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Dividing land with Palestinians or returning it to Mexicans?

Dividing land with Palestinians or returning it to Mexicans?

Politically-correct justice of Obama wants violation of the territorial integrity of Israel, but no violation of the territorial integrity of the US

By Julio Severo
Barack Obama is the man of inclusivity, plurality and diversity. What does it mean? It means that he respects the politically-correct ideology above traditions, morality and Christianity itself, which is an inseparable and undeniable part of the founding of the United States.
PC ideology commands Obama to remind in his speeches the Islamic participation in the building of the US. Even though that participation was insignificant, the law of inclusivity, plurality and diversity commands their inclusion in full equality.
Were men that lived in homosexual vice discriminated against because the population in the past did not tolerate their behavior and obscenities? With Obama in the presidency, the order now is “change”. The law of inclusivity, plurality and diversity commands their inclusion also, and Obama is proud to appoint to high posts in his administration active and actively pornographic homosexuals.
Now, at last, Muslims and homosexuals can hug one another and say, “We are included by what were are and do!”
The law of inclusivity, plurality and diversity is today an important exportation commodity “made in USA”, largely scattered abroad by the United Nations. Obama, who knows how to pervert the Bible for his own interests and whims, is using the American experience in the Gospel exportation in the past to export now the “gospel” of inclusivity, plurality and diversity.
He wants to teach the world, in the new world order style, that the old barriers and “prejudices” should be broken. And those barriers do not refer only to homosexuals and Muslims. They refer to communist dictators too.
And they refer also to lands!
Do Muslim Palestinians reclaim lands to establish in the world another anti-Israel Islamic nation?
No problem. Obama knows that, in the 1847 war, the US defeated Mexico and forced it to sell and deliver Mexican territories, which included what today is California, Arizona, Nevada, Texas and other “American” states. What about to grant now those territories to Palestinians?
If he cannot treat as sacred the land God gave only to Jews, so why should He treat as US sacred property lands that formerly were Mexican?
After all, there is no God’s promise in the Bible saying that those territories are to be or remain exclusive American property forever. So if the law of inclusivity, plurality and diversity commands Obama to break old barriers and “prejudices”, what is the problem about giving those lands to Palestinians?
Yet, because of an issue of politically-correct ethics, Obama cannot do it. What he needs to do is to ask forgiveness from Mexicans and return to them California, Arizona, Nevada, Texas and other former Mexican lands.
That example would give the world the assurance that Obama is consistent and faithful to his own ideology, making his own country to pay the cost of his “change”. That act would show the world that Obama is willing to overcome any nationalist tradition for the building of a New World Order.
Yes, he will do sacrifices on behalf of his faithfulness to inclusivity, plurality and diversity — on the condition that only Israel and other nations pay the cost. Do Palestinians want half of Israel? Obama is determined to grant them their wish. Do they want also Jerusalem as the capital of their yearned Islamic nation? Obama will not hesitate to break the old tradition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel!
As far as it depends on Obama, “change” will be reality for the division of the land God gave only to the posterity of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. “Change” will be, by the imperial will of Obama, the only option for the Jews.
His “change” would never sacrifice California, Arizona, Nevada, Texas and other “American” states to Palestinians. Similarly, Brazilian president Lula, the socialist friend of Ahmadinejad of Iran, would never sacrifice Amazon to Palestinians. But they will readily sacrifice the territorial integrity of Israel.
However, whether they like or not, by imposing the forced division of the land of Israel, Obama and other American leaders are investing in the division and destruction of the US. No nation and empire can impose itself on the small nation of Israel without going unpunished. There will be, sooner or later, “change” for the US — a “change” determined and decreed by the One that overthrew all the haughty empires that violated the territorial integrity of Israel.
By violating the territorial integrity of Israel in behalf of Islamic Palestinians, the US will never be able to preserve its own territorial integrity. The strengthening of the homosexual and Islamic minority in the Obama administration is evidence that the empire is collapsing.
In its long history, Israel saw the fall of several empires that wanted its territorial division. With Obama, now is the American turn to enter the list of the fallen empires.
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Anonymous said...


Great Article, but just a footnote for you, Texas actually fought a war against Mexico in which it gained independence. It was a sovereign state for about a decade and then was annexed into the USA by treaty. So if the USA wants to give Texas away, the USA would have to "set Texas free" as opposed to say Arizona, which was taken from Mexico through warfare.

--A Texan

A Brazilian native said...

Well, I believe that the Texan above has answered some of your questions. As for Amazon contrarily to your historical path, we have not fought a war over Amazon, we conquered our independency as a solid whole. In fact we have never fought any war for any territory. The Portuguese Crown wanted to annex Uruguay, once, under the pretext of royal inheritance rights of a spanish born Portuguese queen, but Brazilian people haver never ambitioned or supported that nonsense, before of after independency. Not a single shot was fired on that. The integrity of our territory and Amazon is not disputable or subjected to the will of any institution/government as it belongs to all Brazilians, living or yet to be born, much less to those, like you, resenting the fact that we do have the privilege of still having such glorious rain forest and no one else. Result of an historical process, dating from the great navigations era and its peculiarities. Knowing the greed and hunger for natural resources, so distinctive of other people, the rain forest would no longer survived today, except in a brazilian cultural environment. Its very destruction, today, have deep roots and economical drives laying outside our borders rather than within. In five hundred years as a nation, we did not invade or took lands by force and our neighbors have no rightful complains on that, as Mexico apparently has over USA. Palestinians were invited to immigrate to Brazil and are welcome to become Brazilian citizens. In this sense, they can own and share Amazon with the rest of us. So could you. But only as a Brazilian citizen.