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Bloody Money: Saudi Arabia Conquers Trump

Bloody Money: Saudi Arabia Conquers Trump

By Julio Severo
Abandoning some of the harsh anti-Muslim rhetoric of his presidential campaign and his promises of a “total and complete shutdown” of the entry of Muslims to the United States, President Donald Trump visited Saudi Arabia, Islam’s holiest site.
In his first international trip, Trump, whose campaign advocated “America First,” put Saudi Arabia as the top priority, above Israel. He’s the only American president to make Saudi Arabia — or any Islamic nation — his first overseas visit.
He received a glittering welcome from leaders in Saudi Arabia. He was greeted at the airport by King Salman, which was notable given that the Muslim monarch did not show up last year to welcome President Barack Obama on his final visit to Saudi Arabia.
Later, Salman awarded Trump the Collar of Abdulaziz al Saud, the highest Saudi honor.
Trump was joined on the trip by the CEOs of several major U.S. companies, which announced multi-billion dollar agreements with the Saudis.
In Saudi Arabia, he addressed the leaders of 50 Muslim countries saying, “This is not a battle between different faiths, different sects or different civilizations. This is a battle between those who seek to obliterate human life and those who seek to protect it. This is a battle between good and evil.”
In his turn, Saudi King Salman said, “Islam is the religion of peace and tolerance… it considers killing an innocent soul tantamount to killing all of humanity.”
Trump said, “Terrorism has spread across the world. But the path to peace begins right here, on this ancient soil, in this sacred land. America is prepared to stand with you.”
Trump hailed America’s friendship with Saudi Arabia, which “stretches back many decades, and covers numerous dimensions.” It is a markedly different message from his campaign that said “Saudi Arabia and many of the countries that gave vast amounts of money to the Clinton Foundation want women as slaves and to kill gays.”
Meanwhile, Ivanka Trump, who accompanied her presidential father in the visit, praised Saudi “progress” on women’s rights.
The 2016 Trump said that “I think Islam hates us” and that Muslims have “great hatred toward Americans.” The 2017 Trump asked for unity with Saudis and other Sunni Muslim nations against Islamic terror.

Saudi Arabia Funds Terror

Yet, how could Muslim nations fight Islamic terrorism if Saudi Arabia, according to CBN, has a prominent role in spreading Islamic terrorism?
A leading spokesman for religious freedom said years ago that the U.S. government will make no serious effort to defeat ISIS terrorists because they are Sunni. William J. Murray, the chairman of the Religious Freedom Coalition said the royal family of Sunni Saudi Arabia would not permit any genuine attempt to stop a Sunni onslaught of terror in the Middle East because it is Sunni based.
Murray said the United States has been the “puppet” military of the Saudi royal family, attacking and isolating Shia nations such as Syria. In his view the Shia majority state of Syria, which protects the Christian minority, is a target of the United States only because the Saudi royals are giving the orders, not the American people.
Trump, who has condemned Syria’s President Bashar Assad for committing “unspeakable crimes against humanity,” has been silent on Saudi Arabia and its Sunni allies persecuting Christians and backing ISIS. Instead, in the first days of his administration he rewarded Saudi Arabia for fighting Islamic terror.
If it is senseless to have Saudi Arabia as an ally against Islamic terror, why did Trump make this Islamic nation his top priority for his first international trip as a president? The reason is money.

Bloody Money, Bloody Profits, Bloody Jobs

In his first day in Saudi Arabia, Trump signed an extraordinary deal worth a total of US$ 350 billion over ten years. He said, “That was a tremendous day. Tremendous investments in the United States. Hundreds of billions of dollars of investments into the United States and jobs, jobs, jobs.”
Separately, U.S. companies in the oil center will gain US$ 22 billion in new deals with the state-owned oil company Saudi Aramco. And pacts with other companies could balloon that number as high as US$ 50 billion.
House chief economic adviser Gary Cohn told reporters that Saudi Arabia is “going to hire US companies” for “a bunch of infrastructure related things,” boasting that the deal is worth “a lot of money. Big dollars. Big dollars.”
Saudi Arabia will “invest a lot of money in the U.S. and have a lot of U.S. companies invest and build things over here,” Cohn said.
The most tangible agreement between Trump and the Saudi leader was the US$ 110 billion sale of military equipment to Saudi Arabia that is effective immediately. The White House said the agreement will produce “tens of thousands of new jobs in the United States.”
White House press secretary Sean Spicer claimed that the US$ 110 billion in military equipment represents the “largest single arms deal in U.S. history.”
Trump and his team have made it clear that human rights violations will not affect these deals. So the Trump administration’s logic, which is very compatible with neocons’ logic, is that Muslim nations giving massive profits to the U.S. will be allies in the U.S. fight against Islamic terrorism, even though they fund such terrorism and are involved in Christian genocide. This is the Saudi case.
Muslim nations not giving profits to the U.S. will be enemies in the U.S. fight against Islamic terrorism, even though they protect Christian minorities. This is the Syrian case.
The secret to conquer Trump, Obama, Bush and Clinton is profitable economic deals.
How does the United States expect to defeat Islamic terror if it heavily arms its main sponsor?
How does the United States expect to defeat Islamic terror if it is economically dependent on its main sponsor?
The 2016 Trump would be embarrassed by the 2017 Trump.
Trump chose to continue Obama’s homosexual imperialism by keeping Obama’s special envoy for global homosexual issues. Why did not Trump take the envoy with him to reprimand Saudi Arabia for killing homosexuals?

