Monday, June 14, 2010

Lula’s foolishness is joke in Israel

Lula’s foolishness is joke in Israel 

By Julio Severo 
In Brazil, when we look at Lula, we don’t know whether to laugh or cry. If his foolishness, which competes with the vast territorial size of Brazil, didn’t produce such devastating results, we would only laugh at a great and arrogant blunderer. 
However, his messes have been producing results. To protect the Iranian nuclear program, Lula made a deal between Brazil, Iran and Turkey. See here:
That program is entirely in the man’s hands that says openly that he wants to sweep Israel from the face of the earth. 
How did Brazil come to the point of having in the presidency a foolish man allied to the atomic pervert of Iran? 
To avoid crying, Israel made a joke of that foolishness of the president that embarrasses Brazil. See the comedy in this link:

Seeing the Israeli comedy on Lula, you feel like laughing. 
However, seeing Lula in the reality, you feel like crying, because the messes that he makes are not jokes nor fiction. 
Portuguese version of this article: Falta de juízo de Lula vira piada em Israel
Lula humiliates Israel

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Emerson said...

O Lula é um indiossincrático. De certa forma, Israel tem razão em ter feito este vídeo. Apesar de que eu gosto de que as relações diplomáticas e o diálogo prevaleçam, o Irã não é flor que se cheire.
Além disso, Lula anda em péssimas companhias (que o diga Hugo Chavez). Tirando os prós de Lula, ficam esses disparates de um presidente controverso, meio ignorante e bufão.