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Swine flu: Who paid the cost for the ghost pandemic?

Swine flu: Who paid the cost for the ghost pandemic?

By Julio Severo 
During many months I have been following the international news services and, by reading several secular U.S. and English newspapers, a fact was clear: the pandemic swine flu was shrouded in serious ethical and medical problems, including vaccinated youths’ deaths. And now we have the news that the vaccination was unnecessary. 
The English newspaper Daily Mail denounced in headline “The pandemic that never was: Drug firms ‘encouraged world health body to exaggerate swine flu threat’”. Then the article says, “Declaring a swine flu pandemic was a 'monumental error', driven by profit-hungry drug companies spreading fear, an influential report has concluded.” The full article is here
There is also the article “O conto da vacina suína” (the swine vaccine fable), published by the liberal Brazilian newspaper Folha de S. Paulo, which exposes scandals involving the Ministry of Health in Brazil and the World Health Organization (WHO), and the dishonest way how WHO changed the definition of pandemic exclusively to fatten pharmaceutical companies, which profited some 10 billion dollars with the ghost pandemic in 2009. 
That is same WHO that also changed the real meaning of homosexuality in the 1990s, removing it from the list of perverted behaviors, in order to serve the interests of multimillionaires lobbies. 
When defining what is and what is not, money, pressure and greed are a powerful persuasion. Under that persuasion, perverted behaviors get normalized, and what is not a pandemic becomes a pandemic!
In the ghost pandemic issue, what a lot of people suspected is now coming to light, and it is no wonder that the number of those vaccinated has not been high in the US and England, leaving enormous stagnant and non-used stocks of the useless vaccine that cost millions of dollars that could have been better invested in the population well-being. 
Even so, the pharmaceutical companies continue in their crazy race to sell their vaccines to countries foolish enough to buy the story of the pandemic. 
I could have informed the Brazilian public much earlier, but Blog Julio Severo (the Portuguese version of Last Days Watchman) has been for years showing the obvious: The socialist Lula administration doesn’t deserve trust. Would you trust a government that supports abortion, which is the cowardly killing of the most vulnerable and defenseless human beings? 
The big responsible for the vaccination effort in Brazil was the minister against health, José Temporão, an abortion supporter. He sees abortion merely as a “public-health issue”, so if pharmaceutical companies create a vaccine to eliminate this health “problem”, the maniac for mass vaccination campaigns will be greatly happy to make one partnership else with them.
Nevertheless, the Brazilian population thought that they could trust the would-be butcher. They got vaccinated. The obedience — or should I say foolishness? — was so big that the country that became world champion in vaccination against the inexistent and unreal swine flu pandemic was Brazil. More than 70 million Brazilians were vaccinated. 
Now, the Lula administration is smiling. The minister against health is smiling. Pharmaceutical companies, with their pockets full of the money from Brazilian citizens, are more than happy and leaping for joy. And the Brazilian people are smiling, without at least perceiving what is happening. They pay, via taxes, with the money of their own pockets the government’s foolishnesses, and they smile idiotically. 
And ultimately it is the government that gets the prize. In 2009, Lula received the Chatham House Prize for “for being a key driver of stability and integration in Latin America”. One of the chief sponsors of that international prize was the pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline. In the late 2009, GlaxoSmithKline received R$ 465.532.000,00 (more than 200 million dollars) from the Brazilian government, in a purchase without public tender, of doses of the vaccine against the swine flu “pandemic”. 
One good turn deserves another. Pharmaceutical companies sponsor international tributes to Lula’s uncontrollable and insatiable ego, and Lula satisfies the uncontrollable and insatiable greed of those companies by sustaining ghost pandemics that fill their safes. 
But the high cost was really paid by the vaccinated Brazilians. See some repercussions of the vaccine in the Brazilian media: 
So government and pharmaceutical companies take your money, go on a spree and, to justify so much unbridled spending, in the end you and your family have to submit to the shot prickle and all its consequences. 
A country like this is a perfect corral to feed the greed of the powerful and corrupt, which would go through any artifice to stop anything hindering their profits. 
During the 2008 Brazilian mass vaccination campaign against rubella, denunciations by Blog Julio Severo (the Portuguese version of Last Days Watchman) drew not only the attention from the liberal media (see article in the major Brazilian newspaper O Dia blaming me for the low vaccination numbers), but also the anger from the Brazilian federal Ministry of Health, which counted on a team of internet professionals to sabotage my articles on the vaccination campaign. The goal was to post texts and comments wherever my texts had been published, questioning them, breaking their force and destroying my credibility. A guerrilla work. I eventually learnt about this because a woman connected to the team talked to her friend, which in turn is my friend!
It was a significant coincidence, which exposed that there were bigwigs interested in sabotaging the impact of my articles on the vaccination campaign. According to the information I received, the Ministry of Health was also planning other actions against me, including legal, but I suppose that there was not time to implement them, because in few weeks I left Brazil. That is the cost you pay for warning people. 
Therefore, next time that the government and liberal media appear with a scaremongering campaign trying to convince you of another ghost pandemic, distrust. 
How not to distrust a government that is interested only in what is in your pocket?
What is behind the campaign “Brazil Free of Rubella”?

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Observer said...

Media induced terror is used by various sinister controlling government power groups in many societies to introduce new laws which in other times they would never been able to do, but because of the state of utter terror induced into the ignorant masses they are then able to pass whatever they will during a short window of time.

Those who control the Media and the Government work together to further their Marxist agendas and on the side both get paid by drug companies who also get free clinical trials which would be too expensive for them to conduct in any other way. Other more sinister plots exists as well such as world population reduction but are harder to prove outright.