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CPAC is not Church and Church is not CPAC


CPAC is not Church and Church is not CPAC

Boycott CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) as CPAC boycotts Church and its values on homosexuality

By Julio Severo

When left-wing activists convince conservative Christians to embrace homosexuality, what happens? They do not accept. But what happens when “conservatives” convince conservatives to embrace “conservative” homosexuality. Sadly, conservatives embrace the fake conservative homosexuality.

CPAC became the great Trojan horse to bring homosexuality into conservatism and churches.

CPAC has a history of inviting homosexualists and disinviting pro-family activists who defend children from gay propaganda and indoctrination.

In order to facilitate the infiltration of gay activism, gay activists attract children with sweet, infantile programming, as they are committed to indoctrinating children.

You expect indoctrination from gay activists to children. But you never expect gay propaganda from conservatives.

Real conservatism defends the family and protects the most vulnerable of its offspring: Babies. Without real family, there is no real protection of babies. Gay “marriage” is fake marriage and it is a threat to children.

So if CPAC defends gay “marriage” how can it defend children?

Even though CPAC (Political Action Conference) has a relatively pro-life policy, its real actions undermine its promises. Among CAPAC member are many neocons, who do not hesitate to provoke unnecessary wars that shed abundant blood.

CPAC lives a terribly dilemma: If the U.S. military bombs Islamic terrorist groups who kills innocent people, it is a heroic act. But when the U.S. military let abortion facilities kills, it is crime, and It is terror.

America lives an ambivalence in is perverted justice: It can kill innocent babies and kill murderous terrorists. Their victims are not equal: Terrorists are not innocent while babies are 100 percent innocent.

What does CPAC do? It accurately condemns terrorist Muslims, without blaming Saudi Arabia, the powerhouse of Islamic terror, and condemns babies, as if they were the real terrorists.

In 1918 CPAC boycotted conservative Christians who speak against the LGB ditctatorship. In contranst, CPAC invited homosexualists groups. Does CPAC think that unrepentant gays go to Heaven?

The root of the United States is evangelical conservatism. Take away that conservatism and there is absolutely nothing left. Without evangelical conservatism, the United States is bound to become a savage and barbaric nation.

Conservatism without opposition to predatory homosexuality is not conservatism. It is fake conservatism.

And the height of shame, in 2017 the CPAC invited as a keynote speaker a homosexual leader involved in the defense of pedophilia. CPAC is in decline, but it is not seeing.

While Christians values should define politics, politics are defining Christians values.

If churches should be defined by politics — conservative and other wise — sooner or later will be they pro-abortion left-wingers or sodomy left-wingers.

If CPAC follows Marxism or fake conservatism to define conservative Christians and its values, should Christians follow CPAC? If CPAC follows abortion and homosexuality values, Christians have all right to see CPAC as non-conservative.

Even though CPAC claims it has nothing to socialism, its conference in Brazil wasted over 1 million dollars of Brazilian taxpayers. This is socialism! It was outrageous and shameful. It is utterly immoral to use tax money to fund a conservative event.

It is time for real Christians to leave CPAC, which is embracing pro-sodomy Marxism and exploiting the money of its supporters.

CPAC is making compromise, and compromise is not a Christian value. A compromise today will lead to more compromise tomorrow. If homosexuality is embraced today, who will hinder from abortion being embraced tomorrow?

It is time for real conservatives to find real conferences committed to its values.

CPAC 2021 invited several homosexualists and pro-homosexualists, but it has not invited pro-pro-family champions as Peter LaBarbera, Scott Lively and Briana Canmaker.

How does CPAC expect to defeat the homosexual tyranny against children when is pandering to homosexual whims?

Conservative Christians have been hard to Marxism exploiting Christians, but should be equally hard to top CPAC exploiting conservative Christians.

When left-wingers promote sodomy, right-wingers attack, but when the right-wingers promote sodomy, right-wingers go silent.

So right-wingers excuse their pro-sodomy stances, but attack left-wingers for the same stances.

You cannot have healthy babies without heathy families. Without healthy families, there is no healthy babies. Homosexual “families” always produce maladjusted relationships and children.

So CPAC is doing a big disservice to families by naming dysfunctional gay families as “healthy families producing maladjusted babies.

CPAC is not conservative. It is fake conservative.

The Church should define society and should not follow progressive movement and conservative movement engaged in defining the Church and Bible values.

Christianity has eternal values; conservatism has no eternal values.

So to work for conservative values is to work for temporary values. To work for Christianity and its values is to work to eternal values.

If Christians let CPAC define what it is or not homosexuality, what will be left for it to define abortion and other major issues to conservatives?

There was a time when conservatives attacked abortion and sodomy, but after CPAC portrayed homosexuality as something good, conservatives embraced CPAC’s perverted idea. They forgot Bible and its teaching on the homosexual sin.

Let us be clear: CPAC is not Church and Church is not CPAC.

Portuguese version of this article: CPAC não é Igreja e Igreja não é CPAC

Source: Last Days Watchman

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