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Iran, hatred of Jews and the schizophrenic Lula administration

Iran, hatred of Jews and the schizophrenic Lula administration

Brazilian representatives at the UN condemn evangelicals, but do not Hitler’s successor

By Julio Severo

On 20 April 2009, dozens of Western representatives walked out during Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s address at the UN-sponsored Durban II conference against racism in Geneva. Even to Westerners, used to tolerating all kinds of prejudice against Israel, the address of the Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, at the conference was too much. As usual, he accused Israel of racism and other attributes.

In addition to denying the Holocaust — with about six-million Jews murdered by Nazism —, Ahmadinejad has already told publicly that he desires the destruction of Israel.

Hitler also had similar intentions. Therefore, nations were correct when they isolated the Nazi dictator, who would have never had the opportunity to address a UN conference. Why Ahmadinejad was given such opportunity is a mystery.

Brazil did not reject Hitler’s successor at UN

Nor would Hitler ever have had the opportunity to visit UN or Brazil. The reason that Hitler’s ideological successor has received such opportunity is hard to understand.

Ahmadinejad should be publicly rejected, isolated and condemned for his hate ideas and speeches against the Jews. Otherwise, UN and the nations — not to mention Brazil — should ask Hitler posthumously to forgive them.

Yet, the withdrawal of the Western representatives from the UN conference was a small, though significant, gesture. Brazilian representatives were also present, but they could not walk out — because they were very busy.

What is behind the state battle against “racism” in Brazil

The Brazilian delegation was headed by Racial Equality Minister Edson Santos, successor of Minister Matilde Ribeiro. Even though the Racial Equality Department was supposedly established to fight racial inequality, Ribeiro, the first black to occupy this exotic federal department, revealed its essence, “I think that it is normal for a black not to want to live with whites”. Later, she was dismissed from her post for abusing the taxpayer money.

For Matilde, blacks have the right not to live with whites, if they so desire, and such a choice brings to blacks no criminal condemnation for discrimination. For her, the racial offense or separation is crime only when committed by whites, but strangely it turns into rights when committed by blacks. If, for example, apartheid in South Africa were a system in which blacks lived separately from whites by the will of blacks themselves, Matilde would see no problem. In fact, she would see such segregation as a right for blacks, because as she said, “I think that it is normal for a black not to want to live with whites”.

Matilde has never been condemned for her racist declarations or her corruption. Doesn’t the Left know how to reward and favor its supporters?

Be that as it may, Matilde’s successor was there at the UN conference, to continue her work.

At the UN, Brazilian pai-de-santo condemns Brazil’s evangelicals

Brazilian representatives, who know how to defend reverse discrimination and homosexuality, complained at the UN “anti-racism” conference about racial and cultural “crimes” supposedly happening in Brazil.

This issue was directly addressed by Ivanir dos Santos, a pai-de-santo from Rio de Janeiro. According to the Michaelis Dictionary, “pai-de-santo is a priest of an Afro-Brazilian voodoo cult”, including macumba and candomble. According to the Brazilian press, this pai-de-santo denounced at UN “a new kind of religious persecution in Brazil, which has aimed at temples of candomble and the followers of African religions, in acts provoked by modern Pentecostals”. Brazil, said he, “is the only country preserving religions brought by slaves and these religions should be defended”.

Actually, not only modern Pentecostal churches, but also all the sound Christian churches seek to help deliver people from witchcraft practices. Yet, increasingly those practices have been placed under state protection, and are now considered “culture”. Even the Catholic Church, which is predominant in Brazil, is not spared the attacks sponsored by the Brazilian State. Recently, a book by the Catholic priest Fr. Jonas Abib warning against witchcraft was banned from the Brazilian state of Bahia and now the priest is being prosecuted. The charge? Racism and prejudice.

The truth behind the Afro-Brazilian “culture”

As a son of a former umbanda leader who accepted the Gospel of Jesus Christ, I see no problem in speaking the truth about the witchcraft derived from Africa. In fact, Brazilians remember, when there was still no veil of racial censorship, the periodical scandals reported by media of pai-de-santos involved in a number of child sacrifices.

