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Beware of False Conservatives! Neocons and Their Leftist Mistreatment of Christians

Beware of False Conservatives! Neocons and Their Leftist Mistreatment of Christians

By Julio Severo
I received a report yesterday from Peter LaBarbera, one of the major Christian voices against the gay agenda in America, that he was detained by customs agents when he entered Canada. They did an intense search of his phone, laptop and belongings.
No, no. LaBarbera is not an Islamic terrorist. According to the Gaystapo and the politically-correct mob, he is worse: he is “homophobic” — a vague term that can be loosely interpreted to refer to criminals or merely Christians quoting Bible verses condemning homosexual sins.
The Canadian agents confiscated from LaBarbera a DVD copy of a new Russian documentary called “Sodom” as potential “hate propaganda” in violation of Canadian law banning material or people who could potentially “incite hate” based on “sexual orientation.”
“Sodom,” which features an interview with American pro-family leader Scott Lively of Defend the Family International, just shows the traditional Christian stance that homosexuality is a sexual perversion.
LaBarbera was entering Canada to attend his own trial in a court because his peaceful protest April 12 against abortion and sodomy at a Canadian public university was considered “hate.”
Ironically, the Canadian government that has mistreated LaBarbera is the conservative government of Stephen Harper, in power for many years. Canadian Christians had voted for him to avoid mistreatment by the Left against Christians who oppose abortion and sodomy, and now they suffer a leftist treatment in the hands of a conservative government.
“Conservative” Canada is becoming a dangerous place for pro-life and pro-family Christians. You can freely protest sodomy and abortion in Russia, but not in Canada.

LaBarbera’s Friend

I spent my day yesterday with an American friend of LaBarbera. He was the director of a Christian pro-family organization in a U.S. state.
Seeing the relentless advance of the homosexual agenda and its advocates, he was determined to fight it with no compromise.
But some well-funded “conservative” voices in his state thought that a compromise was vitally important: “since pro-family organizations could not allow homosexual ‘marriage,’ at least they should let homosexual activists have civil unions.” My friend correctly understood that civil unions were a significant stepping stone for higher claims, including homosexual “marriage.” So he resisted these voices, coming especially from groups connected to neocons.
Then came the battle between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney in the last U.S. presidential election. The same voices said, “Romney is the only conservative option to defeat Obama!” Conservative? My friend and other real conservatives knew that the first state to legalize homosexual “marriage” in the U.S. was Massachusetts, under Governor Mitt Romney, who became the first U.S. governor to pass a law turning sodomy into official marriage.

Satan and Beelzebub

Alan Keyes, a conservative Catholic, denounced, in an excellent WND article, that the choice between Obama and Romney was actually “A choice between Satan and Beelzebub.”
But neocons won. They said that it was non-sense not to support Romney. The priority, they said, was to defeat Obama.
My friend was removed from the headship of the pro-family organization because Christian conservatives were misled into choosing Beelzebub to defeat Satan… And while he mentioned to me the LaBarbera report on his detainment for “homophobia,” he told how powerful neocons are among conservatives in America.
Neocons have much more political power and money than most Christians who engage in pro-family battles just for defending their families. But neocons have “higher” interests, especially ultranationalistic interests at the expense of moral and Christian values.
What happens when Christian conservatives vote for the neocons’ conservatives? Just look at the “conservative” government of Canada and its leftist mistreatment of Peter LaBarbera.

“Conservatives” in the United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, Christians also vote for conservatives to protect themselves from this leftist mistreatment. But what have they got?
The British government under David Cameron, of the Conservative Party, has passed a law transforming sodomy into official marriage.
First, the political “conservative” talk was: “let’s fight against homosexual ‘marriage,’ but at least let homosexual activists get civil unions.” Next: “Now, let them get homosexual ‘marriage’!” This is not conservative. This is neocon, or false conservative.
Now, according to WND, British homosexuals are suing to force churches to marry them! Everything began with a “conservative” government compromising, compromising and compromising.
The next talk will be: “homosexual ‘marriage’ is not important. Conservatives should focus on more important subjects.” Important for neocons, of course.
Both Canada and the United Kingdom are major references for our understanding that to vote for conservatives (or false conservatives) is not a solution. It may become another serious problem.

Neocons and Christian Persecution

The British “conservative” government follows neocon interests, not conservative interests. According to Murad Makhmudov and Lee Jay Walker, Christian persecution follows neocon ambitions, which have inflamed torture and murder of Christians in Kosovo, Libya, Iraq, Syria and other nations. They point that the U.S. and the United Kingdom are the main tools for facilitating the neocons’ Christian persecution.
So neocons are capable of misleading conservative Christians into choosing their “conservative” candidates. Next, they are equally capable of imposing leftist mistreatment of Christians in their countries while at the same time stimulating torture and murder of Christians abroad.
Even so, neocons have been hijacking conservative feelings everywhere, misleading their victims that their candidates are better than their enemies.
In the recent Brazilian presidential election, U.S. neocons were actively engaged, as I told in my article “Obama Strategist in the Brazilian Presidential Campaign.” Their candidate was pro-gay agenda, but Brazilian conservatives were misled to think: “The homosexual agenda should not be important now.” The important thing was to defeat neocons’ enemies.
In this case, as many Brazilians told me, if Obama was with neocons, he is a hero!
I do not understand why neocons are called new conservatives, because they are willing to support any cause, conservative or leftist, that advances the U.S. supremacy.
Alan Keyes is right. Leftist candidates do not deserve our support. And definitely neocons’ candidates do not deserve it too.

Jesus and the Wicked Rulers

For a real conservative Christian, there is another point. When only the wicked rule, Christians should focus their attention only on spiritual priorities: the preaching of the Gospel and the salvation of sinners.
When the Roman Empire dominated Israel, Jesus never instigated his disciples about political issues. Of course, if there is a candidate who is not anti-family, we are free to support him. But political ambitions were never Jesus’ priority or concern. He was never obsessed about supporting a wicked ruler against another wicked ruler. In fact, he never instigated his disciples in these obsessions.
When political strategists manipulate conservatives, I think in LaBarbera being detained by a conservative government for his Christian stance against abortion and homosexuality. I think in my American friend being removed from the headship of a pro-family organization because well-funded neocons think that the supremacy of the U.S. politics should take a precedence over pro-family issues too. I think in British churches being sued to marry homosexuals. And I think in Christians in Syria and Iraq being beheaded because of the U.S. and U.K. neocon funding to the Islamic cutthroats.
By this point, we should have learnt something from Jesus’ example and the neocons’ deception.
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