make the nation successful, that’s what’s going to put this country back on the right course is our listening to the Lord, reading His Word, understanding what God expects of us and what He wants of us so that we can follow in obedience.”

Mahoney, the director of the Washington DC-based Christian Defense Coalition, is on a 21-day fast for Obama.

Fervent prayers are needed, so that God may act and intervene as the God of Elijah in the midst of a religious nation, but whose president and evangelical leaders as Watkins and Robinson use the name of God only in their lips, with prayers from hearts that in practice want distance from God and his will.

Obama welcomes symbolic Christian participations of evangelical ministers, provided that they are properly deprived of the Kingdom of God values and do not reflect the image of God, whether in the government, whether in society. The humanist, liberal and leftist mindset, which sees the secular State as its exclusive possession, accepts only the reflection of warped images of the agenda of abortion, sodomy, state inverse racism and pagan Christianity as positive influences within the society.

It is with such mindset that Obama has made a commitment to strike down all laws against abortion and sodomy in the US. As a 32-grade Mason, he is ready to change the course of the US and world for a new age, where the New World Order will be marked by the expansion of the abortion right, the gay agenda and the unification of religions for equality and peace. It will be the marriage and climax of socialism with liberalism and ecumenism.

Yet, God does not change. He deposes and elects presidents. He overthrows and raises powerful nations. He humiliates the proud and honors the humble. With the fervent prayers of his faithful servants, God can make great political and government surprises, because his eternal and universal government is above any new or old world order. If Babylon raises herself arrogantly again to the heavens, from on high an answer will come.


Portuguese version of this article: Orações babilônicas no lançamento do governo obâmico

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Rivers of Blood: A Brazilian pro-life Evangelical writes about the contraceptive culture and prophecies in Revelation

Rivers of Blood

A Brazilian pro-life Evangelical writes about the contraceptive culture and prophecies in Revelation

LifeSiteNews Guest Commentary by Julio Severo

BRAZIL, December 17, 2008 ( — In the early days of the human race, Cain killed Abel and buried him, and the Bible says that Abel's blood cried out from the ground. The murder of Abel did not go unpunished or forgotten.

In the end times, the Bible tells us that rivers, seas and the fountains of water will “become blood as of a dead man” (Revelation 16:3-4), explaining that because of the shedding of innocent blood (see Revelation 16:5-6), judgment shall come.

From the beginning to the end, the Bible makes it clear that no murder of innocents goes unpunished, because their blood cries out for justice.

Today, perhaps in fulfillment of these prophesies, rivers have become deposits of annihilated lives. Hundreds of millions of women use pills and other birth-control devices that provoke micro-abortions that end flushed in toilets, and then into rivers.

Micro-aborted children: Who cares?

The current generation was conditioned not to know or care that one of the functions of contraception is to provoke imperceptible micro-abortions. (To understand the way IUD and hormonal methods annihilate recently-conceived lives in the womb, see:

How many users of “the pill” know that hormonal contraception not only prevents conception, but also prevents a newly-conceived embryo from implanting in the mother's uterus? A new human being, too tiny to see, dies of hunger, and is flushed out of his mother's body with her next menstrual cycle. The contraceptive pill not only represents the refusal of God's gift of new life, but it actively destroys it.

The current generation lives a planned and conditioned life, where the priority is material comfort and pleasure. With that mentality, children become burdens and hindrances. With contraception, they become options and disposable items, where governments and individuals impose controls and limitations.

In an age of planning, it is easy to discard human life. Even those who are called Christians use the same worldly means, spilling innocent blood into rivers.

The Contraceptive Religion: Socialism and Esotericism take aim at human reproduction

Is not the Bible correct when it says that the people of God suffer destruction because they lack knowledge? How many, among the people of God, know that Margaret Sanger (1879-1966), who coined the term “birth control”, had strong connections to the New Age, socialism and sexual depravity?

