Friday, November 26, 2021

Julio Severo's death and urgent help needed

 Julio Severo's death and urgent help needed

I want to introduce myself
My name is Sarah. I am Julio's widow.
Many people don't know about Julio's death, others still have doubts, that's why I came here to clarify about it.
Julio died on 05/02/2021 in our house of a heart attack.
Because he has a lot of followers, it wasn't possible for me to let everyone know about it.
My children and I have been going through a difficult time since he passed away.
I'm asking for help because I want to buy a house and put it up for rent and survive with my children.
I am also undergoing medical treatment.
Please I beg you, if you can help, or if you know ministries, organizations, business people or are one of these or even if you know a sponsor to help me and my children and get us out of this situation, for you that God is touching your heart.

I leave my email below and the link for donation:

My children and I will be so thankful. God bless you all.

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