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The cost of the high popularity of Lula

The cost of the high popularity of Lula

Notwithstanding his anti-life and anti-family policies, huge state investments in propaganda ensure popularity for Lula

Julio Severo

Brazilian newspaper O Estado de S. Paulo reported, “Approval ratings for Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva rose from 78% on March to 80% on June, according to data from the CNI/Ibope polls released June 9. The percentage of respondents considering the Lula administration very good or good also improved: it went up from 64% to 68%. The rates of those disapproving the Lula administration fell from 19% to 16%”.

Certainly, the respondents were not asked whether or not they approve the policies of the Lula administration supporting publicly homosexuality and abortion, or if they are pleased with the pornographic sex education their children receive in the public schools. Yet, how can an administration so dedicated to homosexuality and abortion remain protected from necessary criticism from most of the Brazilian media and additionally experience growth in its popularity?

Its secret is in the… pocket. The pocket of the government, which has — our — too money to invest in whatever it wants. And the pocket of the Brazilian mainstream media, which receives money from the government exclusively to raise the popularity of Lula.

Only in 2008, an impressive figure of 5,297 newspapers, magazines, radios and TVs were paid — with taxpayer money — to spread propaganda favorable to the Lula administration, surpassing even huge companies, as Fiat, which put ads in 206 different media outlets, and Itaú Bank, which invested in 176.

On May, the Lula administration released the official figures of how much it spent in advertising from 2003 to 2008. The expenditure was an exorbitant sum of 6.3 billion in Brazilian Real. Without this sky-rocketing investment, the role of the Brazilian press would change from beneficiary and propagandist of the government into a free media to criticize or commend government acts.

Besides, the government has its own tricks to remove critic journalists, making the Brazilian “free” press merely a category of exploiters and suckers which do not work disconnected from the government interests and money.

In their careless and well-paid state, the Brazilian media has no motivation to fulfill a role of authentic free press.

With the persuasion through the pocket, even Hell could insure popularity to itself. Especially in times of crisis, when newspapers, TVs and radios around the world are going bankrupt, any money coming from the government is welcome.

So millionaire investments from state companies as Petrobras, Bank of Brazil and Caixa Econômica Federal in “innocent” ads keep the Brazilian “free” press “free” from the disposition to criticize the government, which is their ally and investor.

The “state benevolence” works to reach the rich and poor, equally. When it comes to buy popularity, the Lula administration makes no discrimination of persons. To the rich who have radio and TV stations, it bestows the concession fund. (Have you ever noticed that almost all ministers and bishops owning TVs in Brazil are “friends” of Lula?) To the poor, it bestows the family fund. To the media, it bestows the advertising fund. Would it be wonder that so a “benevolent” administration could not insure a high popularity?

Would it be impossible for Lula to get a third term? All is dependent on the pocket persuasion! Most Brazilians, political or otherwise, are not able to resist that persuasion.

The Lula administration may be an ethical, moral, spiritual and economic failure in many aspects, but at least it knows how to “conquer” the support from public and media.

He who wins smiles. That is why the TV station owners are smiling. They have their reasons. They are paid for it. But many Brazilians, who are not getting anything, smile stupidly to the propaganda of an administration that sodomizes the innocence of their children in the schools and, antagonizing the will of the most population, strives to promote abortion and homosexuality. They pay the bill and additionally smile.

In the past they used to say that the best propaganda is character. When one does not have character, billions from taxpayers are spent. Just in the last year, the Lula administration spent 1 billion only in ads in the media, making itself the biggest advertiser in Brazil. Is it strange then the hesitance in the Brazilian media to address the scandals of Lula and his administration?


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