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PayPal Founder Peter Thiel Gets Standing Ovation by Affirming His Pride On Homosexuality Among Republicans

PayPal Founder Peter Thiel Gets Standing Ovation by Affirming His Pride On Homosexuality Among Republicans

By Julio Severo
Billionaire capitalist bully and PayPal founder Peter Thiel fulfilled his word. Days before his speech endorsing Donald Trump for president on Thursday, he let all the press know that he was going to declare: “I’m a proud gay man.”
Peter Thiel
He gave lots of time for an alleged opposition to contest his arrogant words affirming a sinful behavior in the Republican National Convention (RNC). But no Republican opposition appeared, and Thiel was rewarded with a strong round of applause as if he had addressed the liberal Democratic National Convention.
He broke a new barrier for the homosexual activism within the Republican Party by becoming the first openly homosexual speaker to address his homosexuality at a GOP convention— at a time conservatives want the Republican Party to fight the gay agenda.
When he said that he was proud to be a homosexual and a Republican, he got a standing ovation, after adding: “Who cares what bathrooms people use?”
Families care.
Christians care.
Conservatives care.
Liberal-minded Republicans could be saying to themselves: “Who cares about billionaire homosexual Thiel affirming his pride on homosexuality among us while he uses his fortune for our political cause?”
Conservative-minded Republicans asked other questions. Peter LaBarbera, founder and director of Americans For Truth About Homosexuality (, asked in his Twitter account, “How many open adulterers have addressed a GOP convention? Homosexualism is just a different sexual sin.”
As a conservative evangelical, I also ask questions. Can Thiel, the PayPal founder, restore my account? Can he apologize and declare that he yielded to homosexual activists who were harassing and persecuting me?
In 2011, PayPal closed my account definitively, after a campaign orchestrated by U.S. homosexualist group AllOut. To me, PayPal explained that I am ineligible to receive donations from my friends and readers because “you are not a registered non-profit organization.” To AllOut, PayPal explained that it closed my account because “We take very seriously any cases where a user has incited hatred, violence or intolerance because of a person’s sexual orientation.”
In a listing of the top ten anti-Christian acts in 2011, the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission ranked the gay pressure on PayPal as fourth top anti-Christian act, as reported by Charisma magazine.
Thiel believes in Libertarianism, whose followers traditionally believe in freedom of speech and freedom of the press.
A true libertarian would never have terminated my PayPal account when I was a victim of bullying from AllOut. But Thiel’s anti-Christian act against me and my family (my account was used to receive donation from my friends to support us) is explained by what he wrote in a 2009 essay for the Cato Institute. He said: “I no longer believe that freedom and democracy are compatible.”
The hard way, I understood that he practices what he believes and says.
Conservative writer Don Hank remarked about Thiel’s speech in RNC:
When I heard Thiel say last night that he welcomed a dialogue, I thought he might actually be serious. But considering that he was at the helm of PayPal when they denied Julio service simply because Julio believes in the traditional definition of marriage (NOT a crime!), it is hard to take Thiel seriously. It would appear he is just another bully who wants to force everyone else to support the homo agenda and silence those who won’t.
Of course, if Trump is elected, it will be up to him to decide whether we dialogue openly or just allow people of faith and other sane individuals to be enslaved to this agenda.
I think Trump is trying to navigate between people of tradition and the revolutionaries who want tradition abolished. But does he have the wisdom to succeed?
I suggest that anyone with ties to the Trump campaign send this link “PayPal closed my account definitively” to the leadership and ask them to see if Thiel is serious about dialogue and is willing to reopen Julio’s account. After all, Julio is on the front lines of the faith side of the dialogue and Thiel’s organization, which claims it wants dialogue, is on the other side. If Thiel refuses to re-establish Julio’s account, he is a liar and Trump should distance himself from him and issue a statement to that effect.
