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World amazed by unprecedented address by President Lula at the UN Human Rights Council

World amazed by unprecedented address by President Lula at the UN Human Rights Council

International community welcomes Brazilian president tackling important ethical issues in a fair way

Julio Severo

Brazilian President Lula da Silva delivered an important address at the Human Rights Council meeting in Geneva, on 15 June 2009, where he affirmed that the protection and promotion of human rights have been a central part of his administration.

In his speech, he used as example the case of the Cuban athletes that requested asylum in Brazil in 2007. Given that they were innocent citizens suffering oppression from a communist government internationally recognized as violator of the human rights of countless thousands of Cubans, the Lula administration promptly granted them asylum and protection.

Lula also made it clear that if the three Cubans had a terrorist history, they would rapidly be deported.

In that occasion, Lula sharply criticized governments that protect human-rights abusers, not their victims. He used as an example a hypocritical government that refused to grant asylum to the Cuban athletes, but gave asylum to an Italian terrorist, accused of murdering several people. He also deplored that this same government is shamefully sheltering a high-ranking leader of Al Qaeda, the leading Muslim terrorist group in the world, and granted asylum to one of the leaders of the Colombia-based FARC, the chief terrorist drug-trafficking group in the world.

“In a democratic society, the protection of human rights of victims should be given priority”, Lula told under UN applause. “It is unimaginable that in our century governments and political officials would entertain ideas of defending and protecting terrorists and oppressors. I ask you to use as model my administration, which guarantees the protection of the most oppressed and weakest. Since the conception, the integrity of Brazilians is guaranteed. I do not permit and I will never permit that murderers, rapists, terrorists, political opportunists and other human-rights abusers may be identified and labeled unfairly as victims, to the detriment of real innocent victims. This is why in my administration abortion is considered one of the biggest abuses against human rights”.

In that point, the UN Human Rights Council contained itself no more. Everybody rose up and acclaimed Lula for a long time. At last, a man decided and engaged in the fight and defense of the most defenseless.

Weeks ago, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the president of Iran, tried to give a better address. He was able only to condemn governments and leaders that, even after the Nazi atrocities against Jews, insist on denying the Holocaust. As a moderate and peace-loving Muslim, Ahmadinejad criticized governments that fund terrorist groups against Israel, making it clear that Arabs and Jews have the same right to live and have their own homeland.

Ahmadinejad was outdid by Lula, whose comprehensive speech defended universal human rights, stressing that the continuous terrorist threats Israel has suffered for decades is a highly worrisome issue. Lula demanded immediate action against these threats.

Ahmadinejad did not attend the address of Lula, because Iranian opposers, enemies of the peace politics of Ahmadinejad, want to throw down his administration. Even far away, Ahmadinejad was moved by the speech of his friend Lula.

Concluding, Lula declared that in a democratic world nations with tyrannical governments as Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela and others should suffer heavy sanctions for their violations of human rights, demanding forceful international measures for the protection of the innocent. “As a commitment of my administration, I open the doors of Brazil to welcome Christians and other persecuted people from Cuba, North Korea and China”.

So was concluded the memorable address of Lula at the UN Human Rights Council.

So comes to an end your dream.

But the nightmare goes on, because the tyrannical governments and behaviors presented in this article reflect faithfully reality. Just the role and behavior of Lula and Ahmadinejad are products of my dreams and wishes. The human rights address and defense of the innocent by Lula are absolute fiction.

Differently from this dream, Lula never granted asylum to the three Cuban athletes, who were not terrorists. He deported them swiftly. But he granted asylum to Cesare Battisti, an Italian communist terrorist who killed several people in Italy. He granted asylum to the infamous Fr. Olivério Medina, one of the FARC leaders. And his administration tried to cover up one of the Al Qaeda leaders.

Besides, his administration, which is known for fighting to remove legal protections and human rights from unborn babies to meet the abortion demands of the UN and international groups, condemns Israel at UN, flatters Muslim nations enemies of Israel, flatters and supports communist terrorists of the Brazilian past, treats military men who delivered Brazil from communism as criminals, treats rapists and murderers as deservers of human rights and disarms the innocent Brazilian population victimized by heavily armed criminals, who murder more than 50,000 Brazilians a year.

In the Lula address at the UN Human Rights Council on June 15, even liberals criticized Lula. Human Rights Watch declared, “Lula should explain why Brazil is using its vote in the council to protect countries with appalling human rights records. Rather than speaking up for victims, Brazil often argues that governments need to be given a chance and that the sovereignty of nations is more important than human rights. Brazil is siding with human rights violators rather than with their victims”.

Other human rights groups, which attended the Lula speech at the UN, also criticized the hypocrisy of the Brazilian government.

Portuguese version of this article: Lula surpreende o mundo com seu discurso sem precedentes sobre direitos humanos na ONU


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