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Biden recognized systematic killings of Christian Armenians by Islamic Turkey was genocide


Biden recognized systematic killings of Christian Armenians by Islamic Turkey was genocide

By Julio Severo

President Joe Biden has formally recognized that systematic killings and deportations of hundreds of thousands of Christian Armenians by Muslim Turkey in 1915 was genocide.

Armenian Christian adolescents raped and crucified by Muslim Turks during the Armenian genocide in 1915

Yet, he did not mention directly the words “Christian” and “Muslim.”

For decades the White House has avoided saying that Islamic Turkey committed genocide against Christian Armenians over concerns that such recognition could damage relations with NATO ally Turkey.

Even former President Donald Trump never recognized the Turkish genocide against Armenian Christians, preferring to say that he was a big fan of Islamic dictator Recep Erdogan.

He wasted a golden opportunity to recognize the genocide against Christians, and Biden, even though a left-winger, did the unthinkable by recognizing it. No one expected him to do it, even though, to be consistent, he should also recognize the genocide of about 1 million babies who are killed year by year in abortion facilities in the U.S.

Biden’s historic declaration has been celebrated by Christian Armenians, but provoked an angry response in Islamic Turkey, which said that Biden’s decision “will open a deep wound that undermines our mutual trust and friendship.”

An estimated two million Christian Armenians were deported and 1.5 million were killed in the events known as Metz Yeghern.

In his statement that did not mention the word “Christian,” Biden said the American people honor “all those Armenians who perished in the genocide that began 106 years ago today.”

He added: “Over the decades Armenian immigrants have enriched the United States in countless ways, but they have never forgotten the tragic history… We honor their story. We see that pain. We affirm the history. We do this not to cast blame but to ensure that what happened is never repeated.”

With his acknowledgement, Biden fulfilled a campaign promise he made in 2020 on the annual commemoration of Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day to recognize that the events of 1915 to 1923 were a genocide against Armenians.

In a letter to Biden, Armenia’s Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan wrote that the U.S. president’s message was received with great enthusiasm by the people of Armenia and Armenians worldwide.

“The acknowledgement of the Armenian Genocide is important not only as a tribute paid to the 1.5 million innocent victims, but also in terms of preventing the recurrence of similar crimes against mankind,” he added.

A statement from the Turkish Foreign Ministry called on Biden to correct what it described as “a grave mistake.”

It read: “We reject and denounce in the strongest terms the statement of the President of the US regarding the events of 1915 made under the pressure of radical Armenian circles and anti-Turkey groups. It is clear that the said statement does not have a scholarly and legal basis, nor is it supported by any evidence. This statement... will open a deep wound that undermines our mutual trust and friendship.”

Essentially, Turkey used revisionism (a tool commonly used by left-wingers) to deny that what they did against Christians was genocide.

Erdogan had established a close bond with former U.S. president Donald Trump, but the Biden administration has grown more vocal about Turkey’s human rights track record.

Again, if Biden is so concerned about human rights, why is its administration giving billions of dollars to fund abortion facilities that kill 4,000 American babies a day?

Trump was right when he denounced abortion, but he was wrong by not denouncing the Turkish genocide against Christian Armenians.

Biden was right when he denounced the Turkish genocide, but he was wrong by not denouncing the genocide of abortion in America.

With information from the Daily Mail.

Portuguese version of this article: Biden reconheceu que os assassinatos sistemáticos de armênios cristãos por parte da Turquia islâmica foi genocídio

Source: Last Days Watchman

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