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Anti-“homophobic” state censorship in Brazil

Anti-“homophobic” state censorship in Brazil

Lula administration wants to rate as unsuitable for children and teens TV shows with contents contrary to homosexuality

By Julio Severo

Have you watched Pr. Silas Malafaia preaching on the Brazilian television that homosexuality is sin? Or, have you already had the opportunity to watch R. R. Soares or another preacher explaining that the Bible condemns homosexuality?

Do not miss the opportunity to record these shows and, when given a chance, record also Pope Benedict XVI in his statements explicitly condemning homosexual acts, because as far it depends on the Brazilian Lula administration, Brazilian radio and TV shows broadcasting views contrary to homosexuality will be forced to have the rating of “unsuitable for 18 years old and under”.

No, what you are reading is no delirium, nor from this author, neither from your eyes. It is obvious state ideological delirium turning into political nightmare.

Today, May 14, according to prominent Blog Reinaldo Azevedo and liberal Brazilian paper Folha de S. Paulo, the Human Rights Secretary of the Presidency of Brazil will be launching a plan for the promotion of LGBT (lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transvestites and transsexuals) citizenship. This plan includes a measure of the Lula administration to “rate as unsuitable for children and teens TV shows with homophobic contents”.

Silas Malafaia show? Lula administration rating: “Show with homophobic contents. Unsuitable for children and teens”.

R. R. Soares show? Lula administration rating: “Show with homophobic contents. Unsuitable for children and teens”.

Televised statements by the pope? Lula administration rating: “Show with homophobic contents. Unsuitable for children and teens”.

And if Brazilian Christians become cowardly, giving in to this fascist tyranny, many other evangelical and Catholic shows will be rated as “homophobic” and “unsuitable for children and teens”.

What will not be rated as “unsuitable for children and teens” are the pro-homosexuality books and classes in the public schools. In fact, those books and classes will be rated as compulsory for children in every age.

The Brazilian State unconcernedly indoctrinates children on every kind of immorality, homosexual and otherwise. There is no censorship for this immoral indoctrination, because the one imposing the censorship is the State itself.

If a strange man approached your son to teach him the same filth the State teaches in its schools, you would call police. Why does the State, in the same crimes, deserve exemption when it rapes psychologically children?

It does not only rape, but also wants to classify as criminal people trying, through sermons or warnings to parents, to protect children against this rape.

The pornographic sex education classes that praise homosexuality cannot be rated as “unsuitable for children and teens”, because they have the approval from the pro-homosexuality socialist State.

Yet, evangelical and Catholic radio and TV shows now run the risk of being rated as “morally harmful”, “homophobic” and “unsuitable for children and teens” and other attributions, until the social climate is ready for heavier measures, including jail, for those transgressing the state standard for social behaviors.

When it comes to giving perks and privileges to homosexual fascists, the state chorus, abundantly paid for with our tax-money, yells, “Everything”.

For Christians? “Nothing”, “censorship”, “jail”, etc.

A recent study by a group connected to the socialist party of Brazilian president Lula found that 99% of Brazilians do not accept homosexuality. How do these 99% passively accept that the Lula administration is establishing and protecting immoral pro-homosexuality politics and working to criminalize the views of 99% of its population?

Possibly, with so many unbelievable absurdities, the Brazilian people think that this is unreal. While the people see their government deliriously, thinking that it is impossible for an administration to be so devilish, the ideological delirium of the Lula administration — and its measures to implement it — has no limits.

Portuguese version of this article: Na mira anti-“homofóbica” da censura estatal


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