The Largest Single Arms Deal in U.S. History

A massive deal of US$ 110 billion in military equipment represents not only the “largest single arms deal in U.S. history,” but also a military expenditure bigger than the military expenditure of nations vastly bigger than Saudi Arabia.
Brazil, which is territorially the fifth largest nation in the world and it is larger than the continental United States without Alaska, has an annual military budget of US$ 24 billion. By far, the small Saudi Arabia has surpassed Brazil.
Russia, which is territorially the first largest nation in the world, has an annual military budget of US$ 65 billion. By far, the small Saudi Arabia has surpassed Russia.
Besides its single colossal deal, Saudi Arabia has an annual military budget of US$ 81 billion.
What does small Saudi Arabia intend to do with its new huge military equipment purchased from the U.S.? Does Saudi Arabia intend to use all of it just for itself? Will not it be generous to its many Sunni brothers fighting for Islam around the world, especially in Syria?
Saudi’s bloody money has conquered Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama and now Trump.
Because of Saudi money, ISIS is alive and active, committing genocide against Christians.

Saudi Role in the 9/11 Islamic Attack

If America and her leaders were ashamed of receiving bloody money, they would recognize the fact that most Muslims terrorists who committed the 9/11 attack were Saudis. But Saudi Arabia has never been invaded by U.S. troops.
The Saudis have long been suspected of financing the 9/11 terror attacks that hit New York and Washington.
The Islamic terrorists killed nearly 3,000 people. Fifteen of the 19 9/11 terrorists were Saudis.
At the time of the attacks in 2001, Saudi Arabia was funding Muslim radicalism in mosques and charities. This was bloody money going to bloody causes.
The bloody money did not stop there. After the U.S. Congress passed a new law allowing 9/11 victims’ families to sue Saudi Arabia in U.S. courts, Muslims mounted an expensive political campaign, including paying American military veterans to visit Capitol Hill and warn lawmakers about what they said could be unintended consequences.
What few people knew, including some of the recruited veterans themselves, was that Saudi Arabia’s government was largely paying for the effort, worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.
The Saudi bloody money has conquered America, including Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama and now Trump, and will produce tens of thousands of new jobs in the United States.
With the assistance of the fat Saudi client, the U.S. employment rate will skyrocket. They are bloody jobs.
For Trump, the lucrative Saudi oil is worth more than the Christian blood spilled by Sunni Muslims backed by the Saudis.
I believe in capitalism guided by Jewish-Protestant values. But capitalism without such values is destructive.

Buying American Silence and Indifference

By paying Trump over 100 billion dollars for military equipment, Saudi Arabia has bought American indifference to the Christian genocide by Sunni Muslims and protected itself from being accused of what it is: the main sponsor of the global Islamic terrorism.
Saudi Arabia has abundant petrodollars to buy American indifference, and America has no longer Jewish-Protestant values to guide her capitalism and reject bloody money.
After two days of meetings in Saudi Arabia, Trump was scheduled to travel to Israel and the Vatican to meet with Pope Francis.
Why Trump did not make Israel the first nation of his international trip is a mystery baffling conservatives and defying the rhetoric of U.S.-Israel friendship.
Yet, even if Trump had chosen to visit Saudi Arabia in the end of his list of international trips, this would not change the fact that Saudi Arabia has been spreading Islamic terrorism around the world.
The only proper U.S. visit to Saudi Arabia should be by U.S. troop.
With information from DailyMail, Associated Press, ABC News, Religious Freedom Coalition and WND.
Portuguese version of this article: Dinheiro de sangue: Arábia Saudita conquista Trump
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