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From Brazil to America: A Message from Julio Severo to US Pro-Lifers

From Brazil to America: A Message from Julio Severo to US Pro-Lifers

How US pro-abortion groups have invested heavily in Brazil, strengthening the pro-abortion movement, funding groups and training Brazilian young men and women for pro-abortion and anti-family activities virtually unopposed by their American pro-family counterparts

By Julio Severo

In 1986 I was for the first time challenged to question my weak Christian assumptions on life, family and social action. After this challenge, my life changed. Of course, he who performed such change was Jesus Christ, but he used some ways to inspire me.

Without such inspiration, I would be bound to have an increasingly stronger socialist mindset on life, family and social action, because in Brazil socialist indoctrination is widespread and inescapable, especially through public schools and media, and I was a victim of both.

With such inspiration, I saw that there was a larger universe of important issues involving life, family and social action and a solid Christian worldview that was generally unavailable in Brazil.

Such inspiration came from my contact with excellent Christian pro-life literature from the US.

Yet, I was not the only Brazilian receiving inspiration from America. I came to know that, many years before my first contact with the US pro-life message in 1986, Brazil had been receiving massive influence from pro-death America. Ford and McArthur Foundations, and many other American institutions have been for decades inspiring and funding the pro-abortion and pro-sodomy engineering in Brazil.

In 1992, I received a copy of a 1974 White House paper (National Security Study Memorandum 200) detailing the US role and interest in worldwide population control through monumental investments. Then I visited the UN office in Brasilia, Brazil, where God gave me access to many important papers on population issues. These papers proved a vast US involvement in the funding of Brazilian liberal organizations, projects and programs.

Today, Brazil faces huge pro-abortion and pro-sodomy challenges by groups that have been inspired and funded by pro-death America. Brazil also faces challenges by Brazilians that have been trained in pro-abortion America. The most vocal pro-abortion leaders in Brazil got their official training through scholarships in the US. These scholarships draw many Brazilians.

Recently, the homosexual media in Brazil published an ad from the Ford Foundation offering scholarships in sexual education and other sexual issues in the US. The young men and women receiving them will be the coming liberal leaders in Brazil.

Brazilian pro-lifers are powerless to stop well-funded abortion and gay groups in Brazil, and likewise they are powerless to stop US dollars from being poured out into Brazil to build a pro-abortion and pro-sodomy Brazilian culture.

Alone, Brazil cannot stop the colossal barrage of financial, ideological, political and cultural attacks coming from US against the Brazilian legal system and culture.

Therefore, as a pro-life combatant for more than 20 years in Brazil, I ask the help from my American pro-life brothers and sisters.

Ten years ago, when the threat of anti-“homophobia” laws was non-existent in Brazil and when we had no federal program “Brazil without Homophobia”, my book O Movimento Homossexual (The Homosexual Movement) was published by the Brazilian branch of Bethany House Publishers, exposing the intentions of the gay agenda for Brazil. By my knowledge on what the gay agenda was doing in America, I was able to warn about what was going to happen to Brazil, because the US always exports its wickedness to Brazil. Today, the federal program “Brazil without Homophobia” is a reality — since 2004.

Sadly, what was predicted in my book eventually was fulfilled, even previsions of gay persecutions against Christians, where I have become one of its victims myself. The leader of the Brazilian homosexual movement — who is a adviser to Brazilian president Lula and has made public pro-pedophilia statements — and the largest gay group in Brazil have filed charges against me. Now, because of my articles against the gay agenda, federal prosecutors want to shut down my known blog and silence my voice.

Because of my correct predictions in my book The Homosexual Movement, I am today considered a “prophet” by many in Brazil. Not by chance, I am the author of the recent book Orações Proféticas (Prophetic Prayers, which needs to be published in the US).

Now, my vision points out that the most important need is for American pro-lifers to adopt Brazil and, as their US pro-abortion and pro-sodomy counterparts, invest in Brazil, fund the establishment of Brazilian pro-family groups and help to train Brazilian young men and women in pro-family activities.

I have many dreams for helping Brazil myself and I have also a dream about a short documentary about the US, but I cannot do it without the assistance of my American friends. I cannot do it alone.

I need your support and involvement.

So if you desire to respond to this call and get involved, please contact me at: or

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Anonymous said...

Your socialist dependency theory training still taints your thinking. Although your heart is in the right place, drawing attention to the homosexualist agenda in Brazil, as well as to the contraceptionist and abortionist ones, you have the dependency theory Marxist approach of blaming America.

The decline in Brazil's public morality well precedes that in America. Soft pornography has been shown on Brazilian television much longer than in America. The easy sex, amor de carnaval, motel culture has been in Brazil for decades and decades. The promotion of sex as a means for self-actualization rather than for reproduction is broader and older in Brazil than in America.

Yes, the pro-death groups in America (and Europe, let's not forget, a Europe that has always had a stronger cultural and moral influence in Brazil than has America) are stronger than ever and are throwing around more funds than ever. But it's falling on well-tilled and fertile soil in Brazil.

Instead of blaming America, you should ask your people to look at their own hearts. The problem is your sin and mine, not the United States of America.

Anonymous said...

The above comment is misleading. While it may be true that Brazilian culture has a history of tolerating hedonism that exceeds that of the USA, there is no doubt that the USA is actively spreading its anti-family ideology to the four corners of the earth in a very aggressive way, while Brazil is not.

Also, it is very false to equate criticism of the USA with Marxism. The USA's culture is not the only alternative to fact, the materialism and hedonism of the USA represents a tendency in the Marxist direction. Big American corporations are doing much to undermine the family and sexual morality in the USA. Wake up!