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If Brazilian Immigrants in the U.S. Are Accused of Being “Pigs,” Why Blame Trump?

If Brazilian Immigrants in the U.S. Are Accused of Being “Pigs,” Why Blame Trump?

By Julio Severo
Brazilians, especially their immigrants in the United States, are receiving (and wildly spreading) an article titled, “Trump Says Brazilian Immigrants Are Latin Pigs.”
Veterans Memorial Stadium after a Brazilian festival
In the article, produced Oct. 6 by the Brazilian website “Brasil Verde Amarelo,” the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is quoted as saying that Brazilians look like Latin pigs, “messing up everything in front of them, they are so disorderly as the Brazilian economy.”
Many Brazilian evangelical immigrants, including ministers, were offended and upset by Trump’s alleged words and promised not to vote for him.
But Trump’s alleged offensive words against Brazilians are not, according to my Google search, his words, and probably were made up with the malicious intent to disaffect Brazilian immigrants from voting for Trump.
So Trump has no offensive words against Brazilians immigrants, who are really worried and “offended” for another reason: because Trump intends to restrict immigration.
Brazilian immigrants, and also many other immigrants, seem to see themselves as entitled to live in the United States and enjoy its affluence as if the U.S. were their house. So they want open borders for them, their relatives and friends.
But, what would they think about their own houses open? There is nothing wrong about it, if this is their choice. But what about if their friends or mere visitors said, “I like your house. I want to live here”? Even though they have a big desire to live in your house, it is not up for them to decide this. Only you can decide this.
An open house is an unsafe house.
An open nation is an unsafe nation.
Sadly, both leftist and conservative Brazilian immigrants appreciate very much open frontiers for the U.S. I understand left-wing Brazilians with such attitude. But why do even Brazilian conservative immigrants, who oppose socialism, appreciate a socialist policy of facilitated immigration for the U.S.?
Usually when the U.S. facilitates immigration, immigrants largely vote for U.S. socialists. This is the reason that U.S. socialists champion facilitated immigration for Brazilians and others.
Besides, there are cases of Brazilian immigrants who despise the U.S. and its Protestant culture. They despise the U.S. Christian culture, but they love the U.S affluence.
So probably the false accusations against Trump saying that Brazilian immigrants are pigs were produced by Brazilians discontent with his immigration ideas.
Yet, what about if Trump had really said that Brazilian immigrants are pigs? Would he have been wrong?
Last week, Brazilian immigrants were in U.S. headlines, including in CBS and Fox. They were bad headlines. These immigrants had a Brazilian festival in the Veterans Memorial Stadium in Lawrence, Mass., and they left the football field littered with trash.
According to CBS, “Mountains of empty beer cans, bottles, and food were left on the football field after the one-day festival.”
The Lawrence mayor said, “We’re disgusted, and just shocked that this would be left this way. We are shocked and dismayed at the level of uncleanliness they left it... the amount of damage...”
I am a Brazilian and I can say that even decent Brazilians would have a very hard time not calling these immigrants “pigs,” because their behavior was piggish.
So Trump would not be wrong if he had called them “pigs.”
Piggish is not limited to their behavior. Many Brazilians are foul-mouthed creatures. Americans were appalled and horrified by some past private vulgar words by Trump exposed recently. Americans are very, very lucky! In America they have a Republican who used privately vulgar language infrequently in the past, and he is being lambasted and criticized for it. In Brazil, there are self-styled conservative leaders who use very vulgar and crude language every day and abundantly on Facebook, and they are praised for their piggish language.
In Brazil, “pigs” are not confined to the Left. They are also abundant in the Right. And while Trump is apologizing for his past vulgar words, self-styled conservative leaders in Brazil, including Brazilian immigrants in the U.S., brag about their abundant daily vulgar and crude words. Even though Brazilian immigrants have no courage to use their filthy language among American conservatives, they spill them among Brazilian conservatives through Facebook.
One of these immigrants, Olavo de Carvalho, says to his Brazilian public on Facebook that the big disadvantage of U.S. conservatives is that they do not use filthy language. He said, “In the U.S. only the Left utters profanity. This is enough to explain why U.S. conservatives, even when they are the majority, are always disadvantaged.”
His hope, as a Brazilian immigrant in the U.S., is to change the U.S. conservative culture to accept filthy language as a tool to advance conservatism. He hopes also to deliver America from the “myth” of the Inquisition.
Many Brazilian immigrants are “pigs” and ignore it. But they are extremely offended and horrified if you call them according to their piggish behavior and language.
If Trump were in Brazil, he would have no need to apologize for any vulgar language. In fact, he could expand and use any crude and lewd words he wanted, even among “conservatives.”
But in the U.S., many Republicans and conservatives are asking Trump to quit for his past filthy words. So should Brazilian immigrants leave the U.S. for their piggish behavior? Should self-styled Brazilian conservatives leave the Brazilian conservatism for importing from the Left the same piggish behavior and language?
If Brazilians, and their immigrants in the United States, are not “pigs,” why be offended by Trump’s alleged accusation against them? Why brag about piggish language?
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Nem podemos ficar aborrecidos por falar isso porque o povo brasileiro e porco mesmo! Basta ver as ruas, as bocas de lobo, os passeios, os Shows, o jogos de futebol como ficam apos uma partida. Agora nao votar nele porque disse isso e insanidade porque ele e melhor do que Hillary e votando nela so farao essa Nacao tao importante sucumbir como nosso maravilhoso pais que esta destrocado por esse tal Socialismo Cultural que nao tem nenhum cabimento. Ah, se esse povo tivesse consciencia da sua importancia poderia mudar os rumos do mundo mas prefere fazer beicinho e votar contra o Trump. Ele nao e perfeito mas diz a verdade. E tem que ser assim.