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Brazilian Supreme Court to Consider Constitutionality of Abortion

Brazilian Supreme Court to Consider Constitutionality of Abortion

Pro-Abortion Justice Says Time is Ripe in Wake of Embryonic Stem Cell Decision

By Matthew Cullinan Hoffman

BRASILIA, June 2, 2008 (LifeSiteNews.com) - In the wake of the Supreme Court's recent decision to approve a law authorizing deadly embryonic stem cell research, pro-abortion Justice Marco Aurelio says that the Court will next proceed to rule on abortions for anencephalic babies.

According to columnist Josias de Souza of the daily Folha de Sao Paulo, Aurelo says that now is the "hour to judge" the case, which was originally submitted to the Court four years ago by the National Confederation of Health Workers (CNTS).

Aurelio reportedly told De Souza, "Now, I believe that the Court is ready to judge the case. The verdict on embryonic stem cells has cleared the way."

"We now have the climate for judging and, I believe, authorizing the interruption of pregnancy of anencephalic babies," he added.

Aurelio's comments refer to the Court's recent decision to approve embryonic stem cell research, which destroys human life in its earliest stages. He was one of the justices who voted to approve the deadly research in a narrow 6-5 decision, and he has already stated his approval for abortion as well. Aurelio is the case's "relator", that is, the justice who is charged with overseeing the case for the Court.

Pro-life activists in Brazil have long predicted that a decision in favor of stem cell research would create a precedent for declaring abortion "constitutional", despite the Brazilian Constitution's explicit recognition of the "inviolability of the right to life".

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