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Muslim suicides surpassed by Protestant and Jewish suicides

Muslim suicides surpassed by Protestant and Jewish suicides

Protestants and Jews offer radical Muslims lessons of authentic suicide

By Julio Severo

A suicide-bomber, who kills many people by exploding cars in an effort to draw attention, is also called a terrorist suicide. Radical Islam holds the monopoly of that strange suicide that, instead of murdering and destroying exclusively the author and other similar terrorists, kills the innocent.

Muslim terrorists prefer to target Jews and “Christians”. Even when a bomb blows up and kills some Muslims, the goal is eventually to hit the US and Israel. But if they were authentic suicides, they would attack only their own Muslim brethren.

Perhaps they need lessons from Jews and “Christians”. Probably, no one knows better how to provoke suicide destruction among Jews and Christians than the Jews and “Christians” themselves.

Do you need evidence?

With their suicide-bombers, Muslims are able to destroy a train, blow up a plane, a police station or explode a bus with children, but they were never able to destabilize what they so much wish: the Israel end US governments.

Christians achieved both things. With their leftwing suicide, Protestant suicide-bombers blew up the evangelical foundations of the US, which was built by evangelicals committed to God and to the Christian morality. Christian commitment and morality were devastated from the current American reality. Protestant suicide-bombers carried out a perfect operation. “Protestant” Hussein Obama is the living evidence of it.

The “bombs” of the Protestant suicides are not physically explosive, but, ideologically, they are devastating. They are made to put on the Western pedestal the “gospel according to Karl Marx”.

“Christian” Europe has already collapsed before this false gospel, which puts the State in the central place of God as the Supreme Provider in the lives of individuals, families and society. The United Nations (UN), which was created by US president Franklin Delano Roosevelt, a leftist Protestant ally of dictator Stalin, represents a huge global State with many tentacles and a global pedestal for this gospel.

That global State, which wants a global suicide through international policies defending abortion, homosexuality and other perversions as unalienable human rights, is imposing itself at world level in the central place of God as the Supreme Provider in the lives of individuals, families and society. The only resistance to the UN world pagan government was American conservative evangelicals — an endangered species today in the US government.

The US was founded by persecuted evangelicals as a nation to shelter persecuted Christians. After the action of the Protestant suicide-bombers, everything that was left was Obama and an unrecognizable American nation, which shamefully sides with Fidel Castro and other Marxist dictators.

The US was founded by persecuted evangelicals who loved Israel, and one of her most important modern presidents, Ronald Reagan, was one of the greatest Israel supporters — not to mention a staunch opposer of legal abortion. After the action of the Protestant suicide-bombers, everything that was left was Obama and an American nation engaged in the global sacralization and protection of abortion and homosexuality.

Who said that Christians are not models for suicide?

Yet, they are not alone.

There are Jews that hate Israel so much as the Muslim terrorist suicides, and who are able to provoke larger havoc to Jews than one thousand Osamas Bin Laden.

Socialist Jews throughout the world, as well as all socialists throughout the world, reject the purposes of God. American socialist Jew Tony Kushner declared, “I wish the modern Israel hadn’t been born”. He is the author of a homosexual propaganda piece. He also calls the establishment of the state of Israel “for the Jewish people a historical, moral, political calamity”. [1]

George Soros, the leftwing billionaire Jew, had been trying for years to remove from the White House presidents showing support to Israel and Christian values that are an integrated aspect of the US foundation. He and other powerful leftwing American Jews invested millions of dollars so that socialism might seize White House. Socialist Obama in the presidency is a major victory for them.

After the action of the Jewish suicide-bombers, everything that was left was Obama and an American nation that wants by all means friendship with the lethal enemies of Israel and at the same time to impose on Israel the immoral obligation to deliver up part of its territory and Jerusalem to “Palestinians”.

Differently from Muslims and similar to Christians, the Jewish “bombs” are not physical explosives. They are a product “made in Karl Marx”, with consequences immeasurably more devastating than a Muslim terrorist attack against a bus or a building.

