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Spotlight: Exposing Pedophilia Scandals and Hiding Homosexual Scandals in the Catholic Church

Spotlight: Exposing Pedophilia Scandals and Hiding Homosexual Scandals in the Catholic Church

By Julio Severo
Recently, I watched Spotlight, a 2015 movie that exposes abundant cases of pedophilia in the Boston archdiocese. The profile of most victims, male children, is indicative of abundant cases of homosexuality, but the word homosexuality was mildly and rarely used in the movie.
What is the reason for such mild and frivolous treatment? You can watch a trailer here:
The scandals in the Boston archdiocese were exposed when American Jew Marty Baron, a new editor of The Boston Globe, led an investigative team of journalists who began, in 2001, to research and publish about pedophile priests covered by their superiors.
Baron discovered that bishops in the Boston area moved abusers from parish to parish instead of defrocking them or letting police and courts take charge of these cases. Similar scandals have since been discovered around the world.
According to the Associated Press, Australian Cardinal George Pell, the highest-ranking Vatican official to testify on systemic sexual abuse of children by clergy in the Roman Catholic Church, said senior clergy lied to him to cover up abuse in the 1970s. He said that he was deceived about why abusive priests were moved from parish to parish.
Spotlight, a movie based on actual events, reports that “249 priests and brothers were publicly accused of sexual abuse within the Boston Archdiocese.”
“The number of survivors in Boston is estimated to be well over 1,000,” says Spotlight.
The Boston cardinal responsible for overseeing these cases and for moving abusive priests from parish to parish was, according to Spotlight, promoted to Rome in 2002, right in the midst of the public scandal, to lead one of the high-ranking Roman Catholic churches in the world.
The candid movie reports that similar major abuse scandals have been uncovered in many other U.S. cities.
Officially, the Catholic Church has never said that the exposed scandals by Spotlight are lies.
There is no doubt that the way bishops and other overseers have managed the cases of pedophile (especially pederast) priests was a monumental disaster.
Yet, it is an equally monumental disaster to cover up the homosexual connection. Since The Boston Globe and its talented Jewish editor had no interest to investigate this connection, perhaps the pro-life movement, which is a significant force in the U.S. Catholicism, could research and publish about it, firstly in the Catholic setting.
The pro-life movement has had a high ability to record and expose abortion clinic scandals through undercover agents. They do it because they love children and they want to protect them.
Many Catholic pro-life groups focus their attacks on gender ideology, which harms children. But pedophilia (especially pederasty) in the church equally harms children, particularly because it is committed in a place that should offer protection and high spiritual and moral authority.
Pro-life groups and leaders, not the secular media as The Boston Globe, should be the first to expose crimes against children. Not only abortion and gender ideology are a threat to children, but pedophilia (especially pederasty) too.
Hollywood, abortion clinics and homosexual groups are places of rampant depravity. Depravity and cover-up are expected from them. But Christian institutions should have a higher standard and transparency, which is light, according to Christian ethics.
The Boston Globe did a necessary job by exposing pedophile priests and superiors covering them up. But the missing link was tritely treated. Pedophilia is the broad term for rape of female and male children. The proper term for rapists of male children, pederast, was never mentioned in Spotlight. This omission is troubling.
The Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary and Thesaurus (2009 Kindle edition) defines “pederast” as “one who practices anal intercourse esp. with a boy,” explaining the original Greek term, paiderastēs, literally means “lover of boys.”
The Oxford Dictionary (2010 Kindle edition) defines “pederasty” as “sexual activity involving a man and a boy.”
The 1913 Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary defines “pederasty” as sodomy and “pederast” as sodomite, a term traditionally used to designate homosexuals.
So where there is pederasty, there is always homosexuality, and where there is homosexuality, pederasty is inevitable. It is included in the packet.
Yet, the audiences would have the impression, by watching Spotlight, that boys are usually abused by priests, not homosexuals.
The Spotlight movie should have included the missing link. Yet, what to expect from liberals? They want to promote the gender agenda to children and protect them not from homosexuality but from Christianity, which, thanks to the Catholic leadership’s failure, they are pairing with pederasty, a term that is being separated from its only natural and traditional partner: homosexuality.
Why the Catholic Church has been so negligent in this matter, I do not know. Why during decades or more she gave no harsh treatment to homosexuals and their scandals in the clergy, protecting them from prosecution and jail, I do not know.
The pro-life movement, a protector of children, should have under its spotlight not only abortion and the gender agenda but also the massive scandal of homosexual, pederastic priests. This would give them moral authority to expose covered pederastic scandals of leaders and groups that treat Christian values in the same sewer of sexual perversion they live or tolerate in their midst. They would have authority to say the obvious: pederasty and homosexuality walk together wherever they are, whether in a church, school or other place.
Perverted priests should be denounced and jailed, even though only jail is a very small punishment to child-rapists. If pro-life Catholics do not move fast to protect children from perverts in their own Catholic midst, Hollywood and other liberal forces will continue to use the Catholic Church’s homosexual scandals to disparage all the conservative Christians and their values.
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John Druce said...

There is no question that the Catholic church hid and protected more known, "confessed" homosexual child rapists than anyone in US history.

They set them free to homosexually rape more boys, and never made any effort to stop them, because it is the standard policy of the Catholic church to protect their homosexual childrapists, as you would expect in an organization run by 400,000 priests who vowed not to have sex with women.

And they were protecting homosexual pedophile priests that were raping children, in brutal defiance of Jesus in Matt 18:6-14, where Jesus said it was unforgivable.

The Catholic church admitted 4,392 substantiated, accused pedo-priests in their own voluntary John Jay report of 2004, of which 3,200+ were homosexual childraping priests, all of which were protected and hidden by the Catholic church. Of course, they also hid 100% of their "heterosexual" childraping priests, and they admitted 800+ of them in 2004.