In his book Porque Deus Condena o Espiritismo (Why God condemns spiritualism, CPAD: Rio de Janeiro, 1987, pages 66-68), journalist Jefferson Magno Costa tells of a case:

It was noon when he found little Fernando, a 9-year-old boy, walking along the railroad track near the city of São Roque, in the rural area of São Paulo. He took the boy home, asked his lover (with whom he had been living for some weeks), Dalva Braga Medeiros, to give the boy food and change his clothes.

Dalva was slow to comply and he took the clothes of one of the woman’s children and put it on Fernando. After drinking blue rum, he took the boy by his hand and went out, saying that he was going to buy more rum. Upon his return, Dalva saw blood stains on the little Fernando’s clothes. Immediately she understood that the boy had been raped.

Some minutes later, he invited Fernando to go out again, but because the boy refused and showed fear, he decided to call 12-year-old Rogério, Dalva’s son, to keep company with that scared and defenseless child, and to “see how a little pig is killed”.

Leading the two boys up to a hilltop, he drew a trident on the floor. Next, as Rogério reported, he grabbed little Fernando by his neck and jabbed a knife deeply into his chest. But, unsatisfied because the boy was slow to die, pai-de-santo Josué Rodrigues de Souza made a four-inch cut on the neck of the small victim, and began to lick his blood.

After committing this abominable, horrendous and devilish act, the pai-de-santo murderer called Dalva, “because she had never seen a sacrifice”. He showed her the dead child covered in blood. He confessed to her that he’d committed the murder under possession of demon Zé Capoeira, and that he raped the child before killing him, “because Satan does not accept the soul of pure people” (O Globo newspaper, 13/03/1986). “I had to kill a person and give his blood to Satan. He was demanding”, were his words when seized after the crime. (Veja magazine 19/03/1986, p. 111).

Journalist Jefferson Magno notes,

The atrocious crime committed by pai-de-santo Josué is only one of hundreds of cases involving people that, thinking that they are serving God, are serving Satan… Given the numerous cases of that kind reported by press, it is sad that the outrage of the general populace has no memory. Society forgets things easily. Some years ago, pai-de-santo Waldir Souza Lima was taken into custody in Rio, because he killed, in black magic rituals, six children abducted in different locations in the State of Rio. (Page 73)

Witchcraft protected, evangelicals unprotected

The ideology “fighting racism”, which has been used to strengthen and promote the Afro-Brazilian “culture” and persecute Christians who warn about witchcraft, has now hit the UN, where pai-de-santo Ivanir dos Santos accused Brazilian evangelicals opposed to witchcraft practices of “racism”.

While the Lula administration advances furiously the protection of the Afro-Brazilian “culture”, the sold-out Brazilian press points exaggeratedly to the supposed violations to that “culture” and it covers up real crimes committed by it.

Today, it no longer reports of pai-de-santos sacrificing children. And it is unwilling to talk about other related crimes.

On 20 December 2008 Rev. Francisco de Paula Cunha de Miranda, 47, was murdered in Rio Grande do Sul. The minister, who was black (and cannot, even after his death, be accused of “racism”), was on his 33rd day of fasting and prayer when pai-de-santo Júlio César Bonato, under the possession of the “cultural” exu caveira (demon of death), left his temple during a ritual to go to the minister.

Pai-de-santo returned to his ritual with his ritualistic knife bloody.

The minister, who was very weak because of the long fasting, was stabbed to death.

If it had been the crime of a pai-de-santo murdered by an evangelical minister, the Brazilian media and the Lula administration would have harped on it incessantly. And pai-de-santo Ivanir dos Santos would be screaming bloody murder at the “anti-racism” UN conference, using and abusing the “example” of hatred of evangelicals against the Afro-Brazilian “culture”.

Yet such was not the case, so the Lula administration and the liberal media dismiss the option of shouting it to rooftops. In fact, they chose cover-up. So far, the case of the black minister has not reached the Brazilian mainstream media. And if it does someday, they will manage to blame the victim, who is dead and cannot defend himself.

