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The great Brazilian miracle

The great Brazilian miracle

Phenomenal resistance by a poor Christian minority in Brazil hinders the advance of several threats from the gay agenda subsidized by the Lula administration

By Julio Severo

Barack Obama, the would-be Antichrist, barely became US president and he has already been advancing anti-“homophobia” bills.

For years, Lula, the socialist president of Brazil, has been trying to advance such bills in Brazil, with the assistance of many homosexual groups that receive training and grants from powerful US organizations, but he is stumbling in difficulties because of a very small opposition. Why is Obama, in so a short time, being more successful than Lula?

The opposition to these bills in Brazil and the US is being made by conservative Christians. The difference is that, while conservative Christians in the US count on numerous well-funded pro-family groups, the Brazilian Christian mobilization looks likes a pack of people in rags. They have no resources; they have no TV stations, etc.

This does not mean that Brazil has no strong, well-funded Christian groups. The Igreja Universal do Reino de Deus (Kingdom of God Universal Church, whose Portuguese initials are IURD) has vast financial resources, radios and many TV stations, including Record, the second most important TV channel in Brazil. There are also the Reborn in Christ Church and many other denominations with TV channels. The common denominator of those powerful evangelical organizations is their support for the same administration that has been promoting abortion and homosexuality in the Brazilian society.

The small Christian mobilization in Brazil does not count on any powerful organization and additionally it has to face the Lula administration, the liberal media, progressive evangelicals and Catholics, and the omission of the vast majority of Christian leaders who prefer not to speak openly against the pro-abortion and pro-homosexuality policies of the government.

The only recourse for the active Christian minority is prayer and action.

The powerful

Before the gay-agenda threats in Brazil, where are the powerful evangelical leaders? The powerful are with the powerful. Not accidentally, the inauguration of Record News, a news channel owned by TV Record, had the attendance of the “powerful” Lula, who wanted to be together with the “powerful” Bishop Edir Macedo, the founder of the “powerful” IURD. The powerful please the powerful.

In the past Brazilian presidential elections, IURD leaders supported Lula, and in turn Lula supported its candidates too. They have been allies.

So Lula, whose administration is openly pro-abortion, pro-homosexuality and pro-socialism, is at ease with Record TV, which has been in a steady pro-abortion campaign. In his interview to the Veja magazine (the Brazilian counterpart of Time magazine), Bishop Honorilton Gonçalves, the IURD strongman responsible for Record, revealed the reason Record defends abortion.

Veja magazine: “Recently, Record assumed openly the pro-abortion position — which is compatible with the IURD view on the subject. Why to adopt such position?”

Bishop Gonçalves: “It was a direct orientation from Mr. Edir Macedo, who asked us to make the society conscious on the importance of a woman being able to determine her own destiny”.

Later, Bishop Macedo voiced his own view in the Folha de S. Paulo newspaper.

Folha de S. Paulo: “In your biography, you defend abortion. Currently, Record and Record News show a pro-abortion campaign. Why?”

Bishop Macedo: “I support the decriminalization of abortion for many reasons…”

With this same “moral” base, Macedo has recently accused that “many ‘Christians’ have treated homosexuals as lepers in the past”. When it comes to the Gospel, Christians condemn sin, but not the sinner. When it comes to their social responsibilities, they reveal to society the divine condemnation on homosexuality, and because of it they are condemned themselves by gay activists and by society as condemners of homosexuals. And now Macedo joins in the social and gay chorus, making the comparison of homosexuals and lepers, as if they were equal.

Did Macedo see “many” Christians churches expelling “many” homosexuals? Perhaps he saw “many” Christians keeping away from homosexuals openly kissing one another. Or perhaps the “many” Christians are, according to his “moral” view, the Christian mobilization against anti-“homophobia” bills…

Ultimately, are homosexuals today like the lepers in the past?

“Leprosy is an unalienable human right!”

Perhaps Macedo does not know, but lepers in the past did not have any freedom to make huge parades of “leprous pride”. They could also not kiss one another openly and lobby city councils, legislative assemblies and the Congress for bills against “leprophobia”.

There was no bill against “leprophobia” to fight “leprophobics”. There was not also any legal means to prosecute priests who said any negative word against leprosy.

Lepers had no freedom to manifest their views in radios, TVs, newspapers and magazines, by saying, “Leprosy is a human right! Leprosy is a normal lifestyle. I have the right to be a leper, because I was born this way!”

Poor modern gay activists! They also have no such rights!

Bishop Macedo is not an idiot — in a purely earthly sense. He is smart — in a purely earthly sense. He knows — or he should know — that the command for the social isolation of lepers in the Old Testament came from God, not from religious leaders. And God broke this isolation when Jesus touched lepers. God commanded the isolation, and he himself broke it to bring healing.

What is then Macedo’s motivation for his comparison of homosexuals with lepers?

Pleasing the powerful

He knows that two important issues for the Lula administration, for the social elite and for the world government are abortion and homosexuality. Whoever favors these two issues receives the favors of the Lula administration. Whoever favors these two issues receives the favors of the social elite, the Obama administration, the UN, etc.

In a time when IURD periodically faces most serious scandals, nothing better than to please the social elite to hide under the rug its “inconveniences” and escape from the dens of scandals and corruption.

Gone was the time when those who had the name of “great men of God” trusted in God to escape from the lion’s den.

Daniel escaped from the lion’s den because of his integrity before God, especially his spiritual and financial integrity. Today, the “great men of God” leave the lion’s den — dens of scandals and corruption they dig themselves through their lack of integrity — pleasing the powerful.

The approval of abortion and homosexuality pleases the powerful — including many religious powerful.

What then to do in this political, social, cultural and religious climate of hostility against the Bible positions against the sin?

The passive Christian before the advance of the evil in the society

Naive Christians have a “spiritual” answer to these challenges: They just refrain from acting and manifesting the Bible positions. Just visualize one of these Christians back in the Nazi Germany talking to another in a street, “Brother, do not rebel and do not react against the evils you see in the Nazi society. Remember: our destiny is heaven and we should not worry about earthly things. Let’s pray for Hitler, because he needs salvation. Let’s pray for Nazis, because they need salvation. Let’s pray for the persecuted Jews too. Our mission is only to pray. Nothing else”.

Nazi Germany, whose high political leaders were composed mostly of violent fascist homosexuals, was a society where euthanasia, abortion, evolutionism and other perversities were actively promoted, before the passivity of the overwhelming majority of the German Christians.

Passivity is not a call for the true citizens of the Kingdom of God. Passivity is not my call. I have been a consistent intercessor for more than 20 years. I know by experience that firstly God calls us to prayer and next to action.

Whom should Christians please?

Prayer that does not lead us to spiritual action is empty religious recitation, with no power to influence our own lives and nation.

So I am not attached to such recitation, but attached to the Powerful One through prayer and God’s Word.

Offending the powerful, who want to impose homosexual “marriage” and other homosexual insanities in the society, I speak what God speaks on homosexuality.

Offending the powerful, who want to impose a completely anti-natural homosexual normalcy and criminalize every effort to assist people who want to leave out homosexuality, I speak that God has healing, hope and deliverance for everyone, including those in homosexuality.

How is then a poor Christian minority being able to hinder several threats from the gay agenda in Brazil?

The great Brazilian miracle is being made possible not because of the religious powerful, but because of those who, even offending the powerful, want to please only the Powerful One.

Portuguese version of this article: O grande milagre brasileiro


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