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A president Hell asked for

A president Hell asked for

By Julio Severo

It is not hard to know what a devil wishes. When in his Nazi obsession Hitler began to persecute Jews, the signs were clear. When Hitler began to meddle in the freedom of faithful Christians and persecute them, the signs were clear.

Similarly, when in his communist obsession Stalin began to slaughter Ukrainians, who perished by millions, the signs were clear. When Stalin began to destroy the freedom of Christians, the signs were clear.

It would be a horrendous crime not to condemn Hitler and Nazi or Stalin and communism. It would also, in any place, a crime not to condemn genocidal dictators.

It would be worse a president that, declaring that he is a human-rights defender, does not condemn individuals of this generation who have the characteristics and ideas of Hitler and Stalin.  

The UN Human Rights Council approved on 26 March 2009 a resolution condemning sharply the serious violations of human rights in North Korea. What did Brazil, which was present in the voting, do?

Brazil, under Lula, who defends human rights even of those that commit homosexual acts, decided to abstain. After all, why to condemn North Korea?

Of course, innocent Christians are tortured and killed there. Disarmed North Korean citizens who do not have a communist stand are slaughtered by the ferocious communist dictatorship in their country. Even so, Brazil of Lula prefers not to condemn one of the most murderous dictatorships in the modern world.

What could you expect from Lula? He has never condemned the Cuban communist dictatorship too. On the contrary, he has always praised it. Doubtless, he has a weakness: he cannot condemn ideology friends.

North Korea is lucky not to be Israel, because if it were, the Lula administration would not make any abstention. Traditionally, the Lula administration has always voted against Israel in the UN Security Council. If Lula does not worry even about Israel, why would he act differently with North Korean Christians, who suffer martyrdom by thousands?

In fact, even in Brazil Christians do not care about the suffering of Christians in North Korea. If they did, they would react against the Lula follies. But where is their reaction?

To be omissive before the North Korean dictatorship and its crimes is like to be omissive before Stalin and his communist crimes or before Hitler and his Nazi crimes. But the follies of Lula and his socialist administration are not limited only to its omission toward the suffering of North Koreans.

Iranian dictator Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has the same wish as Hitler: to exterminate Jews and destroy Israel. Before this would-be Hitler, what does Lula “the defender of human rights” wish? According to the Iranian news agency FARS, Lula is waiting the visit of Ahmadinejad!

Lula has declared, “We are anxiously waiting for the important and historical visit of the Iranian president to Brazil”.

Are they just wanting to have a coffee together?

I must to confess that I have a weakness: I would not be able to drink a coffee with a Hitler, Stalin or Ahmadinejad! But I would accept the challenge, just to tell them that Jesus Christ died on the Cross to save them and deliver them from their follies. That is an important message that even Lula needs to hear.

I doubt very much that Lula is wishing his meeting with the anti-Israel Iranian dictator to preach the Gospel. The only “gospel” Lula and his administration promote is abortion and homosexuality. Do Ahmadinejad and Iran have some interest in that “gospel”?

Iran is one of the only nations in the world where homosexuals are officially executed. But Lula will not importune the Iranian by inconvenient reminders about the Iranian capital punishment for homosexuals. “Homophobia”? That word, which will be properly suppressed from the Lula talks with the Iranian, is applied only to Brazilians who dare to express any view against homosexuality or the gay agenda. Far from Lula to offend or bother Ahmadinejad with Western terms unknown in Iran!

Therefore, it is not a love for homosexuality that draws both men. In fact, it is a mystery that the Muslim Ahmadinejad, who does not like homosexuality and homosexuals, gets so well along with the “chaotic” Lula, who loves the gay agenda the way a hyena likes to laugh.

Perhaps the only visible affinity between them is socialism, the anti-Israel feelings and the friendship with the lunatic Hugo Chavez.

Iran of Ahmadinejad, Hugo Chavez, communist North Korea, Fidel Castro and other dictators are betting that Lula will really win for Brazil a permanent post in the UN Security Council. UN, which is jumping of joy with the pro-homosexuality Obama, is going to celebrate when Brazil is definitively in the UN Security Council. With his federal program “Brazil without Homophobia”, Lula is an inspiration to Obama and UN.

While Lula wants anxiously to see the Iranian and the Iranian wants anxiously to make an ethnic cleaning of Jews in Israel, I want anxiously to see them delivered and away from government while they are possessed by their follies.

Differently from Lula, who in his first trip to the Middle East years ago had no wish to visit Israel, I want anxiously to make this visit and show to the Israeli people that, in spite of all farce, cynicism and anti-Israeli prejudice from the Lula administration, I support Israel.

I record here my protest and wrath against the Lula administration and its attitudes before the North Korean dictatorship and Ahmadinejad:

“Lula, you have no moral, spiritual and political competence to lead a nation. You have completely failed in the calling God gave you to be a servant of God. Probably, because of your drinking problem, you cannot even drive. Your presidency is bringing many curses to Brazil. Therefore, if you really have some minimum respect for God and Brazil, leave the presidency immediately”.

As to the Brazilian people, it is necessary to repent from the serious sin of supporting corrupt politicians in exchange of social bribes: Bolsa família (family fund) for the poor and facilitated concessions of TV and radio stations and other privileges for the rich. How will a people who like bribes have rulers with different tastes?

While I have freedom of speech available, I am going to express my views, before the Lula administration accomplishes its wish to control and censure the Internet to shut up those who use it as the only free medium to tell what Lula and Brazil need to hear.

Portuguese version of this article: O presidente que o inferno pediu


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