Because of the Christian and Jewish suicides, the Promised Land is under pressures and oppressions that impose the Obama, UN and “Palestinian” plan on Israel. In this plan, everybody has his turn and decisions, except for the God who has already determined everything since the beginning, with well-defined and immutable boundaries and limits.

Israel is a nation created thousands of years ago to glorify God. UN, which was created to glorify itself and reestablished in modern times Israel, does not acknowledge God, His plans for the world and much less His plans for Israel. If even Jews as George Soros and Tony Kushner want the suicide of Israel, what to expect from the UN?

Is the suicide role of Jews a new thing? In the Old Testament, the greatest opposers of God’s plans for Jews and their Promised Land were Jews themselves. In the political plan, the Old Testament shows how king after king of Israel rebelled himself against God and His will. Who can forget Ahab and other Jewish kings who were committing the suicide of their own nation? After thousands of years, nothing has changed. Karl Marx, an ex-Protestant Jew converted to satanism, is the creator of socialism, probably the destructive ideology that most produced suicide Protestants, Catholics and Jews in the world. Because of socialism, there are so many Jewish and Christian suicides today as there were in the Old Testament.

Then why are radical Muslims so worried? Why do they spend so much money in bombs and terrorism? For centuries they have been fighting to conquer the “Christian” West and destroy Israel. Even with high investments in terrorism, they hardly scratched the surface of the West and Israel. Yet, the victory they long for so much is coming, but not because of their own efforts and terrorism. It is coming through Christians and Jews that, with their actions and follies, hate God’s plans.

The Muslim world at large approves and praises the actions of Muslim terrorists against the “Christian” West and Israel. In turn, most Christians applaud leftwing Christian and Jewish leaders that with their actions and follies are leading the “Christian” West and Israel to their own suicide. And instead of condemning Muslim terrorism, these leaders excuse it. Whether they accept it or not, they are the greatest allies of the world Muslim terrorism.

“Christian” West and Israel are able to survive Muslim terrorism, but they would have a very hard time to survive the actions and follies from the leftwing Christian and Jewish suicides, who have the staunch support of the UN and EU.

Brazil suffers no threat from Muslim terrorism, but because of the actions of leftwing Catholic and Protestant suicides, today Brazil has a socialist president friend of Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, UN, Obama and Muslim nations enemies of Israel. As “Protestant” Obama, “Catholic” Lula has passion for the spread of the suicide ideology of abortion and homosexuality.

Brazil, which is the largest Catholic nation in the world, is a victim of the Theology of Liberation, which has been delivering Catholics and Protestants from the Gospel of Jesus Christ to make them slaves of the “gospel” according to Karl Marx. The spiritually suicide administrations of Lula in Brazil and Obama in the US are consequence of spiritually suicide theologies among Catholics and Protestants.

The traditional hatred and Muslim terrorist attacks against the US are going to fade away, because leftwing Christian and Jewish suicides were able to put in the White House a man to please not only themselves, but also Muslim terrorists around the world. Now leftwing Jewish suicides need only to apply in Israel the same coup, by putting in the presidency of Israel a Hussein Obama, to do the will of socialism and Islam.

Therefore, if told that the greatest suicides in the world are committed by Muslims, doubt. Similarly, if told that who is destroying the West and Israel is Osama Bin Laden and the Muslim terrorism, do not believe.

Leftwing Christian and Jewish suicides founded UN, sank “Christian” Europe and are sinking “Christian” America. In comparison to them, Muslim terrorists are just little mongrel dogs.

Is there a way out from the socialism ravaging among Christians and Jews, enslaving and threatening nations? Is there solution for the Muslim terrorism? How to escape from the “salvation” that Obama, Lula, UN, and leftwing Christian and Jewish suicides are offering to the world?

The only salvation to Christians, Jews and Muslims is the greatest Jew in History: King Jesus Christ.

Portuguese version of this article: Muçulmanos suicidas perdem para evangélicos e judeus suicidas

Source: http://www.lastdayswatchman.blogspot.com

[1] http://www.wnd.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=47804

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