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Why Does Facebook Harass and Censor Christians?

Why Does Facebook Harass and Censor Christians?

By Julio Severo
On January 28, 2018, Facebook blocked my account (, for 30 days, for a professional exposé on how homosexualist groups abuse millions of Brazilian taxpayers’ money and for my support for Norway’s efforts to deport Muslim criminal immigrants.
The latest block came on the heels of another 30-day block, begun on December 10 and ended on January 9, for a comment about loving sinners.
Why a 30-day block following a 30-day block? What is the reason for the latest block?
According to the January 28 communication Facebook gave me,
We Removed Something You Posted
It looks like these posts don’t follow our Community Standards.
The translated posts mentioned by Facebook are these:
1) Serious exposé on the Brazilian homosexual movement. Thanks to the collaboration and sacrifice of many readers and friends, the first major exposé on the misuse of public funds by well-known homosexual activists is ready. Spread this exposé to all your friends and leaders of goodwill!
This post, which Facebook removed and used as a pretext to block my account, was published on August 2013. Almost 5 years ago! Facebook has resurrected an old post, which is entirely journalistic and was professionally produced, to use it for its latest block.
2) Newly elected conservatives in Norway are expelling Islamic criminals:
This other post, which Facebook removed and used as a pretext to block my account, was published on February 2014. Four years ago! Facebook has also resurrected this old post to use it for its latest block.
The resurrection of these two old posts shows Facebook’s abusive behavior. There are thousands of similar conservative posts on my account and if Facebook follows this pattern of harassment, bullying and censorship, it can use any old post to block more times me or even terminate my account.
After showing my two old posts as its reason to block my account, Facebook’s communication said,
You’re Temporarily Blocked From Posting
This temporary block will last 30 days, and you won’t be able to post on Facebook until it’s finished.
If you post something that goes against our standard again, your account will be blocked for another 30 days.
Please keep in mind that people who repeatedly post things that aren’t allowed on Facebook may have their accounts permanently disabled.
With its latest block, using old posts, Facebook is clearly showing that conservative views are not tolerated in its environment. It is showing that it has no willingness to give his users safety and freedom for conservative views.
Facebook could have read my exposé on the homosexualist movement in Brazil and conclude that this document is journalistic and professional, just denouncing how homosexualist groups explore and abuse Brazilian taxpayers’ money. There is no improper language or personal attacks. Just sheer professional information.
On Norway deporting Muslim criminals, why Facebook’s fuss? If Muslims rape and commit other crimes in Norway, cannot they be deported? Cannot I report their deportation? Cannot I support Norway’s efforts to deport Muslim criminals?
I am an evangelical Christian. As far as Muslims are concerned, evangelicals are victims. There is no nation of evangelical majority where Muslims are persecuted. In contrast, there is no nation of Islamic majority where evangelicals are not persecuted.
In the same way, there is no nation of evangelical majority where homosexuals are tortured and murdered by evangelicals. In contrast, there is no nation of Islamic majority where homosexuals are not tortured and murdered by Muslims.
So my view is not only conservative. It is also the view of a vulnerable religious group that is victim of rapes, robbery and murders in Muslim nations.
In Muslim nations, the evangelical voice is silenced. Why is Facebook imitating Muslim nations and silencing a conservative evangelical voice?
If Facebook thinks that my professional exposé of homosexual groups abusing Brazilian taxpayers’ money is wrong, disprove it.
If Facebook thinks that my conservative view on Norway deporting Muslim criminals is wrong, disprove it.
Censorship is not a proper answer to conservative views on the homosexual greed for taxpayers’ money and Islamic violence. Censorship is the normal answer from dictatorial systems.
Facebook is a U.S.-based company and it should behave according to its American nature. Censorship is not a part of American tradition, clearly founded on Protestant principles, the same Christian values I have and I cherish. Facebook has greatly benefited from the freedom and prosperity Protestants, who were an overwhelming majority in America’s foundation, gave to the U.S. Facebook should show some gratitude to evangelicals for the sake of the U.S. Founders, including George Washington, who were Protestant.
If Facebook has received freedom in the largest Protestant nation in the world, why cannot Facebook give, in return, freedom to evangelicals? Even when there is no direct blocks on my account, my comments and interactions on Facebook have been treated as spam and deleted. People often are blocked from sharing my posts. Shadow banning on Facebook?
If Facebook has not been a victim of harassment, bullying and censorship in the largest Protestant nation in the world, why has Facebook made me, an evangelical Christian, a victim of its harassment, bullying and censorship?
I ask Christians around the world to help me, through prayers and support, fight Facebook’s censorship, harassment and bullying against my conservative Christian stances.
If you can help, contact me here:
Pressure works. Last July, the California-based Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund sent an official legal letter to the Facebook lawyers threatening legal action after Facebook removed a post by me and blocked me for 30 days.
After the threat, Facebook said,
“A member of our team accidentally removed something you posted on Facebook. This was a mistake, and we sincerely apologize for this error. We’ve since restored the content, and you should now be able to see it.”
Portuguese version of this article: Por que o Facebook atormenta e censura os cristãos?
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