Thursday, September 20, 2018

Facebook is building a “fake news war room” inside its headquarters to fight against conservative information during the upcoming US and Brazilian elections

Facebook is building a “fake news war room” inside its headquarters to fight against conservative information during the upcoming US and Brazilian elections

By Julio Severo
In a report titled “Facebook is building a ‘fake news war room’ inside its California headquarters to co-ordinate its battle against the spread of misinformation during the upcoming US and Brazilian elections,” DailyMail said, “Facebook officials are ramping up their efforts to stop the spread of ‘fake news.’”
It is very easy to identify what Facebook considers fake news and misinformation: conservative views.
Conservatives have been Facebook’s favorite victims for censorship.
When there is almost no one complaint from the left-wing Facebook users of censorship of their views, complaints from the conservative movement are widespread.
“Google and Twitter and Facebook, they’re really treading on very, very troubled territory and they have to be careful. It’s not fair to large portions of the population,” President Donald Trump said last month, according to Fox, noting that his administration has “literally thousands and thousands of complaints coming in” about the tech companies’ practices.
There is pro-left bias and anti-conservative bias on Facebook. Last year, for example, Facebook hired Joel Benenson, a chief adviser to Barack Obama and the chief strategist of Hillary Clinton.
What Facebook is promising now is more censorship of conservatives, especially in their free choice to use Facebook to spread their conservative ideas. Such pressure is provoking a result: 1 in 3 conservatives have left or considering leaving Facebook.
I can speak by my own experience. In the last 14 months, Facebook has imposed on my profile 30-day blocks several times. In a report about censorship, WND has included my case in its headline “‘Free speech issue of our time’: Tech giants trigger conservative revolt.”
The DailyMail report said,
The firm has revealed it will have a fully-functioning “war room” up and running at its Menlo Park Campus in time for the US and Brazil elections.
Facebook executives claim the company has several teams currently working to improve its response to any attempts designed to manipulate Facebook's content to favour any specific candidate or party.
The Brazilian general elections are scheduled to be held on October 7 to elect the President and Vice President, the National Congress, state and Federal District Governors and Vice Governors, state Legislative Assemblies and Federal District Legislative Chamber.
The United States midterm elections are due to be held on November 6 2018. It will see all 435 seats in the House of Representatives and 35 of the 100 seats in the United States Senate contested.
Facebook’s alleged worry is that its platform was used to elect Trump. I wonder if Facebook would be worried if its platform had been successful, as it tried to do, in electing the left-wing Hillary Clinton.
Facebook wants the public to believe, as William Murray said, that “a handful of ‘Russian trolls’ leaving comments on Facebook pages altered the results of the 2016 elections!”
Facebook is using the excuse of Russian trolls — Russians and their current conservatism — as scapegoats to increase its censorship of conservatives.
So Facebook kills two birds with one stone: It blames Russia for interfering in the U.S. elections and distracts attention of its own efforts to help elect left-wing candidates.
Regardless of Russian conservatism, most Facebook users are conservative. This is the only explanation for the fact that, in spite of Facebook’s massive pro-left bias, the majority’s will prevailed. Untold numbers of users have been put in the Facebook jail for just saying that homosexuality is perversion. Facebook had even removed my quotation of Leviticus 18:22, where God said, “Do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman; that is detestable.”
Most voters of Trump were evangelical, and this is the reason Facebook has imposed so much censorship on conservative evangelicals. Likewise, the main voting base of a promising right-wing candidate in Brazil is evangelicals.
Facebook’s war room is not against fake news. It is against conservative news. It is against evangelicals in the U.S. and Brazil.
Facebook’s battle is not against misinformation. It is against conservative and evangelical information.
I know by experience, because I am evangelical and I have been under censorship and 30-days blocks from Facebook.
If it could, Facebook would send all American and Brazilian evangelicals to virtual Gulags. The first step has already been taken: Relentless censorship of evangelical views of the homosexual agenda.
The left is rife with fake news and misinformation. If Facebook were serious about fighting such threats, it would impose on left-wing extremists the same censorship it has been imposing on conservatives for years.
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