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The Pope and Abortion in Brazil

The Pope and Abortion in Brazil

Brazilian president is about to enact pro-abortion law, and the pope does not know about it

By Julio Severo
A bill protecting victims of sexual violence was passed by stealth in the Brazilian Congress recently. There is no problem in laws protecting such victims. But pro-abortion groups praised it because it will effectively legalize abortion in Brazil. It will enforce another law that says that to get an abortion is enough for a woman to say that she was a victim of rape. There is no need of medical and legal evidence. Any woman can get an abortion by alleging violence.
Pope Francis and Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff
This bill, the way it is, helps more abortion than victims of sexual violence. Now, it waits official enactment by Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, a fervent socialist who, nevertheless, seeks not to antagonize her massive Catholic population.
Pro-life groups throughout Brazil are pressing the Catholic National Conference of Bishops of Brazil (NCBB) to convince Rousseff not to enact the pro-abortion bill. But NCBB, traditionally aligned with many of the Liberation Theology tenets, has been divided about an opposition to the bill.
Rousseff will react according to the popular mobilization she sees. She is seeing some small Catholic and evangelical groups opposing. She is seeing NCBB divided. And in this urgent context, where abortion can be legalized at any moment, the pope comes to visit Brazil!
Just one word from Pope Francis asking Rousseff not to enact the abortion law would be more than enough for her to comply with his wishes. His word represents the will of millions of Catholics, and Brazil is the largest Catholic nation in the world.
But largely leftist NCBB has not informed the pope about the urgent issue. Brazilian pro-life leaders are trying to get to the pope to ask his help, but even in this case, under the alarm of learning about the desperate situation in Brazil, the pope could eventually get disoriented by seeking additional information directly from the most important Catholic hierarchy in Brazil: NCBB.
Rousseff is with her pen in her hand, ready to sign into law the pro-abortion bill, but she is waiting. If the pope speaks up, pro-abortion groups will suffer inevitable defeat. If the pope leaves Brazil without speaking up, pro-life groups will have a hard time to explain about the urgency and importance of the pro-abortion bill. After all, if it is so pressing, why did not the pope speak up?
Rousseff and Brazil are waiting the specific pro-life words by the pope on the pro-abortion bill that she is about to sign into law.
If the pope leaves Brazil without such words, the Catholic National Conference of Bishops of Brazil will have innocent blood in its hands.
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Anonymous said...

Yesterday night, on saturday 27th, I had commented this article in Portuguese. I wished that I had made a comment in English too, but it was late night and I already tired. So I would like to post the same comment I had made in Portuguese.
I think the situation of Pope Francis about the Catholic Church in Brazil, loosely speaking (mutatis mudantis), is similar to the situation that the Church found out in Germany in Hittler’s time. I repeat, LOOSELY SPEAKING (guardadas as devidas proporções). I mean Pope Pius XII had been remained in silence about the Nazism, but it was not due a omission, cause he knew that the spoke loudly, the consequences for the Catholics (and other cristians too) and the jews it would be worse. Nowadays in Brazil, the PT (Partido dos Trabalhadores) is making efforts to build a “laicy society”, it means a non-christian society. In this context, an hostil world of Pope Francis could make the differences between the Brazilian government and the Catholic Church become more accentuated yet. However, the Pope can, throught the bishops and the priests who are faithful to the authentic Catholic faith, fight against the policy pro-abortion and I belive he is doing that! May God help all of His children! God have mercy on Brazil.

Third anonymous commenter in the Portuguese version of this article.