After all, Trump could have chosen any influential gay person to speak at the convention, but he chose a bully who stifles dialogue while hypocritically claiming to welcome it. Now he must answer for this choice or walk it back. This cannot stand.
Apparently, the problem for Thiel, 48, and his PayPal is not only my conservative Christian stance against the gay agenda. In RNC, he voiced criticism of the Republican Party, where there are many socially conservative opponents of the homosexual movement. 
“When Donald Trump asks us to Make America Great Again, he’s not suggesting a return to the past. He’s running to lead us back to that bright future,” said he.
Apparently, he was referring to the fact that in the past the United States was dominated by conservative evangelicals who rejected homosexuality. In its foundation, America was 98% Protestant, not 98% homosexual. George Washington, the first U.S. president, rejected homosexual behavior.
Thiel, who supports homosexual “marriage,” was one of the original backers of Facebook (a move that made him a billionaire) and is still one of its board members.
He is also a co-founder of Palantir, a company long associated with doing data analysis for U.S. intelligence and surveillance agencies.
He supports the legalization of marijuana, something which Republicans have long opposed.
Thiel’s decision to endorse Trump, even though liberal Democrat John F. Kennedy is his favorite President, shows that he seems as an unpredictable Republican as Trump.
Clearly there is far more to Thiel’s motives. Because he is a capitalist worth nearly $3 billion, he could simply believe that Trump will manage the economy better than Hillary Clinton. His capitalist ambitions seem to be a little above his homosexual militancy.
Yet, definitely his capitalist power has been at the service of his homosexual militancy. PayPal vowed to discontinue the expansion of its services in North Carolina after its governor passed a law to protect women and children against homosexual predators by not allowing biological men to use women’s restrooms and locker rooms.
In answer to the PayPal boycott, on Facebook Franklin Graham, son of the legendary evangelist Billy Graham, said, “PayPal gets the hypocrite of the year award!… PayPal operates in countries including Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, and Yemen for Pete’s sake. Just last month PayPal announced they would be expanding in Cuba, a country in which homosexuals and transgender people have been imprisoned, tortured, and executed.”
In RNC, Peter Thiel explicitly urged people to vote for Trump, in a stark contrast to senator Ted Cruz, who dodged an endorsement and has hammered Trump for his stance on transgender people’s use of women’s restrooms and locker rooms. During his campaign, Trump said transgender people should get to choose whatever bathroom they want.
While Thiel threw a bone to Trump, to Republicans and to gay militants, Trump seems to be throwing a bone to evangelicals and to gay militants. After Thiel’s speech in RNC, Trump’s speech promised to get rid of a law that hamstrings clergy from speaking about politics while promoting forcefully “our LGBT community” label.
Conservative Presbyterian Robert A. J. Gagnon, who is a professor of theology and author of the book “The Bible and Homosexual Practice: Texts and Hermeneutics,” said,
Trump said: “This time, the terrorist targeted our LGBT community. As your President, I will do everything in my power to protect our LGBT citizens from the violence and oppression of a hateful foreign ideology. Believe me. And I have to say as a Republican it is so nice to hear you cheering for what I just said. Thank you.” One can only wonder how far this positive defining of “our LGBT community” and the promise of protection against hate will extend to promoting discriminatory “sexual orientation” laws in the workplace against people of faith. He has already intimated support for such laws and has directly expressed opposition to laws prohibiting males by birth from entering female rest rooms.
Obviously a Clinton presidency would promote this agenda more rigorously than a Trump presidency. But a Trump presidency would implode Republican values from within, ending perhaps forever our connection with the Grand Old Party that once supported our values on sexual ethics. This is why many of us continue to have reservations about endorsing Trump for President even in the face of the horror of a Clinton presidency.
The presence of billionaire homosexual bully Peter Thiel as a speaker in the GOP convention seems to have been calculated to implode conservative values within the Republican Party.
If Trump keeps treating Christian values and the gay agenda as a mere business game, he will be cooperating with such implosion.
With information from DailyMail and The New York Times.
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