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Trump’s coronavirus treatment was based on a pharmaceutical drug developed with cells derived from an aborted baby


Trump’s coronavirus treatment was based on a pharmaceutical drug developed with cells derived from an aborted baby

By Julio Severo

U.S. President Donald Trump has been treated with an anti-COVID-19 experimental drug called Regeneron (or REGN-COV2), developed by the pharmaceutical company Regeneron with cells derived from an aborted baby. He called it a God-given miracle cure. What now will his pro-life supporters think? How will they respond?

Because Trump was touting and propagandizing so much hydroxychloroquine for coronavirus or COVID-19, everybody was expecting him to use it for his own COVID-19 infection. But he used a drug that is opposite to his pro-life speeches.

After falling ill from a coronavirus infection, Trump received Regeneron. The treatment proved effective, with Trump returning to his office within a matter of days. He has since praised Regeneron as “miracle coming down from God.”

Yet, could anything connected to abortion, remotely or not, be a blessing of God?

Regeneron administered to Trump was tested using a supply of HEK 293T human cells, which have been cloned and modified in pharmaceutical labs for decades. These cells originate from a baby aborted in 1973, the exact year when abortion was legalized in the United States.

Some pro-life activists think that the abortion origin of HEK 293T is not important today. In a report using information from Regeneron, LifeNews said that HEK 293T cells “keep dividing endlessly… and have gone through other genetic changes” that “Over such a length of time, they can become disassociated from their origin.”

So, for LifeNews, HEK 293T lost its abortion origin.

In a communication with Debi Debi Vinnedge, president of Children of God for Life, a Catholic group that has been warning about tissue of aborted babies in vaccines, I asked her about HEK 293T:

“Do you think that these cells have gone for so many changes during the years that they just lost their origin from an aborted baby?”

Vinnedge’s answer:

“Absolutely not — they have not lost their origin at all. HEK-293 cells still contain the original human DNA from that aborted baby. Yes, the cells have been used over and over again and have been modified in some cases. But they are still very much human and still have the original aborted baby’s DNA. One cannot disassociate themselves from that abortion. And if the cells were somehow so drastically changed they would no longer be HEK-293 cell, but some other genotype and certainly some other named cell line.”

She also said:

“Regeneron used the HEK-293 aborted fetal cells to produce a Spike protein – then injected that protein into a humanized mouse. They then took an antibody from that mouse and used that along with a second antibody that was grown in hamster cells. The HEK-293 aborted fetal cell line is well established and has been used for decades in many medicines and vaccines.  Genetically, there is no difference between the original cell line and what is used today other than the age of the cells. See our chart listing products using this on our website here. So while the HEK cells are not IN the antibody treatment Trump received, it most certainly was not morally developed – AND they also tested for efficacy on the HEK cells as well. But Trump had absolutely no way of knowing this and the media is trying to use it politically to harm Trump.”

If even a pro-life organization as LifeNews does not know that HEK 293T has abortion connections today, how could Trump’s evangelical advisers know? In fact, how could he know himself?

Of course, the media is exposing the HEK 293T issue not because they oppose abortion or because they want to stop the use of tissue of aborted babies in vaccines and other pharmaceutical drugs. They are exposing it to harm Trump and his campaign. If leftist Joe Biden had used a treatment with HEK 293T, the Big Media would have remained silent.

Trump has made many pro-life speeches as a Republican candidate and as president, although before entering politics he expressed pro-abortion views.

In January 2020, Trump became the first U.S. president to speak at the March for Life, claiming that “unborn children have never had a stronger defender in the White House” and “every child is a precious and sacred gift from God.”

Despite these strong pro-life stances, Trump touted the success of Regeneron in a video filmed at the White House on October 7, 2020 in which he promised it would be made free to Americans.

Given the Trump administration’s pro-life resistance to research involving tissue from aborted babies, it seemed extremely strange that Trump, who has widespread support from the pro-life movement, has lauded Regeneron as God’s miracle.

In 2019, Trump cut federal funding for cancer treatments based on tissue from aborted babies. A special commission was established within the U.S. Health Department — staffed with many pro-life specialists — to monitor and block research projects based on abortion. So far, it has already rejected 13 of 14 research proposals.

Yet, with Regeneron the story seems to have changed radically.

“Within a very short period of time they gave me Regeneron, it’s called Regeneron, and other things too but I think this was the key,” Trump said of his treatment. “It was, like, unbelievable. I felt good immediately. I felt as good three days ago as I do now.”

Regeneron has received $450million from the Trump administration for up to 300,000 doses of its pharmaceutical drug.

The challenge posed by Regeneron is: How will the Trump administration conciliate its pro-life speeches with the promotion of a pharmaceutical drug based on the tissue of an aborted baby? How will Trump’s pro-life supporters respond to it? How will his evangelical supporters respond to his comparison of Regeneron with God’s miracle?

As to me, even though I think that Joe Biden, who is pro-abortion, would see no problem in using pharmaceutical drugs based on aborted babies, I would prefer to see Trump using hydroxychloroquine than using Regeneron. Abortion is not pleasing and ethical in any form, whether in an abortion clinic or pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines.

My hope and prayer, as a pro-life evangelical who supports Trump’s pro-life speeches, is that his pro-life advisers can advise him to apply to himself the same ethical principle to block in the U.S. Health Department any treatment based, even in the most remote way possible, on the abortion of an innocent baby.

Updated information on October 11, 2020 at 3:30 PM.

With information from DailyMail and Deutsche Welle.

Portuguese version of this article: Tratamento do coronavírus de Trump foi baseado em uma droga farmacêutica desenvolvida com células derivadas de um bebê abortado

Source: Last Days Watchman

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