In her first essay, The Woman Rebel, she confessed, “Birth control appeals to the advanced radical because it is calculated to undermine the authority of the Christian churches. I look forward to seeing humanity free someday of the tyranny of Christianity no less than Capitalism”. [1]

Sanger also had profound links to Nazism. Before World War II, Sanger had close contacts with Nazi Germany officials, because the Nazi system of total planning and control was much more open to her ideas of total control over human reproduction.

While Sanger struggled to promote the controversial idea of birth control in the US, in Germany there was no opposition. Nazism welcomed the family-planning ideology promoted by Sanger. With its vision brutally based on the theory of evolution, the Nazi government saw birth control as a normal component of its policy of planning and control over the human "animal".

In Nazi Germany, medicine was at the service of the “collective well-being” ideology. Any measure was acceptable to achieve a greater benefit. “Unfit” lives could be sacrificed, if the result was to improve the quality of life of productive human beings. Nazism was similar to Communism in that it helped to inspire the modern culture of materialism, where so-called science and technological advancement ignore the intrinsic value of human life.

Even though modern governments do not impose all the Nazi policies of social control, the role and effort by governments in the indoctrination of the masses in contraceptive planning is undeniable. Nazism died, but government intentions of control over reproduction live on.

Modern technocratic systems of population control and family planning have deeper roots in the occult movements of the 19th century. Before Margaret Sanger, Annie Besant (1847-1933), the famous British theosophist, distributed leaflets teaching couples how to have fewer children. No, she did not work in pagan Africa or pagan India, but in the mostly Protestant England. With her new ideology, Besant preached that smaller families were a blessing.

Besant, whose work influenced Sanger, had come from an unsuccessful marriage with an Anglican priest, next getting involved with socialism, theosophy, the New Age and lesbianism. But so-called Protestant England did not care about her lesbianism, her occultism, or that in the Bible God states that children are blessings and that blessed is the man that has many children, like a quiver full of arrows.

The contraceptive religion of Besant, with all its consequences, prevailed over the superficial Christianity of the English people. Her heresies did not begin in the Christian churches and it did not hit the Christian churches first.

Besant's aim was a place untouchable by the church pulpits: the Christian marriage bed. From this intimacy, far away from pulpits, a new ideology, a new religion was spread that eventually swallowed the truth proclaimed from the pulpits, casting into oblivion the Biblical idea that bigger families are big blessings.

It is no accident that Sanger founded in India (the same India venerated by esoteric mystics like Besant) the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF), the largest and oldest abortionist organization in the world. Today, the UN and IPPF work together to implement policies of contraceptive planning around the world. Those organizations see abortion and homosexuality not as murder and perversion, but as unalienable human rights. Such work is perfectly tuned to the goals and dispositions of socialist ideology.

The vision of Besant, Sanger, socialism, the UN and IPPF, contraception is the rejection of the unfit and the acceptance of theosophical, technological, Nazi and socialist planning over human reproduction. In the Bible vision, contraception is the rejection of the planning of God over the married sexual life, in a modern autonomy where individual independence is proudly preached — at the cost of God, but never at the cost of the State.

Illusory Rights and Freedom: State Planning vs. Divine Planning

The result is that the current generation, including most Christians, trust in the technological devices of contraception the same way the German people trusted in the technology and social planning of Nazi Germany and the same way the Soviet people trusted the state planning of the communist Soviet Union. Both socialist systems preached the contraceptive religion of Margaret Sanger and Annie Besant.

The illusory freedom offered by hormonal contraception has cost lives that are technologically hindered and rejected from a natural and just refuge in the womb. The uterus of the modern woman, by the will of social planners, became a little Nazi death camp, where the conceived life, forced into a micro-abortive contraceptive program, is immediately discarded. It is the state and theosophical planning invading the sanctuary of life, bringing destruction.

The contraceptive culture asserts the right of men and women to be free from all divine planning in their lives, but it is never open for them to be free from surreptitious government planning. At the end, with so many acquired rights — sexual rights, reproductive rights, etc. —, the individual is intoxicated by the illusion that, living under the contraceptive planning of the United Nations and his national government, he is free.

