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Trump Supports Gay “Marriage” While His Conservative Christian Supporters Remain Silent

Trump Supports Gay “Marriage” While His Conservative Christian Supporters Remain Silent

By Julio Severo
President Donald Trump has repeatedly mocked South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg, for being a Democrat seeking the Democratic nomination for the 2020 presidential election.
Pete Buttigieg, in his presidential campaign, kissing his homosexual husband Chasten
But Trump does not insult Buttigieg for his homosexuality and defense of homosexuality. Instead, he praised Buttigieg for campaigning with his homosexual husband, Chasten.
“I think it’s good,” Trump said.
During an interview with Trump, Fox News host Steve Hilton commented how he thinks it’s great to see Buttigieg on stage with his gay husband as the couple normalizes homosexual marriage amidst the media spotlight of a presidential campaign where the 2020 Democratic White House hopeful is openly homosexual, declares that he is a Christians and unabashedly shows his homosexual partner.
“I think it’s absolutely fine,” Trump replied. “I do.”
Hilton noted that it's “a sign of great progress in the country,” to which Trump interrupted and said “I think it’s great.”
About Buttigieg’s open homosexuality in a political campaign, Barack Hussein Obama in his presidential days would also have offered the same praise. In reaction, there would have been an inevitable outcry from conservative groups and leaders. In fact, they spent all the Obama administration fighting socialist efforts to advance gay “marriage,” which was legalized in 2015.
Yet, after Trump’s victory, U.S. conservatives went silent while Trump showed no support of conservative efforts to revert Obama’s efforts to advance gay “marriage.”
Perhaps Trump interpreted that such silence is a green light for him to make some praise of gay “marriage,” and he did just it regarding Buttigieg and his homosexual partner by saying that “it’s absolutely fine” to want to be the U.S. president as a homosexual actively involved in homosexual perversions.
So doesn’t Trump see any problem if an actively homosexual man becomes the president of the United States? God sees.
Does Trump see problems in the Democratic Party but no problem in homosexuality? What is the point to criticize the Democratic Party if the critic sees no problem in homosexuality?
If Trump were Obama, I am sure that there would be a massive outcry. But there has been no such reaction. No major Christian group and leader is condemning Trump’s stance praising gay “marriage.”
Conservatives are sparing Trump for stances they would never spare and never spared in Obama. Obama would never have gone unpunished for praising gay “marriage,” because he was a left-winger. Trump has gone unpunished for the same sin, because he is a right-winger.
So to praise sins in America, and be praised by conservatives, a president needs a right-wing, not left-wing, card.
Trump is conquering for the left and the Democratic Party a victory Obama never was able to achieve: To advance the normalization of fake marriage of homosexuals among conservatives. This is a big victory, but not for the well-being of America.
If conservative Christians only fight against social sins when a left-winger is in the White House, why elect right-wingers who support the same sins? If conservatives, especially evangelicals, voted for Trump to represent them at the White House, is it too much to ask him to condemn gay “marriage”?
Is it too much for conservatives who condemned Obama for supporting gay “marriage” to ask Trump not to imitate Obama?
Homosexuality is, without the social status of marriage, already an abomination, as revealed by God in the Bible. The Jewish tradition, according to Scott Lively in his book “The Pink Swastika,” states that homosexual “marriage” is the “final insult” to God.
The left has insulted God by advancing homosexual “marriage.”
Obama insulted God by advancing homosexual “marriage.”
The U.S. Supreme Court has insulted God by legalizing homosexual “marriage.”
And now Trump has insulted God by praising Buttigieg in his immoral homosexual lifestyle with his homosexual partner.
There can be hope for a nation when a left-wing president praises homosexual insults to God but there is conservative resistance.
Yet, how can there be hope when a president representing conservatives also praises homosexual insults to God?
With information from USAToday.
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Taw Bur said...

Agree! I have supported Trump on many issues, most specifically on his prolife stance and his seemingly pro-Christian stances. I had initially hoped and supported Cruz during the primaries, but after Trump won the GOP nomination, I overlooked many of Trump’s personal imperfections in hopes he would follow through on his conservative promises. I have been very pleasantly surprised how well he has done with keeping his campaign promises. However, I was greatly disturbed and have not forgotten that at the GOP Presidential National Convention a gay Trump supporter was showcased onstage. It is still unclear to me who was behind that decision, but I will not knowingly vote for anyone who supports gay marriage or the new “lgbtq+Christian” idea. My voting days may be over.��