Meanwhile, State and media attack and silence every Christian attempt to warn against the serious threat of witchcraft.

Between friends

Is the behavior of the Brazilian representatives at the UN any wonder then? They were so busy spewing their anti-Christian hate that they had no time to avoid the speech of the Hitler’s successor, and he is delighted that the Lula Brazilians did not isolate him.

Other nations have isolated Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for his attempts to produce nuclear weapons to make good his wish to destroy Israel. But this is no problem for Brazilian socialist President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, who publicly announced his support for Iran’s nuclear energy program in September 2007. And Lula did more: He invited Ahmadinejad to visit Brazil.

Israel has protested such visit, but Lula — who has since the beginning of his administration in 2003 visited several Muslim countries, including nations around Israel, but not Israel — does not care.

The 6 May 2009 visit to Brazil by Ahmadinejad, the outspoken enemy of the survival of the Jew State, is most significant. It proves, beyond the shadow of a doubt, what Lula and his ideology represent to Brazil.

Will hypocrites inherit the Kingdom of Heaven?

It proves also Lula’s hypocrisy. Lula, whose socialist administration has since 2003 been advancing the homosexual agenda in pioneering resolutions in the UN and OAS, now welcomes in Brazil Ahmadinejad, whose administration allows systematic killings of homosexuals.

This is a perverse political and ideological game, where values and lives are sacrificed for convenience. He who wants to criminalize in Brazil even simple words against homosexuality, attacking free speech head on and directly threatening Christians, sees no problem in his alliance with one who grants no free speech or safety to Christians and homosexuals in Iran.

When it comes to hate, State policies against some social and religious group and their values — do you remember the federal program “Brazil without Homophobia”? —, Lula is not alone: He has Ahmadinejad. Even though the target is different, their hate is similar.

Ahmadinejad is a sponsor of terrorist groups against Israel. In turn, Lula, at the end of a comfortable second term in his presidency supported by opportunistic Christian leaders, is now very unconcernedly sponsoring the presidential candidacy of Dilma Rousseff, who has a history of communistic terrorism.

Ahmadinejad and Lula represent the marriage between socialism and Islamism.

When it comes to hypocrisy, Lula is not alone either.

Many Brazilian Christians and their leaders are also hypocritical, and suicidal: out of strictly economical interests, they join forces with Lula, who is establishing in Brazil a schizophrenic secular State that is essentially an anti-Christian socialist dictatorship.

In turn, Lula makes schizophrenic alliances with those leaders, with homosexual activists (who want to destroy traditional marriage and Christian values), with Ahmadinejad (who hates homosexuals, Jews and Christian values), with witches (whoops! I mean priests of the Afro-Brazilian “culture”, who also hate Christian values), etc.

So how will many Christian leaders in Brazil have the moral courage to condemn the wicked policies and alliances of Lula when their relationship with him is marked by the same insincerity and opportunism? They use Lula — and he uses them.

After all, Lula wants brazenly to establish a National Day Against Hypocrisy, not for himself and his Christian allies, but for those opposing his immoral agenda.

Will cowards inherit the Kingdom of Heaven?

History suggests that while Rome was in flames, Emperor Nero played his harp. Brazil is different: while Christians play their harps, Lula plays with Ahmadinejad and incinerates their freedom by imposing state protection for the Afro-Brazilian “culture”.

Yet it seems that many of them do not understand those dangers and do not care about the threats against Israel or the threats against themselves.

They did not deny the schizophrenic Brazilian Nero their votes and public support and now refuse to confront their president in his immoral anti-Christian agenda. While Brazil is in flames under that agenda, they keep playing their harps, expecting their turn to go to Heaven.

Does Heaven reward cowardice?

Last minute news: The visit of the Hitler’s successor was cancelled, not because of some honorable attitude of Lula opposing it, but because of Ahmadinejad’s decision, who postponed it for some time after the Iranian elections. Honorable men publicly condemn evil, and a Brazilian president has the moral obligation to condemn Ahmadinejad publicly and reject his visit. But Lula’s socialist ideology speaks louder than good character and its responsibilities.

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