Sin always tends to lead to more sin. The countries that first welcomed birth control were also the first ones to legalize abortion. The nations today that have the highest rates of contraception are exactly the nations where surgical abortion became a right as sacred as was considered sacred the right of the pagans to sacrifice new-born babies to their gods. The difference is that the new bloodthirsty gods are respected because of their cloak of scientific sophistication.

In historic pagan religions, the priest was predominantly homosexual. Coincidentally, the most contraceptive nations are also fervently pro-sodomy. The contraceptive “religion” revived, in a sophisticated and “scientific” way, paganism, whose homosexual priesthood and sacrifice of babies were sacred. The “right” to sodomy and abortion is sacred today in the contraceptive countries. Only coincidence?

The contraceptive religion versus the pro-life culture of the Kingdom of God

The United States, Europe and United Nations are exporting and imposing the contraceptive “religion” throughout the world. No religion today has more adherents and faithful observers than the religion of contraception. In fact, the contraceptive religion has strong presence in the mainline world religions, as Christianity, Hinduism, and Buddhism, and it has been gradually penetrating Islam as well.

As in the case of Freemasonry, the contraceptive religion permeates world religions as a parasite, but the Masonic religion is losing in numbers and strength in relation to its contraceptive rival.

Even though it penetrates all religions, the contraceptive religion is unable to make the smallest infiltration in the Kingdom of God.

The culture of the Kingdom of God is pro-life, pro-conception, pro-children and pro-family and it is totally against abortion, micro-abortion and homosexual and other sterile and perverted sex relations. For men and women attuned to the culture of the Kingdom of God, children are blessings and each new birth is as it were a Christmas, making a family bigger and richer.

Christmas, which is commemorated as the birthday of Jesus Christ, is a time of joy and happiness. As Mary welcomed the baby Jesus in her womb, so every woman who opens herself fully to her maternal role is receiving not only a little child, but also the presence of Jesus himself. Jesus says:

“Whoever welcomes a child in my name welcomes me. Whoever welcomes me welcomes not me but the one who sent me”. (Mark 9:37)

The joy and happiness of Christmas are multiplied with each birth that we welcome in the name of Jesus. When a Christian woman welcomes her maternal mission in the name of Jesus, she is welcoming not only a baby that comes as a gift planned by God, but also more power from the Kingdom of God. The God who planned the sexual and reproductive life of Mary knows well how to plan the size and number of his blessings for each womb and family, whenever he is given the opportunity.

The beautiful example of Mary contrasts sharply with modern examples, where wombs are closed to the full extent of the blessings of God and are open to the contraceptive illusion, with all its micro-abortive consequences filling rivers with blood.

Blood, Justice, and Judgment

Does the bloodshed of annihilated lives by hormonal contraception and dumped in rivers have some relation with the bloody rivers prophesied in Revelation? We do not know.

What we know is that there is a real apocalyptic scenario of hundreds of millions of women who, knowingly or not, micro-abort their recently-conceived babies through chemical contraception. Next, with a mere flush, those tiny micro-aborted babies end in rivers, transforming them into rivers of blood.

What we know also is that Revelation makes it clear that judgment shall come. And thousands of years ago the Bible explained that the shedding of innocent blood causes the land to be polluted:

“You shall not pollute the land in which you live, for blood pollutes the land, and no atonement can be made for the land for the blood that is shed in it, except by the blood of the one who shed it”. (Numbers 35:33 ESV)

As it happened in the phenomenal technological and scientific advance of Nazi Germany, the cost of modern progress of technology and science in human reproduction is delusion and the shedding of innocent blood. Hormonal contraception has transformed modern, sexually active men and women into shedders of innocent blood, leaving society under the curse of uncountable number of murders that shall bring judgment.

Where are the prophets to warn the society about the consequences of its acts?

Where are the prophets to warn about the deceits of contraception?

Where are the prophets to warn that the blood of innocents cries out for justice and exposes the whole society to destruction and judgment?

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