Sunday, April 04, 2010

Homosexual Brazilian Gets Asylum in US After Claiming 'Persecution'

Homosexual Brazilian Gets Asylum in US After Claiming 'Persecution'

By Matthew Cullinan Hoffman, Latin America Correspondent
SAO PAULO, April 1, 2010 ( - A homosexual man from the city of São Paulo has been granted asylum in the U.S. after claiming he suffered "persecution" in Brazil for his homosexuality.
As a consequence of the ruling, Augusto Pereira de Souza, 28, will enjoy the right to work and receive social security benefits in the United States, and will soon be able to apply for permanent residency, according to the Terra news service.
The verdict was rendered despite the fact that Brazil has one of the most homosexualist governments in the world.
The Brazilian government funds the world's largest "gay parade" ( in Pereira's home town of São Paulo every year, and operates a massive national campaign called "Brazil Without Homophobia." 
The government has also announced that it will censor all programming (, including religious programming, in which negative opinions of homosexuality are expressed.
Homosexuals are also allowed to adopt children (
Pereira de Souza was awarded asylum after submitting testimony that he had suffered verbal harassment from a policeman on one occasion, and was chased by "skinheads" in a park armed with baseball bats on another occasion, although he admits that he was not actually hit by any of them.

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ADHT-Association to Defend Heterossexuals from Homossexuals ofense said...

I’d like to share two subjects in this article:
1. About a Brazilian gay asking to Obama’s President to be a refugee:
For me the below testimony from Augusto Pereira Souza, 28, is FALSE. Please check the following details:
1. You can see that he didn’t suffer anything according his declaration,
2. In Brazil baseball is played rich class, a little Less than 0.5% of population. Rich Class would never persecute any gay.
3. We never had “skinheads” or gangs in Brazil,
4. He is inventing a situation to get a Permanent Visa from US. Or the Brazilian government/Homossexual activists are inventing a story to get the PLC 122/06 law approved. This law give them tremendous PRIVILEGES over the Brazilian population.
5. For me, he is not telling the true, according this scenario.
Normally homosexuals activists like Pereira, wrote emails and use bad words against heterosexuals people and commit several crimes according our present laws like heterofobia (hate against heterosexuals), calluminia, personal and religious discrimination because Brazil is a Christian and Catolic country).
These gays are being supported by federal government is spending a lot of tax money to increase the number of Homosexuals and Lesbians under a Plan “Brazil without Homophoby” but what they are doing is developing programs like investing in all homosexual PARADES to increase the number of homosexuals in Brazil. There’s a law is going to be approved in the Brazilian Senate which number is PLC 122/06, which is creating a PRIVILEGED CLASS of people : the homosexuals and Lesbians.
It’s opposed now, all the population are afraid of having their children involved in homosexuality because some schools are having homosexual classes.

There's a possible game from Lula's government using Obama's influence to get the approval of the PLC 122/06 which will give PRIVILEGES to Brazilian gays population and nobody can question their behaviors. Many Senators pró-gays will use this refugee attitude opened by Obama to say Brazilian gays need to get more protection and we need to approve the PLC 122/06 law ASAP. This is a REAL GAME from Lula's government to get the PLC 122/06 law approved and Obama's government is believing they are helping. I'm 63 years old I never ever saw a so corrupted government like Lula’s government in Financial and Politician area.
A book called “O CHEFE” you can see in describes thousands of financial and political scandals from Lula's government. A dictatorial regime is being being installed in Brazil. Is the continuation of the Dictatorial Marxist Regime Lula and PT (his party) wanted to implement in 60/70 decades.
3. The Children need to go to public or particular schools and learn about Marxism and Homossexalism since four years old. They are wanting to get the power for how many years they can as Cuba did and Russia too.
4. The federal depts. are responsible for children and teens politics did a Congress and invited FIVE homossexual and lesbian associactions to help them to define the new gay politician for our children and teens. Lula's gvernment and the PT Congress are working hardly to to destroy completely the traditional family,and Brazilian tradition, creating the "affective family" to aprove the homossexual marriage.
There are three important things:
1.This gay is asking for refugee support is lieing.
2.There are over 400 homosexual and lesbian association to defend him as they are defended others
3. Brazilian government is wanting to get PLC 122/06 law approved to be free to work to be a dictator like Fidel Castro, Hugo Chaves, and others in South America.
Contact please Mr. President Obama to let him now the true.
Pr. Dr. Alberto Thieme
ADHT – Association of defense of Heterosexuals against homosexual discrimination in Brazil (HETEROPHOBY)