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Right-wing government of Israel segregated non-vaccinated people by issuing mandatory “vaccine passports” as thousands of targeted desperate individuals attempted to get forged certificates to escape vaccine dictatorship


Right-wing government of Israel segregated non-vaccinated people by issuing mandatory “vaccine passports” as thousands of targeted desperate individuals attempted to get forged certificates to escape vaccine dictatorship

By Julio Severo

Despair has gripped Israelis after the Israeli government, under right-wing Benjamin Netanyahu, decided to open gyms, hotels, malls, shops, markets, museums, libraries, sporting and culture events only to individuals with a “green passport” confirming a vaccination against COVID-19.

People without a green passport are barred from going to many public and private spaces. These people have their reasons not to get vaccinated.

A February 2021 survey of Israelis who have not vaccinated found that 41% said they fear possible side effects, 30% are not sure the vaccine is effective, 27% will vaccinate soon, 10% cited information on social media and 4% said the incentives are insufficient.

About 25% of those who haven’t been vaccinated yet said they had no intention of getting the shot.

Another poll found that only 41% of Israeli parents said they intend to vaccinate their kids once inoculations become available for those under 16.

Even though vaccine hesitancy and skepticism have become increased in Israel, the Israeli government expects that with its measures to reopen certain venues and events only to those who have been vaccinated all Israeli will seek vaccination.

To escape such vaccine dictatorship, Israelis are using Telegram, where more than 100,000 users have joined groups that offer the forgeries at a price in the black market selling counterfeit vaccination certificates.

Telegram has been under fire by the Health Ministry for being a “fake news stronghold,” based on the assessment of a team that has been scouring the internet for misinformation that could dissuade people from getting vaccinated and potentially damage Israel’s vaccination drive.

Yet, the Israeli Health Ministry did not explain why vaccinated Israelis are required to use masks and social distancing after vaccination.

If vaccinated individuals are forced to use masks, social distancing to be “protected” from unvaccinated people, what is the point to be vaccinated? Such harsh measures only prove that vaccines offer no real protection and people choosing to avoid persuasively mandatory vaccination are wise to do so.

The Israeli example is important, because Israel became the first nation to vaccinate most of its population while other First World nations did not vaccinate even 20 percent of their population.

One of the devastating consequences of the China virus is the loss of freedom as the state increases in power, regardless if the state is left-wing or right-wing. In the Israeli case, the state is right-wing.

So any state increase is a threat to individual freedom.

Few people could imagine in the early COVID-19 pandemic that the China virus would make other nations look like, in many senses, the Chinese state.

Israelis are in a very hard situation. If they accept the “mandatory” vaccine, they have to use masks and social distancing to be “protected” against unvaccinated people. But at least they have the “green passport” to give them the false hope that they are protected from the China virus.

With information from Times of Israel.

Portuguese version of this article: Governo direitista de Israel segregou pessoas não vacinadas emitindo “passaportes de vacina” obrigatórios enquanto milhares de indivíduos desesperados tentaram obter certificados falsos para escapar da ditadura da vacina

Source: Last Days Watchman

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