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Biden Administration Sent 350 Tons of Military Equipment to Ukraine


Biden Administration Sent 350 Tons of Military Equipment to Ukraine

By Julio Severo

The far-left-wing Biden administration is ramping up military aid to Ukraine, with a US cargo ship delivering 350 tons of military equipment to Ukraine’s Odessa port.

Ocean Glory

The cargo ship Ocean Glory under the American flag specializes in military transportation. Built in 2015, length 171 meters, width 25 meters, deadweight about 20 thousand tons, it entered the port of Odessa on 24 March 2021.

A month after Biden taking office, the White House issued an official communique decrying “Russia’s illegal invasions of Ukraine.”

“The United States continues to stand with Ukraine and its allies and partners today, as it has from the beginning of this conflict. On this somber anniversary, we reaffirm a simple truth: Crimea is Ukraine,” the Biden administration said on Feb.26.

“The United States does not and will never recognize Russia’s purported annexation of the peninsula, and we will stand with Ukraine against Russia’s aggressive acts.”

The conflict between Ukraine and Russia was created by George Soros and U.S. left-wing President Barack Hussein Obama, who ousted a pro-Russia administration in Ukraine to install an anti-Russia administration. Eventually, Democrats were benefited by the Ukrainian revolution.

According to WND (WorldNetDaily), Ukrainian natural gas firm Burisma hired Hunter Biden while his father was vice president for him to help them to shut down investigations against the company’s owner.

WND also reported that the FBI got emails from Hunter Biden showing the former vice president’s son strategized to cash in on his father’s visit to Ukraine.

So the interests of Democrats (or U.S. socialists) seem to go in three directions:

* To make Democrats participants in the Ukrainian corruption.

* To make the U.S. military industrial complex stronger.

* To make Ukraine a proxy against Russia.

The Ukrainian case is a showcase of neocon ambitions. While Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and George Soros were calling the Ukrainian revolution a people’s revolution, in a WND report Savage said,

“The situation in Ukraine has been painted as a conflict between Vladimir Putin’s Russia, the so-called bad guys, and Ukrainian rebels, the so-called good guys who seek to oust Russia from a position of influence in Ukraine and install a new government that will be responsive to the Ukrainian people. Don’t believe a word of it. The Ukrainian nationalists are fascists. Washington’s original purpose for staging a coup in Ukraine was to move Ukraine away from Russia and bring Ukraine into the European Union. In other words, the neocons and the bought-and-paid-for ‘moderates’ in the Obama administration wanted to wrest control of Ukraine from Putin’s hands and gain economic and energy control over the country. As Dr. Stephen F. Cohen has pointed out, Western nations, with the U.S. leading the way, have been provoking Putin for decades. We’ve expanded NATO to include former Soviet states – Ukraine looks like the next target – and we’ve attacked allies of Russia, including Libya and Iraq. The U.S. – along with other Western nations – through our incursions into the politics, economics and national security of Russia and several of its allies, has effectively caused the situation that is now unfolding in Ukraine. Cohen is right.”

Savage pointed that Obama and his neocons, not conservatives, created a revolution in Ukraine to draw it away from Russia and put it, eventually, into NATO’s orbit.

With information from ZeroEdge.

Portuguese version of this article: Governo Biden enviou 350 toneladas de equipamentos militares para a Ucrânia

Source: Last Days Watchman

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