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Left-Wing Rampage against Conservatives Because of a Handful of Occult Right-Wing Radicals. How Occultists Pose a Threat to the Conservative Movement


Left-Wing Rampage against Conservatives Because of a Handful of Occult Right-Wing Radicals. How Occultists Pose a Threat to the Conservative Movement

By Julio Severo

Donald Trump was watching on TV a rally of thousands of thousands of his supporters marching in Washington DC on January 6, 2021. But what should be a peaceful event was marred by a handful of radicals who stormed the U.S. Capitol.

QAnon Shaman invaded the Capitol to show support for Trump

Even though, in their wishful thinking, conservatives would like to see these radicals as BLM or Antifa, the truth is that there were QAnon radicals in the mob.

One of the radicals was Jake Angeli, 32, known as the QAnon Shaman. QAnon is a suspicious movement that eventually marred one of the greatest demonstrations of Trump supporters. Shaman is a kind of witch.

Regardless if the mob was Antifa, BLM or QAnon, Trump, who was watching everything on TV, had the obligation to call immediately a reinforcement of federal agents to protect the Capitol. He had also the responsibility to condemn immediately and strongly the mob and their invasion of the Capitol. But he did not do it.

If the mob was Antifa or BLM (Black Lives Matter) or QAnon, why did not Trump condemn them immediately?

Trump’s inaction or inability to denounce swiftly the destructive mob was harmful to most of his evangelical supporters. His lack of swift and strong condemnation brough many negative consequences.

Instead of attacking only the mob of radicals, the left-wing media labeled all the pro-Trump protestors as radicals. This is, the majority was used as scapegoat to pay for the crimes of a radical minority, even though many in the multitude of Trump supporters tried to hinder the radicals from invading the Capitol, as Brian Brown showed.

According to Peter LaBarbera, who mentioned Ben Shapiro, the invaders were QAnon and alt-right, a radical right-wing movement connected to Steve Bannon, whom Trump had fired from the White House for opportunism.

For years, I have exposed the danger of occultists to the conservative movement, and now this danger has become reality.

Now, the left-wing media is more emboldened to attack all conservatives as radicals because of a minority of real radicals whom Trump refused to condemn immediately.

Facebook has banned Trump indefinitely and Twitter has banned him permanently. Several other platforms have also suspended him.

Now, no conservative or Christian is safe on Facebook and Twitter. It is open season to hunt conservatives and Christians.

The giant tech companies censor and ban with no reason. If some conservative gives them some reason, they will use and abuse it.

My official personal account was permanently banned by Facebook just before the 2020 U.S. election. My content is especially conservative evangelical. I have no connection to QAnon or other occult movements. And my support of Trump was balanced, not radical. Often, I criticized him for his global campaign to make sodomy legal around the world. Even so, Facebook banned me permanently as if I were a radical.

Trump was wrong for not condemning immediately the mob that invaded the Capitol, but those attacking him, including left-wing politicians and media, never attacked BLM and Antifa mobs when their rioters attacked federal property, looted shops and houses and killed people. In fact, the media did not call these radicals rioters, but just “protestors,” ignoring all their destructive acts and rampages.

Facebook, Twitter and other U.S. platforms have not banned permanently or even blocked BLM and Antifa, Marxist movements that have a history of terror, vandalism and rampages.

So if U.S. platforms grant total free speech to BLM, Antifa and other terrorist groups, why do they deny it to Trump?

Trump was wrong for not condemning immediately a handful of radicals and QAnon that brought infamy to him and his millions of supporters. Yet, U.S. giant tech companies also are wrong for protecting BLM, Antifa and other Marxist and Islamic radicals in their platforms.

When we conservative make no mistakes, left-wing radicals, including their minions in the media, attack us. If we make mistakes, especially a big mistake, they think that they can do against us whatever they want. Yet, BLM, Antifa and other Marxist extremists are entitled to make any mistakes they want.

In this evil generation, we conservative Christians should behave as Jesus warned:

“Behold, I am sending you out as sheep in the midst of wolves, so be wise as serpents and innocent as doves.” (Matthew 10:16 ESV)

We conservative Christians should remember that our main mission is not political, but spiritual. If we forget it, we will be held accountable to Him who gave us the mission.

We should never let politicians use us, but we should use everything to proclaim and demonstrate the Gospel of the Kingdom of God.

Portuguese version of this article: Baderna esquerdista contra conservadores por causa de um punhado de radicais direitistas ocultistas. Como ocultistas representam uma ameaça ao movimento conservador

Source: Last Days Watchman

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