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Brazilian Ministry of [in]Justice of the Lula administration wants strict control on Internet

Brazilian Ministry of [in]Justice of the Lula administration wants strict control on Internet

Julio Severo

Truth should be shown so that people may know what is happening.

However, in Brazil major television networks refuse flatly to defend truth, covering up important information about the moral, financial and ethical corruption of the most corrupt government in the history of Brazil.

By coincidence, this government is socialist.

Over the media the Lula administration has a nice and attractive ”censorship”: when a TV network is well-behaved, state companies are nice with it, making big investments in sponsorship of TV shows.

It is very easy to keep the “independent” television networks in Brazil under control.

However, when this method of persuasion does not work, the resort left is to use the old censorship, with the most “elegant” excuses.

The fact is that the Lula administration is seriously worried that Brazilians have access on internet to information they never see on the “independent” television networks. To appease the Lula administration, the Ministry of [in]Justice wants to impose some “democratic” restrictions on Internet, with different alleged reasons, especially to fight pedophilia.

The information below was taken from the leftist website CongressoEmFoco:

As far as it is possible for the Lula administration, the law of crimes on internet will be very restrictive. A bill from the Ministry of Justice (MJ) wants internet providers to keep for three years all the traffic data of their users. In other words: what time users got connected to Internet, what sites they visited and how long it was.

The MJ measure was influenced by Federal Police and the Brazilian Intelligence Agency (Abin), which has links with the nefarious and infamous Cuban police of espionage and repression.

In addition to all the data traffic, MJ wants providers to be required to register the full name, parentage and ID of each individual or company.

The MJ measure establishes that providers are required to collect, store and “make availale data for criminal investigation or criminal procedures”.

It also tells that, upon request from the Federal Prosecutors’ Office or police, webbrowsing data are to be turned over immediately upon court order.

Socialism hates the freedom of citizens the way the devil is afraid of the Cross.

Common sense cautions: Socialism is harmful for the freedom of expression.

Portuguese version of this article: Ministério da [in]Justiça do governo Lula quer controle rígido sobre a Internet

Source: Last Days Watchman

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