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Catholic Church Paid Millions in Dollars to Facilitate Immigrant Invasion in U.S.

Catholic Church Paid Millions in Dollars to Facilitate Immigrant Invasion in U.S.

By Julio Severo
The biggest beneficiaries of the immigrant invasion in the U.S. have been Islam — and the Catholic Church, according to a Catholic writer. If he is right about the major involvement of the Catholic Church in the immigrant invasion in the U.S., his report could be an important clue for his fellow Catholics to understand the Islamic invasion in Europe.
Though the Islamic gain is obvious, especially in demographic and religious expansion in Europe and America, the Catholic gain, which has been not so evident, has been mainly financial.
The source of this information is Cliff Kincaid, an American Catholic who usually sees Russian conspiracy and culpability in every problem in the universe, but who has been incredibly able to spot this massive problem in his own church.
Kincaid said, “According to their financial statement for 2014, the latest year for which figures are available, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops received over $79 million in government grants to provide benefits to refugees.”
He adds that the U.S. government gave more than $1.5 billion to Catholic organizations over the past two years. These figures include an increase from just over $440 million (2008) to more than $554 million (2010) just to one Catholic organization: Catholic Charities USA.
According to Kincaid, only the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops receives over $70 million a year of taxpayer dollars to resettle thousands of immigrants, including a large number of Muslims, in unsuspecting U.S. towns and cities. Catholic Charities throughout the U.S. get many millions more to do this same kind of work as well.
Has the Catholic Church in the U.S. become a mere arm of the U.S. Welfare State?
During his visit to the U.S., Pope Francis praised the Obama administration’s pro-immigration policies. And in response to the recent wave of Muslims fleeing the Middle East, Francis has appealed to Europe’s Catholics, calling on every parish, religious community, monastery and sanctuary to take in one refugee family. Certainly, this appeal will benefit Islamic invaders. But how much money, in partnerships with European governments, will the Catholic Church receive it in all of this?
About America, Kincaid said, “The Catholic Church in America would clearly prefer to bring immigrants into the U.S. from Latin America, where Catholicism is still strong, and have them join Catholic churches in the U.S. The Catholic Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate reports that 40 percent of all growth in registered parishioners in Catholic parishes between 2005 and 2010 was from Hispanic or Latino Catholics. But even with the massive immigration from Latin America, Catholic churches around the U.S. are still being closed down. A group called Future Church reports that hundreds of parishes have been merged or closed in New York City, Philadelphia, Boston, Cleveland and many other urban and rural places. ‘Recently,’ the group reported, ‘the Archdiocese of New York merged or closed more than 70 parishes.’”
“James Simpson’s book, The Red-Green Axis: Refugees, Immigration and the Agenda to Erase America, notes that the Catholic Church has been a major component of the open borders movement,” said Kincaid. It is obvious that more immigrants in the U.S. means millions more from tax money to the Catholic Church.
Ann Corcoran’s Refugee Resettlement Watch website notes that Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Church in Syracuse, New York, was closed down by the Catholic Church and has been leased to an Islamic society which renamed it Mosque Of Jesus The Son Of Mary.
It’s the Catholic Church’s role, in collaboration with the federal government, in bringing thousands of “refugees” to the U.S. that caused Corcoran to leave the Catholic Church. She said, “In 2002, having been raised in a protestant faith, I became a Catholic. For a few years I loved being a Catholic.” All of that changed beginning in 2007 when she learned that the Catholic Church, largely being funded and directed by the U.S. State Department, was resettling mostly Muslim “refugees” in the U.S.
How could I have difficulty to believe the Kincaid report on the Catholic Church facilitating Islamic immigration? In 2002, I attended a hearing on abortion in the Brazilian Congress, where a prominent pro-abortion House member of the Workers’ Party said that his political career had begun in the ecclesial communities of the Catholic Church. These communities, which were obsessed about Liberation Theology, were facilitating and even instigating Marxist revolutions in Brazil.
In 2008, when I attended a pro-life conference at the headquarters of the National Conference of Bishops of Brazil, a Catholic pro-life leader said to me:  “Workers’ Party was born here.” Workers’ Party is the ruling socialist party in Brazil. So the Catholic Church in Brazil greatly facilitated the Marxist disaster in Brazil. My only doubt is if the Catholic Church in Brazil received government money for this facilitation.
I thought that the Catholic Church in America was in better shape. And Kincaid had also thought that the situation in Brazil, which is the largest Catholic nation in the world, was better than in the U.S., because he had written a report earlier this year suggesting that there was an “anti-Marxist revolution” in Brazil. No, there was not. But such revolution is extremely necessary at the Brazilian Catholic Church, especially its National Conference of Bishops of Brazil, founded by Marxist Cardinal Helder Camara, who is in process of sainthood.
Kincaid misunderstood the Brazilian scenario, but he apparently is right about the Catholic situation in America.
After I read the Kincaid report, I concluded that the Catholic Church does not seem to care about the fact that the thousands of mostly Muslim “refugees” from Syria, the Middle East and North Africa who have been invading Europe and U.S. are going to change the religious and cultural landscape of the U.S. and Europe. But she seems to care much about the millions of taxpayer dollars being funneled through her “charities” to “help” Muslim immigrants.
Ironically, while the Catholic bishops are bringing Muslim immigrants to the U.S., Catholic churches are being closed down and often becoming mosques. Arabic is now fastest-growing language in U.S.
The situation is even worse in Europe, where more Christian churches are being closed down and becoming mosques. Islam is replacing Christianity as the dominant religion in Europe.
According to Kincaid, reporters have been reluctant to investigate the millions of federal dollars going to the Catholic Church in America. What is the source of this reluctance or fear?
Charity is a beautiful Christian virtue. But to receive millions from the government to bring thousands of Muslim immigrants is not charity. It is suicide.
Miraculously, Kincaid did not say that the Kremlin or Putin induced the Catholic Church to receive money from the U.S. government.
While all of us thought the Catholic Church did charity with money from her own pockets, it is indeed millions, millions and millions of government money.
But real Christian charity has nothing to do with government dependency or partnership.
Besides, the supreme mission of Christians is not to receive government money or bring thousands of Muslim immigrants to Christian nations. Their mission is to take Christ to Muslims and other people. It is to send Christian missionaries to Muslim nations.
But where government money is involved, Christian purpose and mission are corrupted and debased.
I wonder how many Protestant groups are equally receiving tax money to facilitate Islamic immigration. This perverted charity is normal among liberal Protestants.
At least in the Catholic Church in America, it seems that her problems, especially love of government money, began long before Pope Francis and other popes.
If it is distressing to see Europe and America being islamized by thousands of Muslim immigrants, it is more pathetic to see the Catholic Church being paid to facilitate it.
With information from Accuracy in Media. 
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